Adelaide Kane: Tons of Drama on Tonight's 'Reign'!

Adelaide Kane: Tons of Drama on Tonight's 'Reign'!

Torrance Coombs and Adelaide Kane share a sweet moment in this new still from tonight’s all-new Reign.

In “Inquisition,” when King Henry (Alan Van Sprang) accuses Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) of treason and adultery, she sets out to save her life by exposing Bash’s (Coombs) dark past. Mary (Kane) and Bash go on a quest to expose an even more deadly secret from Catherine’s past.

Meanwhile, Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) reveals the truth about the castle ghost, Clarissa (Katie Boland), which shocks everyone.

“Inquisition” airs TONIGHT @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW. 10+ pics inside…

“Inquisition” Clip

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Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg; Photos: The CW
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  • rose

    omg so excited. I just love Mary and Bash and this should be a good episode.

  • quinten

    More sneak peaks.

  • amy

    No photos of Toby Regbo?

  • Leeann

    Reign has become inane and fantastical. I’m hoping Mary actually gets beheaded. Why would you throw away love for a stark future vision? Why would you let a man who knows nothing of ruling oversee three kingdoms including your own? You wouldn’t. The rule Queen of Scots didn’t. And I say off with the head of this fictitious Mary.

  • Olive

    I agree! Off with Mary’s head for being the biggest idiot! Long live Queen Elizabeth, the virgin Queen! She knew how to control men without using sex as a tool. They are showing how Mary used her sexuality to get her way. Look what happened? The smarter woman won! I thought she really loved Francis and his father and the fact that she never recovered from their loss but all I see is a superstitious moron. Congratulations “Reign” for showing the audience how you really feel about Mary Queen of Scots! She was as fickle as the wind and just as clueless. Off with her head!

  • Estefanie

    I agree Mary without France’s is not a good story. I even feel a sleep before the end last night I couldn’t wait to see next episode ill just record from know on and watch wen I have time.

  • Alexis

    Are you guys kidding? I freaking love Mary and Bash. And the whole plan to get Bash legitimized was so that he could be saved from death. In my opinion, Mary and Bash are perfect. I think Bash cares for Mary way more than Francis did. Mind you, Francis did cheat on her the first chance he got.

  • Kylie

    Honestly, I haven’t watched the last two episodes because of Mary and Francis. Without their storyline, the show seems kind of dull and doesn’t make me want to watch it on Thursdays. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bash…just not with Mary. Hopefully the show will improve as it progresses…and hopefully Mary and Francis will end up together!