'The Tomorrow People' Interview: Alexa PenaVega Previews Her 'Cutthroat' Character

'The Tomorrow People' Interview: Alexa PenaVega Previews Her 'Cutthroat' Character

Check out our brand new interview with Alexa PenaVega!

The 25-year-old actress is set to begin her recurring role on one of our favorite shows – The Tomorrow People.

Her character is Hillary Cole, a new recruit brought into ULTRA who immediately becomes a rival for Stephen (Robbie Amell) in training to be a supernatural agent.

And a lot’s at stake because whomever doesn’t make it to the next stage of training will be stripped of his or her powers.

We caught up with Alexa to get the scoop on what we can expect from her “ruthless” and “cutthroat” persona.

The Tomorrow People airs TONIGHT @ 9PM on The CW!

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JustJaredJr.com – Alexa PenaVega

JustJaredJr: Hi Alexa! So how did this role come about for you?

Alexa PenaVega: It’s such a good group of people and this is a show I had already liked, and my friend Robbie is on it. And I told him, “Robbie, if there’s ever an awesome character, call me and tell me, I really want to get on this show. And sure enough, he called me and was like, “I told the producers and they like this idea of you playing this cut-throat girl. She’s ruthless and I think you’re going to have a lot of fun playing her. I was like, “Yeah!” I couldn’t believe the opportunity had come up that quickly.

JJJ: We heard she’s pretty ruthless! What else can you tell us about her?

AP: She’s brutally competitive. With Hillary, she wants to be the top ULTRA agent in training. And right now they’re basically having this competition within ULTRA and they are saying that whoever is a weak link, loses their powers. So everybody is fighting to keep those powers. What should be teamwork turns into…I don’t want to say double-crossing, but she just wants to beat Stephen. She wants to be the top ULTRA agent. She’s also very frustrated with Stephen being Jedekiah’s nephew because he has a leg up on her. She gets so cutthroat and doesn’t play nice at all. Hillary is a character who strives to be the best at everything no matter what, so if something gets in her way she’s going to remove that obstacle. Whatever it is, she’s going to take care of the situation.

JJJ: Being a Tomorrow Person, why is Hillary so interested in taking down her own kind, working for ULTRA?

AP: ULTRA is kind of all she really knows right now. With ULTRA, she sees stability and power, and with that, she kind of realizes it’s going to be the place for her because she’s so professional, and a hardworker. She can hold her own. So I thin that’s why she’s there. She’s ready to make a name for herself in this place. It’s interesting because at the end of this episode, we witness Stephen doing something he shouldn’t be doing. And he’s with Astrid. It’s exciting because Hillary spots them and you don’t really know yet how she’s going to use it against him. She may use it against him in the coming episodes. She’s gets so brutal, and she’s feisty. It’s funny because as mean as she is, there’s still this kind of spunk that you can’t help but like about Hillary. Even though she’s annoying and you’re like, “What is your problem? Why is she like this?” Those questions aren’t answered yet, but I’m waiting (laughs).

JJJ: There are a lot of great action sequences on this show. Given your past roles, was it easy to slip right into those kind of scenes?

AP: It was funny because I talked to the guys before I came in and they were like, “Have you fought before?” and all that stuff. Thankfully with the other movies I’ve been apart of, and with Spy Kids, being all about fights and stunt work, I was trained when I was little to kind of go through all this stuff. So when I got on set, they just take a couple of hours before you do your scene, or the day before, and they go over everything and make sure everyone is set. They have two stunt coordinators and both of them come up with great fight scenes. It just makes a huge difference.

JJJ: Every Tomorrow Person is a little different with their powers. Is there anything different about Hillary’s?

AP: From what I know right now, it’s that she’s incredibly strong and very persistent. And the angrier she gets, the stronger she gets. Almost Hulk-ish (laughs). So you don’t want to make her mad or cross her because this horrible side comes out, and she just gets feisty

JJJ: Will we get to see her in action outside of the ULTRA walls?

AP: Yeah, she has to do a lot of work for ULTRA and catch who she think the bad people are, but really, they’re just breakouts. She’s running around doing that and also keeping tabs on people she’s up against in ULTRA. She’s keeping tabs on Stephen and what he’s doing outside ULTRA because again, she’s cutthroat. She’s willing to use anything against anyone.

JJJ: Because of that, we’re guessing she’ll catch on to stuff quickly. Are Stephen and everyone else’s secrets at risk?

AP: Absolutely. Especially at the end of this episode when she catches Stephen doing something. It’s like because she found one bad thing, she’s just going to start digging. It puts everything Stephen is hiding and striving to protect at risk.

JJJ: When we talked to EP Phil Klemmer, he mentioned that multiple characters would be getting new love interests. Any chance we’ll see a soft side to Hillary?

AP: I don’t know! I don’t know if Hillary has a soft side because she’s so mean (laughs). But maybe. You can never say never with these shows. But right now, she only has one thing on her mind, and that’s survival and keeping her power. She’s not really emotionally connected to anything. I don’t know if that’s one of her weaknesses or one of her strengths. I would like to see a softer side to Hillary, but right now, she’s kicking butt. And that’s where they are keeping her (laughs).

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