'The Fosters' Interview: Maia Mitchell on Callie Being Lost & Pushing Boundaries

'The Fosters' Interview: Maia Mitchell on Callie Being Lost & Pushing Boundaries

Check out this brand new JJJ interview with Maia Mitchell!

The 20-year-old Aussie actress currently stars as Callie on The Fosters, which was one of our favorite new shows this past summer.

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JJJ caught up with Maia to get the scoop on the season, including what we can expect from Callie’s running away, her relationship with Brandon (David Lambert), what it’s like having her Teen Beach Movie pal Garrett Clayton on set, and more!

Don’t forget – The Fosters returns on Monday, January 13 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Maia Mitchell

JustJaredJr: So a lot happened in the finale last summer. Where do we pick up?

Maia Mitchell: So Callie just ran away because she and Brandon, in sort of a weak moment, gave into their feelings for each another, which is obviously forbidden. She runs away and I think we see the whole family, including Callie, dealing with the repercussions of that. Brandon and Jude are feeling quite guilty for her leaving. We’ll see Callie at her most lost. She has nowhere to go and no one to call, so you really really see her struggling. She’s with Wyatt for a while and things get worse, and she ends up being completely lost. At the end of the first episode, she makes a strong, difficult, gutsy decision that I think is going to shock everyone, which I’m really excited to see.

JJJ: We hear Rosie O’Donnell‘s character interacts a lot with yours. What can you tell us about their relationship?

MM: Rosie O’Donnell plays a character called Rita who is the director of a girls’ group home that Callie eventually gets to. It’s a home for troubled girls who have been through juvie and it’s sort of a program to get them back into society. You meet a lot of new characters who have been through a lot of similar situations to Callie, or worse. She’s really forced to…she doesn’t feel like she belongs there. She doesn’t think she has any issues, and these girls force her to realize what her issues are and what is at the root of her bad decision-making. Rita also helps with that process a lot. Rosie O’Donnell plays her beautifully. They have a really special relationship. Callie isn’t used to having adults in her life she can trust, and I think Rita definitely allows that for Callie, and they form a pretty slow-building, but eventually quite strong, bond.

JJJ: Callie and Jude did not leave on great terms. He was pretty mad about the kiss, but now that she’s disappeared, what can we expect from these two? We’re guessing their relationship will be strained for a while.

MM: He thinks she left because of him. Brandon thinks it’s because it’s him. So you definitely see Jude holding a lot of guilt and he’s upset. The family doesn’t know where Callie’s gone. She hasn’t contacted them and I think they’re more worried than anything else. But you definitely see Callie and Jude build up a bond and relationship again. It’s not easy. They’ve always been together and now they’re separated, and so I think that’s quite scary for Jude. He’s got moms willing to adopt him and he has to be OK with that and let them in. It’s a lot for a 12-year-old boy to deal with.

JJJ: Definitely. As for Brandon and Callie, the show had been building up to that kiss since the pilot. How much thought and conversation went into that particular scene with you and David?

MM: We just didn’t talk about it (laughs). It was so funny, we literally didn’t talk about it. We both knew it was going to be happening, so we we’re just like, “Look, we’ll be in the moment and we’re going to do whatever happens naturally.” And I guess while we were being Callie and Brandon, it ended up being a lot [hotter] than it was actually written (laughs). But yeah, it was incredible. I was really stoked with how it turned out. I think it needed that fire and that passion. It was a long time coming, and tension had obviously been building for a while, so I think it was definitely well-deserved.

JJJ: We agree! So what can we expect from Callie and Brandon this season? Will they try to make it work?

MM: They’re going to see if it’s possible. It’s young love, you know? And she feels really close to him. She trusts him and he there for her. She’s lost and she’s in a foreign place, so he’s the one person she feels she can really trust, who understands her. It’s definitely the beginning of really long road for Callie and Brandon. She’s not in the house anymore, but Jude still is, so there’s all that complication. Will she go back? How will her parents react? The physical restraints too. She’s in this home, which is completely on lockdown, so you’ll see Callie pushing some boundaries and becoming a little bit gutsy – a bit of a badass (laughs). It’s kind of fun.

JJJ: And obviously, Jesus and Mariana have a lot going on with Lexi leaving and their birth mother still popping up. Will we see their stories coincide with Callie’s at all or are they pretty separate?

MM: They’ve got a lot going on. They don’t need to deal with Callie’s crap (laughs). But no, that’s pretty much a different story, so that’s what’s fun is that we have almost two parallel storylines with almost two completely separate casts. I’ve been pretty much working with these cast of girls and Rosie O’Donnell, but I’ve been having a great time.

JJJ: Last question! Your friend Garrett Clayton joined the cast this season. Do you get to see him on set often?

MM: We’ve definitely been in the trailer together. It’s weird sitting by him and getting my makeup done and it’s very strange. It feels like no time has passed since two years ago when we shot the film. Yeah, it’s been really cool to see him around. He’s doing an amazing job. We found out in the season finale that Lexi will be going back to Honduras. So Jesus and Mariana are really dealing with that, and through that, Mariana realizes she really wants to have a boyfrend and be in love, and have that storybook romance that Lexi and Jesus have. So that’s where Garrett comes in to play. It’s really fun. it’s quite comical and sweet.

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