'The Originals' Interview: Danielle Campbell Teases a 'Big Surprise' in Tonight's Episode

'The Originals' Interview: Danielle Campbell Teases a 'Big Surprise' in Tonight's Episode

In the wake of Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) attempt to kill Davina (Danielle Campbell), things get crazy in the French Quarter on tonight’s episode of The Originals.

Sophie (Daniella Pineda) is busy digging up a powerful witch, Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) ex-girlfriend Celeste, to help complete the Harvest.

Meanwhile, Rebekah (Claire Holt) is plotting to take back the town in the midst of an ongoing war between Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and her diabolical older brothers.

We caught up with Danielle to get the scoop on what we can expect, including from the strained relationship between Marcel and Davina.

The Originals airs TONIGHT @ 8PM on The CW!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Danielle Campbell

JustJaredJr: Last week, Klaus tried to kill Davina and failed, but he did succeed in killing Tim. Is it safe to say she’s out for blood now?

Danielle Campbell: She is obviously heartbroken and devastated. In the last episode, we saw Rebekah hint that she has someone “inside now,” and hinted at it being Davina. There’s definitely an alliance going there, and tonight’s episode is going to be really crazy because something no one is expecting is going to happen. I’m personally excited for the fans to see it. They are going to be blown away.

JJJ: We hear Davina is feeling under the weather. We’re guessing it’s not the flu…

DC: No, it’s not the flu (laughs). A big surprise happens. And you really see the Harvest play out because of it.

JJJ: Speaking of the Harvest, Sophie originally hated the whole idea of it because of her niece, of course, but now she’s determined to see it happen. Do you think she will actually go through with it?

DC: You kind of see her character go through a full loop of wanting it and not wanting it, and I think at this point, Sophie just really wants her niece back and she’ll do anything to get that. So that’s her motive the entire time.

JJJ: And she’s digging up Celeste to help. What can you tell us about her and the premonition Davina had about her?

DC: It’s going to get really exciting. Celeste is a very powerful witch from years ago. She’s really going to come into play in this episode and future ones as well.

JJJ: Davina hasn’t really had a witch on her side since they all want to complete the Harvest. Is it possible we’ll see her and Celeste on the same side?

DC: I think the thing to remember is that they’re not really against Davina. They need her dead to complete the Harvest, in their mind. They are willing to do anything to get that and they believe the Harvest will work. Meanwhile, Davina doesn’t think it’s going to work because they would have told her she was going to die. She feels like she’s been lied to, so she doesn’t know if she’s been lied to about coming back. She’s just kinda been fighting for her life the whole time and feels betrayed by her family. She thinks that they all hate her, but I think what it really is, is that they have a different motive in their heads. They want to play out the Harvest, but she’s just not ready.

JJJ: As for Marcel, we know that he cares a lot for Davina, but she feels rightfully feels betrayed by him.

DC: Right, and you saw her hesitate in the last episode before she was going to do anything to him because she loves Marcel so much. He’s been like a big brother or a father-figure. I think she knows he always wants to protect her, but the fact that she’s been used by a person she let into her life and that she loved…he betrayed her and she feels broken right now. There’s nobody that cares about just her. They’re all using her.

JJJ: In the promo, he goes after Klaus for trying to kill her. Will that help mend their relationship, or is it going to take more?

DC: I think toward the end, you really do see that relationship that Marcel and Davina have, and I think it strengthens again.

JJJ: And finally, going into tonight’s episode, what advice would you give Davina?

DC: I would tell her to not completely turn her back on the people she knows do care about her, even if they’ve hurt her in some way.

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