Nicole Anderson Talks 'Ravenswood' with Glamour

Nicole Anderson Talks 'Ravenswood' with Glamour

Nicole Anderson was back as Miranda in Ravenswood in the winter premiere earlier this week.

The 23-year-old actress spoke with Glamour about the show’s return, ghosts and more. Check it:

On Hanna and Caleb: “I think they have such a special relationship, and they really express that throughout the whole season—that they really care about each other and want to do what’s best for one another—but at the end of the day, I think that Caleb just really wants to protect Hanna. He’s going to do everything that he can in order to do that — whether that be stay with her or end the relationship.”

On wearing costumes during the flashbacks: “I felt like Keira Knightley for a day. You immediately start sitting upright and feeling more like a lady. It was just fun. It really was like playing dress-up and becoming a completely different character, so I really, really loved the dresses. They pulled a lot of them from the Django wardrobe. It was pretty neat.”

On her personal experiences with ghosts: “I didn’t [have any encounters] until the last week that we were out there. It was so weird. The last episode that was airing for Ravenswood was on, and I was making dinner. All of a sudden our lights started going crazy. There’s a dimmer switch on it, so my boyfriend grabbed the remote and tried to dim it down, and it would just stop and dim back up. I was like, ‘OK, we have to get out of here. We are so close. We are so close.’ That’s about it. Brett actually has a lot of good ghost stories. He’s convinced that there was one haunting the apartment that he was in.”

DID YOU TUNE INTO Ravenswood last night?

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