Ian Somerhalder Asks 'Will You Be My Valentine'?

Ian Somerhalder Asks 'Will You Be My Valentine'?

Ian Somerhalder gives his signature smirk in this adorable new Instagram photo!

The Vampire Diaries hunk is promoting his Ian Somerhalder Foundation with some fun new clothing designs.

“Will you be my Valentine??” Ian wrote. “THESE SHIRTS ROCK! Must order really soon as in, like now if you want them for Valentines Day. If not just order soon.”

He added, “They’re so soft and quite awesome I must say. I’d give you mine but I slept in it last night and its now it’s covered in kitty hair, and Nietzsche slobber! This is huge for ISF-they make killer gifts and are sexy! Order away PLEASE! Its going to help ISF a great deal do many awesome things that need to get DONE;) Love, Ian&ISF”

To order some gear for a good cause, visit TheVanityProject.org!

Bigger photo inside…

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  • Yummy

    Ian is gorgeous and such a great Person! Going to order my Shirt for sure <3 GO IAN!!!!!!!

  • Emma

    He’s so hot! Can’t breathe………loving the shirt :))))))

  • cherie

    Beautifull iIn! will defently get the Shirt

  • Clare

    I got the purple hoodie. Looks good also. Can’t wait :)

  • http://justjared ana

    Who is he ?????

  • http://justjared taylor

    @ana He is a poor guy who is still not famous in hollywood and trying hard to be famous in HW.even fifty shade of gray rejected him.HOLLYWOOD DONT NEED YOU IAN!!! Paul is better actor than you

  • ISHA

    @taylor: Paul is a better actor..Paul is better in everything..Ian is a nobody ..hollywood rejected him..BUT IAN SOMERHALDER IS AN INSPIRATION TO MANY OF THOSE WHO FOLLOW HIM..LIVING HIS LIFE LIKE HOW WE ALL SHOULD<TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE WORLD..THROUGH HIS HARD WORK with ISFoundation and EFFORTS WITH THE SMALL No.Of Followers he has,he is building an animal sactuary&working to create environmental awareness..He is a great person..And hopefully will get good work to sustain his career on TV..with his hard work he'll work out fine..IN THE MEANTIME PAUL WESLEY IS A SOMEBODY ,VERY FAMOUS GREAT ACTOR WHO WILL GET GREAT ROLES IN HOLLYWOOD&WHO IS ALSO A GREAT HUMAN BEING

  • ISHA

    @ana: He is the founder of Ian Somerhalder Foundation..environmental activists..Works through social media to create environmental awareness and for animal rights..and all..He is also a CW actor &is playing the role Damon Salvatore in the scifi series The Vampire Diaries..lots of people love his his acting..But he is not famous at all..hollywood doesn’t need him like they need Paul Wesley who is famous and is a great actor..and who is clever and getting great hollywood roles Ian gets rejected and is a nobody..But he is a great person who lives life like the rest of us mere humans and is humble and down to earth..The rest google him for what’s little is on there..You won’t find much like how you will about the great Paul Wesley and Leonardo Dicaprio or Tom Cruise..hope that helped

  • truth

    paul wesley is a great actor ?? paul wesley like leonardo dicaprio and tom cruise ??? great roles in hollywood ?? what people are drinking those days ???? who is paul wesley ?? really ?? if he is that huge .. why he is in CW ?? why he has no great roles ?? always small or supporting roles in some commerical movies while he is in his 31-32 years old .. PW will never be like Leo .. great actor great inspiration .. ian is much better actor than paul .. but not that great too .. hope all the best for him and his fight for the right causes .. PW and Leo in same line what a joke ? it should be crime ..

  • who is paul wesley ?

    .You won’t find much like how you will about the great Paul Wesley ?? in last 12 months all google news about him is some gossip articles about some divorce crap w comments ” who is that guy ? ” .. nothing great nothing huge ???? why paul wesley fans come to article about ian PW is not mentioned in this article u pathetic people .. glad i left tvd crap that fandom is toxic .. i love ian since lost and i ll always support him .. counting days till he leaves tvd so he will not read and deal w some pathetic fans like paul fans

  • Sandy

    Can you Paul Fans stop being so jealous and bitter? No wonder he never wins anything…you guys are disgusting!
    @taylor: I can only laugh at your comment! LOL

    Ian Somerhalder has more Fans and Twitter Followers than some of the greatest Hollywood Stars combined! He’s an amazing Actor and a great Human being! He’s the best Idol I could ever wish for. HE ROCKS!

  • who is paul wesley ?

    .hollywood doesn’t need him like they need Paul Wesley ?????????????????? who says that ?? who is famous??????????? never heard about him being famous ?????????????? and is a great actor?????????????? one of boring actors and characters in tv rn … but if he is the famous one for you not ian .. why are you here in article about ian ?????????? why you bring acting in article about charity ?? why you bring your famous pauly crap wesley ?? no one mention him in that article at all ..

