'The Fosters' Interview: David Lambert on Brandon's 'Stubborn' Love for Callie

'The Fosters' Interview: David Lambert on Brandon's 'Stubborn' Love for Callie

David Lambert opens up to JJJ about upcoming episodes of The Fosters in this brand new interview!

The 21-year-old actor stars as Brandon, the mature and talented eldest son of the family, who also happens to be in love with Callie (Maia Mitchell).

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JJJ caught up with David to get the scoop on the season, including what we can expect from Brandon and Callie’s forbidden relationship, his tension with Jude (Hayden Byerly), and more!

Don’t forget – The Fosters returns TONIGHT @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – David Lambert

JustJaredJr: Hi David! First, congrats on the show. It’s did so well and then got picked up for a second season so fast! Were you surprised?

David Lambert: Yeah, I was surprised. I don’t know. I didn’t really know what to think. I knew the networks liked the show and it seemed to be getting received well, but you just never know with these things. It was definitely a shock. I heard that we’re the only other show on the network that got picked up so quickly besides Pretty Little Liars, so that was really exciting. Because we’re a completely different show than them. It was exciting to see people responding well and the network was excited.

JJJ: When we left off, Callie had just run away. What can you tell us about how that affects the whole family, coming back into these next 10 episodes?

DL: It’s almost like a ripple effect that happens within the family. Callie leaving is a doozy for everyone because not only were we caught off guard, but it comes out as to why. It impacts everyone in a slightly different way. The moms are very confused and you get this sense that not everyone is being completely honest in the house anymore. There’s a break in communication now with Brandon. And as the season progresses, more and more is left unsaid. People are sort of dealing with their own problems and you’ll get to see that with each of the characters. Everyone goes on their own little journey, makes mistakes and learns from them. In particular, Brandon goes on quite a roller coaster ride in this back half of season one.

JJJ: How bad is Brandon’s guilt? Does everyone blaming him for Callie leaving?

DL: It’s not necessarily that they put the blame on him. He does feel guilty to a point that…the other thing with Brandon is that he wants them to be together. He’s a 16-year-old kid and it’s really his first intense love, his first connection with a girl, and you know, a kid in high school, he’s going to think that she’s the one, that this is how it’s supposed to be. It feels right. He really becomes stubborn in that sense. He doesn’t listen to many people, so he has to make mistakes to sort of get back on track. As for everyone else, especially the moms, I think they’re more bewildered by the fact that Brandon even had the capacity to pull one over everyone – not being this image of a golden boy or a kid who really has his stuff figured out. Because at 16, you never do. No matter how mature you are. Yeah, he’s mature for his age, but it’s fun to see him slip-up.

JJJ: Brandon is very smart and obviously, he’s very invested in music and his future. Will Callie’s leaving affect that part of him?

DL: Yeah, I would definitely say it affects his routine, and the set thing he’s been doing. It will definitely affect that. But I don’t think music would ever go away entirely for Brandon. Music is a fuel for him, so it will always be around. It just ends up being around in different ways.

JJJ: Jude seemed pretty mad at Brandon after witnessing that kiss. What terms are they on when we come back?

DL: That is actually a relationship I was excited to explore because you didn’t really see a lot of Brandon and Jude in the first 10 episodes. So for them to be interacting more, especially about what’s going on with Callie, there’s definitely conversation happening between. I wouldn’t say they hate each other because actually, Jude feels guilty for his own reasons. Right after the kiss in the wedding episode, Jude went off on Callie, so it’s debatable. It may have been Jude who made Callie come to the realization that she should leave.

Jude and Brandon are both in the same boat for a while, both feeling like they’re the reason she left. It may have been a mix of both, who knows. But they end up connecting because of that, because they both really do care for her and want everything to work out. It’s a very complex situation.

JJJ: Definitely. Now what is going on with Wyatt and Callie? He’s helping her out, but should Brandon be worried about their friendship?

DL: It’s an interesting thing. I feel like Wyatt is another one who genuinely cares for Callie. I don’t think he’s in it for an ulterior motive or anything like that. I think he’s a good friend for her. You’ll be seeing that. He’s one of Callie’s only friends, so I think he plays that role well in that sense. It’s just another person that cares for Callie and is willing to listen, and to help out any way he can. He’s also aware that she has her own thing going on with Brandon and that probably won’t be anything more romantic happening. They have their own thing going on.

JJJ: What can you tell us about Brandon’s relationship with his dad Mike? We hear he’s getting a love interest, and he seems to be toning down the drinking. Is he trying to make up for lost time?

DL: Brandon and Mike is definitely another relationship that develops greatly. Mike cleans up his act. He isn’t drinking anymore and he’s sober, so he’s a lot better than we last saw him. There’s a character that comes in that’s introduced, who I guess is a love interest you could say, for Mike. It’s an interesting dynamic because Mike wants to create this environment for Brandon to feel like he’s putting in an effort to be there for Brandon and be the dad he should be. This character Dani – the woman Mike is with – Dani kind of comes in and it changes the dynamic. It takes some adjusting for Mike and Brandon. It’s all in an attempt to turn a new leaf and start fresh, and just be better. That’s what you’ll be seeing.

JJJ: And finally, what advice would you give your character at this point in the story?

DL: I think he could benefit from talking a few things out. He’s really impulsive, so if he stopped and thought about his decisions a little more, I think he would get a lot more done, and could be a lot happier. Yeah, he’s just really impulsive right now. He kind of just has a plan and sets it in motion immediately. So I think a little communication and patience would do him wonders.

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  • Nina

    Callie-whyatt all the way. He seems sincere and warm. Didn’t like the way Brandon treated his ex. She’s a vibore but he gave her some good reasons to act like she did and was acting like he had done nothing wrong. This guy has a non reliable side.