'Twisted' Interview: Avan Jogia on Danny's 'Explosive' Response to Vikram's Return

'Twisted' Interview: Avan Jogia on Danny's 'Explosive' Response to Vikram's Return

Avan Jogia opens up about the Twisted mid-season premiere in this brand new interview!

The 22-year-old actor stars as Danny, a mysterious yet charming kid who comes back to town after being in juvie for murdering his Aunt.

Now that he’s being accused of another murder and the fingerprint evidence clearly points to him, he’s finally taken off on his own, leaving his best friends Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) and Jo (Maddie Hasson) behind. But will the return of his presumably-dead father draw him back to Green Grove?

We caught up with Avan to talk about Vikram’s intentions, Danny’s relationship with both Jo and Lacey, and more!

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JustJaredJr: Hi Avan! So when we left off, Danny was on the run. Where do we pick up tonight?

Avan Jogia: Daniel is on the run and trying to escape being accused for the murder of Regina. It’s always been suspected, but now the murder weapon has his prints, so he’s trying to get away from that. And as the show progresses, it’s basically him trying to prove his innocence. People come back from his past. A bunch of people come back from his past, actually. There’s some confrontation and it’s all very interesting. It’s really fun. There’s a lot of action and revealing of secrets. It’s really interesting for me to find out more about Danny too.

JJJ: So does everyone take his running away as an admission of guilt?

AJ: Yeah, as soon as you start running from the cops, that usually means that you’re guilty. Why would you run otherwise? But Danny is a survivor. He just wants to make sure he can stay afloat until he can figure out what’s going on. He’s pretty certain that someone is trying to frame him.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Avan Jogia

JJJ: At this point, Lacey has kind of rid herself of Danny, but now that she knows this information know one else does, will we see them link back up?

AJ: I think the next few episodes we explore that a little bit more. As things get revealed, you may see them get a little closer.

JJJ: As for Lacey, is he upset with her for saying that their relationship didn’t mean anything? She was pretty clearly lying about that.

AJ: I think he has lot of guilt when it comes to his friends. He actually feels that he’s ruined his friends lives, right? So he can be upset with people, and he is, with Lacy and Jo, but also, he just feels so guilty.

JJJ: Right. That’s what makes it so difficult to believe he did it. He seems to have compassion and he’s obviously very likeable at times, but he also has this mystery about him. Is that a tough balance to play as an actor?

AJ: I think there’s danger in everyone. I look at myself too. As a person, everyone is capable of everything, just as the human experience. As an actor, you look at Danny. He’s trying to assimilate into society, but he also a certain degree of violence within him and a certain degree of survival instincts. So it’s been fun for me to play and blur the line a little bit.

JJJ: In the last episode, Jo slept with Tyler after a conversation she had with Danny. Do you think she really likes him? Or was she maybe trying to get a reaction?

AJ: I feel like for Jo’s character, it was kind of an escape. Just kind of a distraction really, from her feelings for Danny. Their relationship kind of ends on that note.

JJJ: Do you think Danny has any romantic feelings for Jo?

AJ: That’s very complicated. When you’re younger and you have friends and then maybe you become attracted to them, you’re not sure if it’s love because you shared such a bond as friends, or it’s a romantic thing. It’s your job to kind of figure that out. There’s definitely a deeper connection between the two of them due to the circumstances that unfold during the first two episodes.

JJJ: As for Jo and Lacey, do you think they can ever get their friendship back? They both share these feelings for Danny…

AJ: A love for Danny and a hate for Danny. It’s very upsetting to them because he’s very elusive and you never know his true intentions. And you know, they are good friends. They share that. All Danny wants is for them to go back to the way it was. And I don’t know if that’s possible or if possibly something new can come out of this.

JJJ: Interesting! So let’s talk about Vikram. Obviously, we saw Tess call him to come back to town, so he’s alive. Is he coming back to help or stir up trouble?

AJ: Vikram is a very complicated being, even more so than Danny. There’s a darkness in Vikram that Danny shares, but that Danny doesn’t like about his father. It’s something that haunts him. When that comes to a head, there are explosive results.

JJJ: Wow! So if you could give Danny any piece of advice, what would it be?

AJ: Watch everyone very closely. Even if he gets accepted back into the fold, he’s definitely not out of trouble and there are still elements that pose a risk to him and his friends.

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