Nina Dobrev & Liam Hemsworth Spotted Out Together in Atlanta!

Nina Dobrev & Liam Hemsworth Spotted Out Together in Atlanta!

Look who was spotted out together in Atlanta over the weekend? Liam Hemsworth and Nina Dobrev!

The two actors, 24 and 25, respectively, were seen out together at the Corner Tavern bar on Friday night (February 7) by some fans, who got to take a pic with Liam.

“They were there together and were with a couple other friends,” an eyewitness told Celebuzz. “They were having a great time. They were definitely acting couple-y.”

They added, “They stayed around two to three hours and Nina left before Liam, and as she was leaving they gave each other a good night kiss… [and] she ran off into a car service with her friend.”

Nina is currently working on the new season of her hit CW show, The Vampire Diaries, while Liam is in the area filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

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Photos: Twitter
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  • emeliaJ

    oh wow a boy every week ?? who is next ? she really lost it after Ian …boys , parties with animals for entertaning ….why nina why? we loved you damn it !

  • No go

    She lost me as a Fan a long Time ago :( what an attention seeker! Her behavior is disgusting.

  • http://justjared looch

    I m big fan of Nina,she is so talented and amazing, Liam and Nina both look attractive ,Ian was too old for Nina and we know the fact they Nian are over now for good so please for God sake leave Nina alone you Ian stupid fans

  • uh oh

    she did a lot of crazy sh** lately starting with her ” dead people” video that was so hurtful :( dont know what is wrong with her but im not her fan anymore

  • emeliaJ


    oh im not a Nian fan ! i was nina’s fan before and i didnt stop loving her because she broke up with Ian i dont even care tbh im just saying she is doing some big mistakes and that is why i stoped supporting her

  • http://justjared ana

    @uhoh she did not do any bad thing she is a good woman with kind heart CAN Nian FANS LEAVE NINA Its her life she can date whoever she wants

  • http://justjared Ana

    @emeliaj excuse me how can you say she broke up with ian, you stupid

  • emeliaJ


    oh you dont have to be rude ! but i didnt mean it like that i meant to say “when her and Ian broke up”

  • belind

    i love nina, she is amazing– some fan are really stupid and with no life

  • shocking!

    Oh another attention seeking stunt from Nina. How surprising!

  • michelle


  • michelle


  • #aa

    just hot

  • k88

    OOOh, I hope this is true. I love him, and I love her, and I hope they do get together and that it lasts a long while and they become a super couple. She is gorgeous and so is he, and he’s really tall too, love that. I love his brother Chris too, both really tall sexy gorgeous guys. And she is absolutely stunning, love her on Vampire Diaries. And so far she’s been really classy and not wacked like lots of these girls seem to be. So far anyway….

  • Kylie

    They would be so cute together! I totally ship them! After everything they’ve been through (with Ian/Miley) I think they both deserve happiness :) NINA & LIAM <3

  • Elena


  • liz

    Can Ian Somerhalder stop comment and saying things about her?

    Seriously move on.

    And who cares if they’re dating? It’s their life, not yours!

  • liz

    Can Ian Somerhalder fans stop comment and saying things about
    Seriously move on.
    And who cares if they’re dating? It’s their life, not yours!

  • Nothing new

    Spread your legs wide for Hollywood, Nina honey. You lost my respect ages ago through attention seeking, using, flaunting and boasting. Common trash like the next up and coming. Nothing special to see here.

  • dany

    Nina is fkn GORGEOUS.they would make a really hot couple.lmao prob it was just a hookup tho :(

  • natalie

    lmao jealous little girls hating on Nina again.what else is new ?

  • LOL

    How does Kat, Candice, Claire, Olga etc survive without the publicity of dating a new guy each week? They need to get with the program also.


    Leave Nina alone, who knows Ian and her may get back together, they seem like an end game couple.

  • Haj

    Honestly, Ian is the only guy she looks good with. I ship Nian and Delena. I love her and im a huge fan of her! <33

  • dd

    Sounds like a pr thing cooked up by their agents. Liam and Nina are represented by the same agency.

  • Sandy

    She can do way better then him! She is way to good for him! He is a man who can’t keep it in his pants! He is a cheater “once a cheater always a cheater”

  • Lucy

    @emeliaJ: OMG, care about yourself..guess you’re just jealous

  • night magic

    i wish she would get back with Ian

  • http://justjared I hate Ian fans

    Ian fans are So jealous , please leave Nina alone kindly I don’t think Nina is dating Liam maybe it was just a hook up who knows well if Ian dated Nicky Hilton ( a big PR Hilton in Hollywood) and Kate so why can’t Ninal date to big celebraty and by the way IAN IS NOT SINGEL HE IS Dating a bloned Girl in Atlanta her name is Maria I heard it on twitter and Ian’s fanforum so Nian fans open your eyes and accept the reality that Nian are not together

  • http://justjared Hmmmmm

    @emeliaj Nina does not deserves fake fans you are probably a Ian fan whatever!!!! Nina did nothing wrong she is enjoying her life just like IAN is doing too I will always respect Nina’s desicions BC i’m a Big fan of her @ dd So Nian was a PR too, sorry for my English i’m a French fan of hers…..!@#

  • fake


    ooh that makes sense !! i stoped being her fan a long time ago and it has nothing to do with Ian she was sweet and lovable now she is just like another hollywood attention seeker really too bad. anyway lets see where they’ll take this pr and how far

  • bella

    i hope that is the last guy nina .. 3-4 guys in 2 months .. lucky girl .. hollywood can destroy anyone .. so it is nothing new ..

  • Marusya

    Ok, guys, what will you write here if Nina is spotted with another gentleman in a bar in a week or two? As far as I remember some people sang dithyrambs to such a nice couple as Nina and Derek just a half year ago.

  • Marusya

    I would also like to add some more words: as long as fans have any reaction re such “news”, the authors will publish such “precious” info. And they do not care about offensive comments of fans towards Nina, Ian, each other.

  • http://@Pinkeekrane Krane

    Come on,It’s her life.Let her live it.Nina and Liam look so hot together and take into consideration that she’s trying to move on after a breakup and people complaining bout her behaviour are just f**king haters and jealous b****es .She can’t drool over Ian all her life she is still very young.If you are a Nian fan say something meaningful or f*** off cos I was also a Nian fan and I’m not hating on her.Just happy she’s happy.Rock On Nina you deserve this!!!And by the way I Ship both of you…