Colton Haynes Interview: Will Roy Discover Arrow's True Identity?

Colton Haynes Interview: Will Roy Discover Arrow's True Identity?

Colton Haynes opens up about Roy’s difficult journey ahead on Arrow in this brand new interview!

The 25-year-old actor’s character turns to Arrow (Stephen Amell) for answers about his new-found strength, and Oliver agrees to help train him.

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However, Roy is determined to find out his true identity, which Oliver is obviously hesitant to divulge and doesn’t make Roy very happy.

JJJ caught up with Colton to find out what we can expect from their teaming up, as well as Roy’s relationship with Thea (Willa Holland), and how he may better channel his seemingly always-present anger.

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JustJaredJr: Last time we talked, you were still pretty new to the show, and now a year later, Roy is becoming this major player with his newly-acquired power. Were you excited to finally go there with the character?

Colton Haynes: Yeah, it was really nice to have a lot to do and also work with Stephen because recently, I’ve almost been acting as the errand boy. I think this last episode, I’ve kind of proven myself to Arrow and he’s allowing me to train with him. So in this upcoming episode, I have a few really, really huge scenes with Arrow because I can’t really wrap my head around havign to do these ridiculous training methods, and I can’t just go and beat someone up (laughs). He’s not trusting Roy very much and that’s making Roy very angry. It’s going to bring out some very heated interactions between Roy and Arrow.

JJJ: So is it safe to say things are going to get worse for Roy before they get better?

CH: I would say a lot worse before they get better (laughs). You know, Roy’s already pretty sassy, so having this Mirakuru, it’s not going to make him any…nicer.

JJJ: Of course, Roy is unaware of Arrow’s identity. How long will Oliver leave him in the dark?

CH: He’s a little weary, but obviously Roy doesn’t know that Arrow is his girlfriend’s brother. So he has to be careful and watch that aspect (laughs). But yeah, he’s really going to have to fill him in on his secret if he wants Roy to truly trust him. He can’t keep lying to everybody. If Roy can prove himself to Arrow in this next episode, I think there’s going to be a good chance that a partnership will be formed and they’ll get closer to find out who each other really are.

JJJ: It’s no secret that Roy and Oliver aren’t that fond of each other. What do you think it is that makes Oliver want to help him?

CH: I think a lot of it is, in a way, they almost went through a similar thing – Roy growing up on the wrong side of the tracks and Oliver having to suffer all those years on the island. But he really feels bad for his sister because they’ve been dealing with all the family drama. She’s really seeking someone to be her rock and Arrow feels that Roy could be that. But now, Roy is so volatile and immersed in this journey in trying to become someone and help out with the greater good. I think Oliver is weary mostly for his sister, but also doesn’t want Roy’s power to overtake him and all that he’s worked for these years.

JJJ: Roy has been pushing Thea away lately. What’s his biggest fear when it comes to her?

CH: His biggest fear is that he doesn’t want to hurt her. We saw him backhand Sin across the room, which obviously, Sin’s one of his best friends. He has no control over this. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but he also doesn’t want her to think that he’s a freak in any way, because he has no answers and can’t explain what’s happening to him, which is why Oliver is going to help guide him. But there is another player in this equation, which is Slade, who has gone through the exact same thing. So should he listen to Arrow and keep being talked down to by him, or should he listen to Slade? You can’t only be talked down to so much before he gets fed up.

JJJ: Speaking of Sin, we love the dynamic between her and Roy. It makes for some funny moments too. What can we expect from her as Roy is going through this training. How much will she know?

CH: She’s going to know a lot because he doesn’t really have anyone he can talk to. He still can’t trust Thea. I finally watched that episode and yeah, there were some really funny moments. They added some comedy to our little trio, our Scooby Gang, I guess that’s what they call it. She’s going to be a pivotal part. But we’re going to see her disappear for a few episodes. We’re not really sure where she’s going or what information she can be bringing back, but they are always working together and always have each other’s backs. I wouldn’t rule out a possible teaming up between Sin and Roy in the future. You never know.

JJJ: Of course, fans would love for Roy to team up with Arrow and it seems like that’s the direction this could be heading. But this could still go a different way, no?

CH: So obviously with the comic books, there’s a few different options. Roy could go dark and be Arsenal, or he could be Red Arrow, or Speedy, but I think they are going to take some time to see what path Roy goes down. I think he does compliment Arrow’s strengths. He does have things that Arrow doesn’t have. But right now, he’s just that kid who wants to fight all the time. He has so much pent-up anger and so much energy that he needs to get out, but I think Roy needs to get a puppy or a cat or something. I think he needs to just calm down and start doing yoga.

JJJ: He’s a tad…intense.

CH: Yeah, he’s so angry all the time. He does these nose flares and his eyebrows…he makes this scary face all the time. He maybe needs to start doing some acupuncture.

JJJ: That wouldn’t be a bad idea! So what about Felicity and Diggle? Where do they stand when it comes to Oliver training Roy? Are we going to see them all interact?

CH: We are going to see a few introductions that Roy hasn’t had with a few of those characters this week. There’s a lot of funny little comedic lines placed in there too. If Arrow gives away their identity, then Roy knows who all of them are, so he has to really watch that and decide if Roy’s ready to withhold this information, and if he trusts him. Because Roy can turn around and really mess everything up. But also, Felicity and Diggle could be upset that he’s just outing them like that.

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