Selena Gomez Shares Throwback with Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson: 'Miss This'

Selena Gomez Shares Throwback with Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson: 'Miss This'

Even Selena Gomez is taking part in Throwback Thursday on Instagram today!

The 21-year-old starlet posted a “throwback” photo of herself on what looks to be a private plane with gal pals Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

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“Miss this.. @itsashbenzo @vanessahudgens,” the photo is simply captioned. How cute!

In case you missed it, Selena also recently blasted a fan on Instagram for bullying another fan by encouraging her to self-harm.

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  • xx

    im pretty sure selena and vanessa dont even like each other. that whole friendship thing seemed like a front.

  • aj

    she got a razzie nomination so that happened.

  • WTF

    @xx they have been friends since 2007 and of course they like each other they had sleep overs before the Oscars and and had a world tour together filled with cuteness and friendship

  • xx

    @WTF: correction. they have “Known” eachother since 2007, being part of the same disney machine doesnt mean you’re gonna like them. they had One sleepover whilst promoting spring breakers just after the golden globes after party not the oscars vanity fair party (selena was hella drunk at that she probably couldnt get home) and i find it quite funny that after the whole “are they arent they friend” since there were no pics of them together BOOM a whole load of cuteness overload is bombarded on our screens. but thats just my view eh?
    its hollywood. if u cant see past the cuteness then u must be a lil blind.

  • tina

    @xx: you’re special.

  • xx

    @tina: im a keeper ;)

  • lauren901

    i suggest you dont piss off v fans, they will bit you alive

  • Chris

    Check out the Online Wishing Well:

  • matti

    Selena s a sweet angel, I’m sure she tried to hang with Vanessa. But Vanessa is into things Selena is not. Look how she made Sacs life like. He never did drugs before her and now shes made Austin a mess. Selena stays clear of that nonsense.

  • lauren901

    So your saying v got zac into drugs? R u just making things up?

  • Heaven

    @xx: They actually are friends. Vanessa even went to Mandy’s baby shower & sent Mandy flowers when she gave birth to Selena’s sister. They’ve been friends for years. Selena was one of the few “Hollywood” people that went to Vanessa’s 21st birthday party & there’s even a picture of them hugging at the 2011 VMA’s. It’s not that good of a picture though. They don’t have to hang out every single day to prove they’re friends. Vanessa hasn’t hung out with Ashley Tisdale recently. I guess that means they’re not friends either.

  • Stassie

    @matti: Yes. Vanessa got Zac hooked on drugs which is why he’s the one who ended up going to rehab 2 times & Vanessa hasn’t. God knows everything is Vanessa’s fault & she’s such an evil person. I guess all her friends are complete liars.

  • fan

    LOL AT YOU HATERS. Can you just please please be happy for them? You don’t want Selena to join your conversation just like what she did on Instagram, don’t you? lol :P

  • Iris

    WTF am I reading in the comments? Do you live with them to know whether they’re friends or not? Gosh just Enjoy the picture which is a really cute one… And BTW Vanessa seems a good person, so does Selena and Ashley…

  • Jen

    @Stassie: lol I know right! All of zac’s problems are Vanessa’s fault, she was the one who forced him into doing drugs, hell she was the one who pushed him into that puddle which then caused him to break his jaw.

    jesus christ, some people pick on the poor girl for nothing.

    I thought people would’ve just enjoyed the cute picture but I guess my expectations were too high lmao

  • Jen

    *hell she was the one who pushed him into that ‘puddle’

  • julia

    @Iris: Finally an intelligent comment! They are so sweet together.

  • Lawrence

    Haters need to take a long vacation somewhere, preferably where theres a tornado about to strike*lol*.

  • RAC

    Precious girls

  • Lawrence

    If she doesnt want anyone talking then showing up to friends house trying to fight a drug that’s supposed to make u sleep for fun n drinking then driving then she should do that in private. Hopefully the PD pulls her over n stops this b.s.. I would throw the book at her. Then she has all these enablers around her.

  • tina

    @Lawrence: What?

  • Love & War

    @matti: Are you stupid? I’m going to guess yes because that is complete nonsense.