  • Helena

    Ian is by far the biggest Star on the CW! He’s always the one doing press for TVD because they know who the Fans want to see! It’s IAN IAN IAN!!! Where is Paul when it comes to promote the show? He can’t even tweet once a Day! Sorry guys but the only news I read about Paul is who he dates…thats all! Ian on the other Hand is all over the Media with his great work for his foundation and his new projects! I’m so proud of him and everything he has achieved so far and he will do great things in the Future and I wish him all the best! He’s awesome! *-*

  • belind


  • http://justjared taylor

    No one cares about him , he looks UGLY and getting OLD day by day LOL

  • Maya

    I love Ian, he is my favorite actor + he’s so handsome and sweet! He deserves all the best in Life and I hope he can raise much Money to build the Animal Sanctuary! Ian you are such a GREAT PERSON! Thank you for everything you do <3

  • Maya

    @taylor: wow you are pathetic! Guess what? Jealousy is UGLY!



  • TV

    I ordered my Shirt already! Can’t wait to get it! So gorgoeus ;)

    @taylor: why are you here? Seriously dude you look ridiculous as fuck! I pity you!! Congrats LMAO

  • Danny

    Ian is incredible hot & awesome and you haters can sit down and cry all you want…he will always be better than you! ;)

    The Shirt looks so good on him, I want one too! Thanks for the article Jared.


    Moi aussi j’aime Ian pour son rôle de Damon, mais aussi pour sa fondation, tant pis pour Hollywood si ils ne savent pas reconnaître un grand acteur quand il en voit un.
    De toute façon depuis quelques années ils produisent de la merde, les films laissent à désirer.
    Je lui souhaite le meilleur dans sa vie, ainsi que dans sa carrière car il le mérite, il mérite autant de respect que lui même en donne aux autres.
    Il est proche de nous et n’a pas la grosse tête et c’est pour ça aussi que je l’aime.

  • Zeynep

    @taylor: ?f you don’t like him, please shut up! Keep your own ideas to yourself !

  • amanda


  • Miry

    Everyone that it’s commenting on this article using Paul is childish and stupid cause this has nothing to do with Paul !!!!!! It’s Ian and his project..and btw he’s not just an actor but much more !!!! so keep your jelaousy out of this if you can’t handle it !!!

  • Kelly

    Dear Pdubbers.
    We already understood that Paul is nothing but Ian`s shadow. You can stop now.

  • ludivine13

    Fans of Paul are so embittered that nothing in article so Paul, just stories of love.
    Ian is an extraordinary person, very enclosed, which is good, and he cares about his fans, always a nice little word that we mailings.
    You’re just jealous of Ian, his fame, it is appreciated by many.
    He even turned to James Cameron in a major project on the planet, humans, and everything that lives there, animals, vegetations.


  • ludivine13

    It has nothing to do with Paul, and if you hate Ian, you have nothing to do here! What is your interest to read an article about someone you do not like?
    This is ridiculous.

  • maggie

    i was fan of tvd and left cos of stupid fandom .. wars wars wars .. ian and paul 3 years and half difference in age .. so both are mid-aged and they look fine ..
    Both have history of working in TV since 1999
    Ian has advantage that he worked in big show like lost in big channel like ABC .. other wise both did some shows in NOT known channels and some guest appearances ..
    TVD is their huge longtime roles still not in so big channel CW considered as class B tv channel ..
    both had No big roles .. may be Ian played one or two roles in movies taken from well known novels Role of attractions and Slight of lights but no movies made any huge sucess
    paul = 2 teen choice awards = Fan BASED
    Ian = 9 awards = 2 critics based hollywood young award and award as part of lost cast and7 FAN BASED 5 teen choice awards and 2 PCAs
    Ian worked w human society for years and after 2008 he decided 2 start his own foundation he won 5 charity awards
    paul works w human society
    so from past and present Ian is slightly better than paul without taking any side and no one know about the future ..all luck to both of them
    but i love them both i ll support them both after tvd that stupid show that brings only hate and wars stops hopefully soon ..

  • Kelly

    Remember when Paul Wesley opened foundation, got movie with Arnold and won PCA??
    It was Ian.

  • ISHA

    @ana: I usually don’t read articles on people i don’t know or like..how about you? u open any random article on google?..educational huh?

  • Tina

    IAN IS HOT, SUCCESSFUL, AWESOME, INTELLIGENT AND TALENTED! He has achieved many great things in Life and I couldn’t be more proud of him! He’s the most amazing Person I’ve ever met! Simply stunning and generous! love him

  • Tina

    @amanda: aw are you jealous? Do you want me to get you a lollipop?

