Zac Efron: I'm Always Searching for Love

Zac Efron: I'm Always Searching for Love

Zac Efron poses with his buddies Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller in this new Twitter photo!

The 26-year-old actor and his co-stars went on a press tour for That Awkward Moment on Tuesday (January 14) in Silicon Valley, stopping by both Twitter and Facebook headquarters where they did Q&A’s.

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“.@NatEfron13 I’m a lot like Jason. I get through life with my best friends and I’m always searching for love. -Z,” Zac tweeted a fan about his character.

When it came to describing his supporters, Zac wrote, “.@msalyssaefron truly special. they’re protective, supportive, tenacious, and openminded. they’ve grown, evolved & always been there 4 me”

15+ pics inside of Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller spending the day together…

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  • love

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ya!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • .

    its weird how some of his fans actually believe what he said… they always thought he was the good boy and bum… he was actually an alcoholic and drug addict… how can they believe this too? all his answers always look so staged. I also feel bad for Lily, they are dating and he is always denying her, maybe he is going to dump her soon? or doesnt love her enough? Or maybe the oscar will be their big appearance, Lily is ready to show the boy off and has been already at some dress fittings, she needs a new movie.

  • Lawrence


    People make mistakes, Zac being only human I’m sure us fans clearly understand that. Unlike haters who lack any kind rational thought, just a need for constantly putting Zac down. My advice, get a life and a new hobby.

  • Lauren

    @ .
    Uh first we really don’t know what going on with them dating or not, two how do you even know his answers are stated or the fact they are aim towards lily or against her?also we have no idea what’s going on with them yet your trashing zac on here? Um also not all his fans believe everything he says either, and stay there since you seem hate zacs answers today why are you commenting like you know zacs personal life ?

  • .

    they are dating, she is at his house all the time. what are you gonna do when we get holding hands pictures? would you still be denying they are dating?

  • OK

    I will say it is the same as all his answers. PR For gosh sakes folks he is promoting a movie.

  • OK

    P.S. If your still looking I live in WeHo. Above Santa Monica Blvd. Below Sunset Blvd. Just joking.

  • OK

    Congratulations to all those who Zac, Michael B, and Miles answered.
    I know it was a thrill of a lifetime and I’m very happy for you.

  • Boo

    If he comes to this site, it’s going to suck for him to see his ex-girlfriend and her spectacular tits at the top of the page. If I were him, I’d be looking for love too…i’d be looking for another Vanessa.

  • lauren

    @ .
    uh that was like two months ago and how do you know she’s at his house all the time? if they are dating like you seem to claim what girl lets there guy go on dates with other girls and ask for girl’s numbers? because if tht’s dating then idk what kind of relationship that is?

  • lauren

    if you dislike zac so much why are you wasting your time commenting and coming off as you know zac’s life ? didn’t realize you were all up in zac’s personal life 101

  • lauren

    are you judging this based on lily’s instagram pics and etc is that how you apparently know lily is at zac’s house all the time? because you do know she has her own apartment and her own life?

  • um

    @lauren: I’ll settle this. Both of you are wrong. Now end it already.

  • lauren

    i know . was wrong, i was just trying to say that person possibly know whats going on and etc? and im guessing your right?

  • OK

    Have to say Zac really looks good in this pic. Just love him.

  • Leilani

    I think Zac is still in a limbo when it comes to relationships after his break up with Vanessa. Vanessa seems to be in a better place than him. He probably regretted breaking up with her, hence the drug and alcohol melt down. I’m just forming an opinion based on what I’ve seen so far. I’m a lot older than a lot of you but I’ve always felt that Zac and Vanessa pulled from each other’s strength that’s why their relationship lasted for 5 years.

    Vanessa has been with the same guy for more than 2 years and we have yet to see about Zac. I have nothing against Lilly Collins but her personality doesn’t seem to fit Zac and I don’t like the fact that she’s always dated her co-star, right?

    When it comes to their career, Vanessa I think is being careful with her career choice. Zac on the other hand I feel has overextended himself with all these unsuccessful movies he’s made. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed with the roles he’s taken so far. I ‘m looking forward to watching Gimme Shelter and I heard great things about it. I’m also an optimist that maybe one day, these two will find each other again. They are to me one almost perfect couple.

  • haley

    @Leilani: Ok I like Zac and I like Vanessa but why does everyone assume shes at a better place because she didn’t go to rehab and has a “stable” relationship? I always got the feeling he wanted to just relax after their relationship broke off but it got the best of him whereas Vanessa wanted to in a way prove she was ok and jumped straight in and out of a rebound with Josh H. Usually rebounds means you are not over your ex but what others to think otherwise. However I think her and Austin are pretty stable. Zac had some problems and still is struggling but when you are even slightly in the public eye you can breakdown any second. Vanessa was seen visiting a psychiatrist – what does that tell you? She hasn’t visited one publicly since her scandal so where exactly is her mindset today? In Hollywood seeing isn’t always believing.

  • OK

    Can we please leave Vanessa to Vanessa posts and Zac on Zac posts?
    The two groups will never agree.
    They are both doing very good right now and that is what is important.

  • haley

    @OK: i also think the same but what that person believed was beyond bias and simply silly.

  • OK

    @haley I I was really addressing the ones who started with bad mouthing Zac. I understand you were just answering.

