Is 'A.N.T. Farm' Really Over?

Is 'A.N.T. Farm' Really Over?

We’re so nervous about the official word if one of our fave Disney Channel shows, A.N.T. Farm, is coming back.

Actress China McClain tweeted just a few days after Christmas, “It was GREAT filming ANT Farm but after 3 seasons it’s come to an end. I’m excited about my secret projects and keeping you guys happy!”

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The show followed Chyna Parks (McClain), a musical prodigy, gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talents at the local high school. Along with her fellow ‘ANTs’ she must navigate the halls of a new school of older kids who’re not particularly fond of grade-skipping newbies.

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  • uhh

    I don’t think anyone cares.

  • Jason

    Yeah, this show has run its course. It jumped the shark when all the “ANTS” got older (the whole point of the show was that they were young prodigies), and then adding Lexi to their group totally defeated the purpose of them standing out. Moving them from a regular high school to Z-tech killed anything relatable to the series, and when the actual star of the show says, “it’s come to an end”, then it’s time to just let it go.

  • michaela

    whos care? this show are worst.

  • Anonymous Guy08

    @Jason: That’s true. I remember talk of the third season being the last much earlier in the season. One thing that has always bothered me about the show is that they make Fletcher (and to some extent, Angus) such a blithering idiot. I thought those two were supposed to be prodigies. In spite of the fact that the show has run its course, I really hope the McClain and McCormick have nice long careers ahead of them. They’re both amazingly talented girls.

  • Jay

    That’s what happens when Disney makes a talentless, fugly nig a show’s lead.

    The show would have been successful if Stefanie Scott was the lead. She is talented and gorgeous!

  • Gary T Burnaska

    Z-tech was the shark jumping moment, I had not seen the show in awhile, and when I turned on a new episode the entire change was just JARRING. It basically altered the entire theme and purpose of the show. Kind of like if in season 4 of Wizards of Waverly place, the season starts with the Russos without any powers and they are now a family of high tech super spies. With no explanation at all.

  • Lynn

    I don’t mean to be rude but….this was the worst show disney channel ever created. Honestly i don’t really care…I MISS THE OLD DISNEY (90s and 2000s!!) maybe a better show will be picked up now. Sorry but not sorry.

  • Scarlet

    It was an awful show so I don’t mind it being canceled.

  • britt

    @Jay: @Jay please, keep your ignorance to yourself. I don’t know how old you are but apparently nobody taught you to never speak that way of a child let alone someone you don’t even know. Envy is ugly. And so is stupidity. Anyways, it was a cute, innocent show. But everything has to end at some point. And, I agree, 90′s/2000′s Disney was the best.

  • Kallaghan Samdal

    Nice you can’t stop it

  • squirly

    This show was truly horrible. To those who call it “innocent” well guess what? The kids fall in love with each other, and small 10 year olds! The adults in the show are pedophiles.
    China can’t sing, she tries to hard and think she is “all that” when she is as ugly as hell. Just like the other characters, who can’t act at all. China wears a fucking weave on her head, and its so annoying. Cant she just be herself, and not a stuck up spoiled brat like the rest of the cast?
    I hope she has NO MORE projects. She is nothing like Raven Simone. Raven had-what you call-TALENT.
    No need to look for the official word, because the main character already spilled the beans. Im glad its cancelled, and its no longer ruining this generation

  • http://Twitter Deivon

    I loved that dhow

  • mandy

    Guys…. you’re all very mean, and immature. To those who insulted, China, I wish her luck in anything else she does and think she was a great actress. Jealously isn’t attractive, and you commenters know who you are. Squirly, you especially, China is not a spoiled brat.
    Angus and Fletcher’s personalities were what made them humorous. Would anyone have wanted to watch a show about prodigies who just recited the encyclopedia all the time?
    Olive is a humorous, nice character, too. The crushes they have were cute in the beginning, and now they even make sense (the characters are 14 now).
    The show was great, the actresses and actors had amazing talent, and it’s sad to see it end.
    It’s also sad to read these comments.You all need a life outside of bashing children’s shows. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • iris strickland

    I liked ant farm but i wish that some of the charactors were better acrors like gibson i wish that it wasnt going to stop but all of you stupid heads that think it should end againts me cant do anything about it i think it should stay on air because not to be rasist but its the only tv show with an african american as the MAIN CHARACTOR sorry if that was rasist but its true thats why i think it shouldn’tstop

  • Patrica justice

    Stop cursing, first of all. Don’t try to be all cool by either cursing or agreeing with other people just to look cool. You should be ashamed of yourselves to bashfuly And bluntly insult an innocent kid. Yes they are innocent. China dresses appropriately, sings perfectly and Is sweet. I font know how old you people are, but honestly, grow up, and hear what you’re saying. The first season of the show was adorable! I like the fact that in the third season Lexi became one of them and part of their group, because it showed a kinder side to lexi. Yes Stephanie Scott is gorgeous, but so is china. Don’t dare ever say that someone is fugly and certainly do not be racist. Raven Simon is also black by the way. I was kind of looking forward to how they were going to end the Show, especially after the z tech episodes took off. I have to say I am dissapointed that the show is ending.

  • Patrica justice

    Also. All of you are bullies. If a police officer saw your comments, you’d be arrested or certainly punished severely. And by the way, stop being selfish. Black people deserve just as much to be lead characters as white people are. By the way I am white.