  • ISHA

    @truth: GET SARCASM ..And that was the point..Newflash to the person who said Ian is a nobody..Paul Wesley is a bigger nobody..

  • ISHA

    @taylor: And Paul Wesley is getting younger? LOL. ..You can’t help Paul by being rude to Ian..

  • fairy

    The pink hoodie is awesome! Wish I could order Ian too! He’s so dreamy <3

  • tres14

    of course. i love Ian he is amazing person.i love paul too

    P.S some pdubbers are childish & annoying, they do not know that it is the word respect not even education. you read its comments and you realize that they are really awful. I feel so badly for Paul,

  • Samantha

    Ian is literally the sweetest Person ever! If you haven’t met him yet you are seriously missing out. He’s an Angel.

  • zara

    I was looking at the webclip and I don’t know how much longer I can take Ian’s acting. I really don’t. “That guy was DUMB enough to try to CHAAANGE himself to get a GIIIRRRL” *SMIRK SMIRK* “I’m not in the MOOOOOD to be SAAAAAVEDUHHH” *SMIRK SMIRK* *SMIRK SMIRK SMIRK* What are these directors smoking? Why don’t they correct this?!

  • AMY

    @Kelly: his foundation is crap. he did nothing for animals in all this 3 years and he has a movie called the anomaly direct to DVD. LOL

  • angel

    ian somerhalder please stop smirking and take acting lessons. thank you!

  • alys

    I ask the same. he has a rapist smirk ! He needs to stop doing that. Even in his show he does that all the time. This is creapy. He looked better in the past. Age is starting to show…

  • ludivine13

    I feel sorry for Paul to have fans as rotten inside.
    He deserves much better than all of you fans.
    Especially if you will know Paul better, you should know that Paul loved it so Ian. it’s like his brother!
    You have no respect for Paul, and even less for Ian.
    Ian does not deserve to be treated like this, if you hate it, why read an article concerning him.

  • ludivine13

    Ian is a beautiful person , devotion , and people who talk bad about him , and think you know everything about him, but what hypocrisy . If you do not like a person , you’re not interested in its activated .
    So stupid !
    And say he has no talent …. bizarrely he won price , unlike your idol ‘m saying , that you have no respect either .
    Without Ian , RST is nothing, Ian is the only one to promote with as much passion , he never denigrates the series, or even history, he love the series, his character, and know.
    Ian never spit on his own character , as did Paul often .

  • ludivine13

    TVD* is nothing.

  • ludivine13

    Anyway , I hope Ian does not read these messages there, these people without any interest . Just be nasty, vulgar , stupid , believe above the other .
    Ian does not deserve to read this kind of insult. The wheel turns, and one day or another, you will treat what you make it , and you will laugh less .

  • Jennifer

    Damon is written that way! There is a reason why he’s the fan FAVORITE! Ian does an EXELLENT Job with him! Paul is an average actor…nothing special about him. He’s going to have a very hard Time to find a Job after TVD! Mark my words!

  • ludivine13

    Ian Joseph Somerhalder, thank you to be just as you are . An honest person who devotes himself to the world, be an inspiration to your fans that we are.
    We are proud to have an idol like you , you’re great, thank you for you to worry about us, our planet , our creatures, our vegatation . Thank you always have a nice word for your fans , think of us . You remain the most beautiful idol I’ve ever had, and I hope one day met .
    Changes nothing, you made ??me dream with your roles , especially Damon, you carry me every episode , you do not need to talk, your eyes , your expressions suffises to see the suffering , the joy of Damon. Thank you this wonderful character to play . It is you, and you alone that makes Damon so beautiful.
    Writing a character is important , but the way to play it is the central point, and one can simply say that you play it so that it is received in the soul.

    When you look at Ian ‘s eyes , you can see his soul, a wonderful person with a big heart who has so much to give

  • Jennifer

    @ludivine13: this! Karma is a b**** you haters! It always comes back to you! So keep on hating if it makes you feel better! Ian doesn’t care about your opinion anyway! He has the best Fans ever and he knows that! Maybe you bitter Paul Fans should go and support PAUL instead just hating on Ian all the Time? I actually feel sorry for the poor dude, he never wins anything, not even a little poll. LOL

  • ISHA

    @amanda: GO READ ABOUT WILL YA? WHY WASTE UR PAUL TIME ON AN IAN ARTICLE..If I WERE U I’D BE JUST SPENDING ALL MY TIME ON PAUL..And you have so much time for Ian,Thank you so much..that’s how he gets attention you see?Nobody kicks a dead dog,heard that anytime?

  • Paula

    Ian keeps getting hotter every Day! Saw him and Paul in Person and all I can say is…he is so beautiful! Like FLAWLESS!! His baby blue eyes are heaven! And he’s so friendly and sweet! Wonderful Person and a great Actor! He’s the reason why I still watch TVD!

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