  • April

    All of this guy is a weird thing, all about him always seems like a movie. His life and career always have been controlled and supervised by a powerful team of publicists who know perfectly this business and doing all this things (rumoured girlfriends -my gosh, poor lily, leave her alone, really, he has been in dates with girls these months-), showing blue chips in front of thousands people and a hundred cameras, of course….) in orden to maintain o recover his “brilliant status” as a hollywood star. Time will prove it. By the way, his comments about “sleep” directly in the first date are frivolous and a shame for the women.

  • kelly martineau

    Zac go back with Vaneessa she can’t dump Big Lips. You guys where a cute couple. You will find love again,

  • fan

    You all have good points. Now, what? With your arguments, it isn’t like you can change a thing or two.

  • Lauren

    Some of these arnt point, people on here see stating statements and imply its true and others, it’s not arguments its more of people commenting and seeing who’s right then the other

  • Liberty

    Zac’s personal life and choices aside. The promo for this movie sucks. The other two are comng across as horrid players who are going to cash in on knowing Efron to further their careers.

    Efron has made some questionable choices. But everyone makes and deserves a second chance. Personally I never believe ANYTHING any celeb says in a promo interview as they will say whatever they have to make you go see the movie they are promoting.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @kelly martineau: Get finally over it. They are over for good. If everything would have so great between them, they wouldn’t have broken up and also broken up and stopped the entire contact.

    Why has he bought a house that’s farther away from her house? Why doesn’t he want to keep it?
    He wants to get rid of old stuff and memories and finally start a new life and she is no part of it anymore.
    It was a very clear sign, speaking of HSM Reunion for example, that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. The moment she agreed to come it was clear, that he would turn it down. I didn’t need to see a tweet or reaction from him, I knew it the moment she said yes.

    He wants to be happy one day again but this won’t happen with Vanessa.

  • OK

    This movie looks very funny and I’m sure it will do very well at the box office I already see it is playing in areas where Zac’s other indies did not play. Looking like it could will be a wide release.
    Good luck Zac, Love you.

  • lauren

    @revenge is sweet
    i dont think vanessa is the main reason for him turning down the hsm reunion thing, it could be that he doesn’t want be associated with the cast as much anymore and still be known for hsm guy, we may never know the reason but i doubt its because of her.

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  • OK

    Zac and Vanessa have been to the same events three or four times since they split. The problem is there seems to be no firm date for the reunion and Zac is doing a promo tour as is Vanessa.

  • sasha

    @OK You would think this movie looks good. The promo for it is horrible. It looks like it belongs on TV and even if it came on tv I still wouldn’t watch. It just looks so bad and cheesy.

  • David

    Poor Zach, He could easily find true love as soon as he admits that only a man can make this happen for him and it would most likely remove the reason he feels he needs to medicate himself with drugs and alcohol.

  • IMO

    I think everyone should stop speculating on Zac’s romantic personal life. When he wants the public to know anything about it he will let us all see. In the meantime he is just a guy who is trying to live his life the best he can. He has made some mistakes like all of us and he has owned up like a man to take care of them Which IMO are no one’s business since it is his life not ours. He seems to be doing what he needs to for the right reason and that is taking care of him and his future and life. He is working hard at trying to make a lifelong career as an actor. Some will like some of his films , some will not, and fans most likely will support him no matter what the film is. Just like all other actors. Unlike some here I think the promos are brillinat for ‘That Awkward Moment” Zac, his Production Comany and his PR team have done everything possible and everything right to focus on what this film is a comedy focused on the male perspective of what love is. Dealing and separating our friendships and romances. So I wish Zac many best wishes and success for his first Production nd for all his fans and even non fans just buy a ticket and enjoy then judge the film and the performances (fairly of coarse).

  • M

    Zac looks better here than he has in a really, really long time…like he’s taking care of himself. You can see the difference because for awhile he wasn’t. I also think that whoever came up with the idea to use Facebook and social media as a final marketing push was/is a genius. What better way reach a huge number of people —internationally and cost-effectively than on Facebook. The people that go on Facebook several times a day are probably the demo of this movie anyway. As for his personal life, no one knows what the future holds.

  • OK

    @sasha When I was first hearing about it I had some doubts but now yes I do think it looks good. To each his own.

  • OK

    @David if that is the case then I volunteer !!!!!! However Zac is straight.

  • OK

    @IMO I agree with you 100% , especially about some of the spots being brilliant . I also agree he and his team are doing everything possible to get audiences interested in this movie.

  • Leilani

    I think you’re missing my point. You sound too angry. How old are you anyway? and by the way, there’s nothing wrong about seeing a psychiatrist. In fact I think Vanessa did after filming Gimme Shelter.

  • KAren

    @OK: You seem to know very well Zac I wondering if you know the main reason of V and Zac split.

    Looking good Zac!

  • OK

    @KAren Only that they grew apart and had different goals. There was no cheating on any ones part.

  • OK

    Just as simple as she wanted more of a commitment (Or next step ) in their relationship, and he was fine with the way things were.
    Perfectly understandable on both of their parts. hey both wanted to concentrate on their careers. No one was to blame and no one was at fault.
    This is what I heard and I choose to believe.
    People change. they were way to young to be serious.

  • haley

    @Leilani: im not angry at all im just confused at your comment. My age has nothing to do with my point or yours so i don’t see how that will add to the argument. But whatever its your view so.

  • Picasso22

    I take him. No worries Zac. I will Love you forever. Just come over ;D

  • tara

    The movie is tracking to only bring in 10 mill over the weekend.

  • Ok

    @laur901 I guess it doesn’t at all. I was just pointing out that my friend said it looks like the pic is not from today because of the way Mo Al Turki was dressed two hours earlier. I guess he could of changed.