  • Jerri peterson

    I’m only fifteen and I have to agree with both sides. Yes the show was okay, but it was mainly aimed to younger and younger children. I don’t think it was good enough, or funny enough to suit the older (not adult) population of Disney viewers. I do hope the stars get to go on to bigger and better things, and I also hope that Disney picks up a new show; a better show, like the ones from the 90′s/2000′s

  • Jason

    I love this show it so funny and it awesome and this is one of the best show ever!

  • caitlyn

    Squirly and Jay, You two are rude. Jay you have no right to call the main character a talent less fugly neg. She has more talent in her finger than I bet you have in your whole body. She worked hard on that show and deserves some respect. Squirly, the kids on the show were perfectly innocent. They didn’t dress inappropriately and how can China be herself on a show when she is playing a role on television. All the kids on that show were playing a role and they weren’t brats. They will all have great careers in their future. Show some respect.

  • http://@lindababes_ linda

    thank you mandy and patrica justice. all you people getting rude have no right be saying that China is untalented. don’t be jealous because just cause you ain’t got no talent and don’t have a successful career like she does it doesn’t mean that you have to be jealous being rude. especially squirly and jay you think you are all that you are the kind of ******* that try and bring people down because you cant be successful. well listen CHINA and THE OTHER CASTS OF ANT FARM are talented. so stfu. I hope China has a successful career and all the casts wish you the best guys!!!!xxxxx

  • http://@lindababes_ linda

    also I’ll f*** u up if you talk about other people like that. thank you too Caitlyn xx

  • Patricia justice

    Linda, catlyn and Mandy rock on! U guys are awesome and thank u so much for being upstanders! Squirly and jay, I will give you a chance to be nice. Say nice things about ant farm and the cast, or I swear on uncle Henry’s boat I’ll show this to the police. Apologize. And btw the show did not jump shark. Every one grows up you can’t prevent that. And adding Lexi was a good thing. I didn’t like how Stephanie Scott was portrayed as a bully. She clearly rubbd of on you rude arrogant children. ITS JUST TV. Honestly? U think a tv show is worth humiliating someone publicly online?

  • Patricia justice

    Linda, catlyn and Mandy rock on! U guys are awesome and thank u so much for being upstanders! Squirly and jay, I will give you a chance to be nice. Say nice things about ant farm and the cast, or I swear on uncle Henry’s boat I’ll show this to the police. Apologize. And btw the show did not jump shark. Every one grows up you can’t prevent that. And adding Lexi was a good thing. I didn’t like how Stephanie Scott was portrayed as a bully. She clearly rubbd of on you rude arrogant children. ITS JUST TV. Honestly? U think a tv show is worth humiliating someone publicly online?and another thing it’s insulting to the current Disney cast to say that this generations network sucks. Just because these kids walk home with huge pay checks doesn’t mean that they dnt hve feelings . They want so badly to be a regular kid and everyone who’s got anything else bad to say about this show shut your mouth before I come to Ur house with a hammer and do it myself. I hate to threaten and I apologize for that but really enough

  • idk


  • Patrica justice

    How dare you! Don’t you curse at me! You have some nerve you brat.apologuze now.

  • Patrica justice

    You know what idk? Ur going down you miserable brat!!

  • Imani

    Why are people cursing and saying all of these bad things about china what do you think she will read this and actually care about all of the rude comments. NO!!! She really won’t I’m sure. She and her family probably worked hard to get her on tv. I actually like ant farm and I think if they are going to take a show of Disney channel it should be dog with a blog. It’s not about all of the people that are being rude to the show what about the younger audience or the people who actually like the show. And I think it would be a bad Idea if they put stefani Scott as the lead because its china’s show. If you don’t like the show just don’t watch it. People are rude for no reason goodness I wish you would just save your breath and Don’t watch the show. :)

  • Patrica justice

    You know what lmani? You are right. But frankly kids like squirly,idk,and jay think that they can be asses online and get away with it!! Well they can’t.

  • meli

    Okay so I dont want the show to end. But I read some of the comments and I just wanted to point out that those people that think it was messed up to “trash” the crew your basicly “trashing” those people that where just expressing their opinions. Sorry if I sound like a hypocrite cuz I am criticizing those specific peoples opinion. Thx.
    P.S. to Patricia justice the threat was unnecessary.

  • Pewpew

    @Jay: Did you just call China a racial name?! You have no right to say that! How dare you!

  • stacy

    Actually Stefanie Scott is not gorgeous. she is cute at best. From all the episodes I watched, she is by far, the least talented. Especially with all her damn head bobbing.

  • Patricia JUSTICE

    Excuse me… Meli. But that comment was necessary. U ppl don’t realize that YES Chynna and Stephanie, and Jake, and Seira DO have these comments. THEY R STILL PEOPLE. People, that just because you do not like what they do, or how they do it, DOES NOT MEAN THAT U HAVE TO EXPLOIT THAT KIND OF STUFF ONLINE. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. OKAY? MELI. GOD. JUST STOP!!!!

    P.s. sorry this comment was late i haven’t been on in a WHILE.

  • Patricia JUSTICE

    how old r u people????????????????????????????????????????????
    DO YOUR PARENTS KNOW HOW RUDE AND STUPID U R ONLINE????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Angel

    I miss ant farm. that was the best show ever!!!!!

  • China anne mcclain LOVER

    there is no way this show should end if it ends im gonna be really mad seriously why would they add Hudson to the show if it’s the last episode why would they do that A.N.T Farm should not end at all and if you go to you can find all the names of the 4th season of A.N.T. Farm so HA!

  • China anne mcclain LOVER


  • http://TWITTER aNNIE

    @PatriciaJustice Grow up your no better than them.

  • Carter Weeden

    Bring back ANT Farm and put it on Netflix! If you want it back let your voice be heard!

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