'Ravenswood' Cancelled After One Season By ABC Family

'Ravenswood' Cancelled After One Season By ABC Family

Ravenswood has been unfortunately been axed by ABC Family after it was not renewed for a second season, according to TVLine.

The show, which was a spin-off from Pretty Little Liars, centered on “the spooky goings-on in a Pennsylvania town and starred Liars’ Tyler Blackburn.”

Due to the cancellation, Ravenswood‘s February 4 episode, which was the final episode of the first season, was also its series finale.

Ravenswood is the first cancellation decision for ABC Family under new president Tom Ascheim, who took the reigns in December.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ravenwood getting cancelled by ABC Family?

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  • Liz

    ABC Family’s new president is doing a bad job so far because now their are going to be a lot of angry fans and I was already angry that the season was short due to Twisted coming back on because Ravenswood is more interesting even though I still love Twisted.

  • Dianne

    Then… Tyler returns to Pretty Little Liars! All my Haleb feelings!

  • Ace

    I totally agree with the cancellation. The show was pretty confusing. How did it become a show of magic when it’s a spin off of pretty little liars.

  • Mimi

    He can’t do that!!! Wtf!!! Ravenswood is one of the best shows ever!!! Its like the only thing i watch on tv aside from Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood.

  • Mimi

    I meant Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters

  • Lola

    sad because it’s actually a lot better and interesting than pretty little liars and that show continues to get more seasons

  • Jay

    Happy because it was stupid and confusing. A pretty Little Liars spin off turns into a ghost story? really..
    Sad because the cast lost their jobs.

  • Misty

    I was just starting to like it. But now Caleb can return to pretty little liars . They all wars cancel when it’s getting good.but nice that he returns to rosewood hopefully

  • linn

    goooood!!!! now get Caleb back to Rosewood!

  • Jo

    It’s a good decision…I mean the show was weird, nothing to do with Pretty Little Liars. They shouldn’t have call it a spin off..
    Anyway, hope Caleb comes back. :)

  • mahnoorf

    Horrible decision. Abc family has really lost it’s charm, its cancelled such amazing shows. Pretty little liars is dragged it needs to end. Ravenswod was one show which was really actually intense and interesting to watch. hate abc family. go die

  • mahnoorf

    @Liz: i agree. the president should be fired.

  • fiona

    I’m really upset about this. I really enjoyed ravenswood and I liked how different it was to Pretty Little Liars. I totally disagree with this. I was enjoying seeing how the story continued. I liked the relationships between the five friends and the mysteries. It was a good show.

  • Rebecca

    Thank God. That show as awful.

  • Maria

    The president is stupid! Does he even know how many people watch the show and how many people that are pissed off about the show being cancelled?! That was me an my friends favorite show after pretty little liars. If they should cancel a show it should be twisted cause that show is really getting stupid. An the reason they cancelled Ravenswood is STUPID!


    I wish they would reconsider this bad decision to cancel.This truly was a fantastic show.Tuesday was my favorite T.V. night. Watched pretty little liars and then ravens wood.It was so different from the ordinary shows and the cast was great! Bring it back!

  • Victoria

    You can’t do that !!! You are missing out on a great show!!!! It’s not a weird, stupid, or annoying show ! If you don’t/didn’t watch Pretty Little Liars then of course your not going to understand it… If you don’t like it then don’t watch it, change the channel !!! DON’T CANCEL IT !!

  • Taylor

    Soon pissed off!!! Ravenswood was my new fav show!! So many loose ends will never be tied!! Super disappointing even though Haleb will be back on now!

  • Nicole

    Noooo!!! I was really looking forward to the 2nd season. :(
    The only good thing about this is that Caleb will return to Pretty Little Liars. :)

  • Bryana

    @mahnoorf: I agree. They seriously need to stop dragging on Pretty Little Liars. It was good but now it’s the same thing over and over again.


    Although I was watching the show, and really liked it, I just had this feeling that I knew that it wouldn’t last. It was good TV filler, but it just wouldn’t stand up to the other big shows out there… :/ I would have just LOVED to see it have an actual PROPER ending to it. But also, it is ABC Family’s terrible misleading part of saying that it was coming back “very soon”. Terrible, terrible… SMH. :(

  • angel

    so sad i was dying to see the next one ughhh

  • Stew

    SAD, this show was really good and we were hoping it would replace PLL. That show has run its course. BAD FOR ABC fans!

  • Nikkei

    Very bad decision! Ravenswood was awesome and it was just getting good! I was hoping to see the 2 shows join together and eventually lead to PLL finally discovering A!… Where is the petition for this???? They need to bring Ravenswood back!

  • stonzee

    I can understand why the show was cancelled. I love PLL and I watched all episodes of Ravenswood. The show just never really got it together.

  • Julia

    is not right! ravenswood DESERVES a great finale! I love history, I love the actors! is a bad decision

  • anisha

    can they bring back The Lying Game now? it’s way better than PLL

  • Anita

    I loved Ravenswood, it’s huge in Norway – everyone I know watched it. So honestly I’m pissed because of it

  • ravenswood fan

    Im soooo passed I really loved that show. It was the only reason I ever watched ABC .. the president of ABC is doing a horrible job!! How can you cancel a good show and keep bad ones on…absolutely stupid decision. ..very angry fan…definitely won’t be watching ABC at all now….there was sooo much story left to tell and it was really good to….sad

  • ravenswood fan

    Still sooo upset I couldn’t wait for show to return.it was soooo good and interesting. …really terrible decision.

  • DaleMurph

    BIG mistake ABC Family.

  • Paige

    This is CRAP!!! The show was awesome. Everyone who is a PLL fan is a fan of Ravenswood! This is so sad. I was so excited about the next season!


    I tried getting into it but I never could, the show was pretty bad.

  • Alison

    The new president got off to a bad start cause now there’s angry fans and RAVENSWOOD is way better than twisted I was so excited for RAVENSWOOd and they just cancel it!!!

  • yes

    good,now all they have to do is cancell Twisted

  • Clbrvt

    Ravenswood was a great spin off from Pretty Little Liars. Wish the series would continue. What can be done to bring Ravenswood back?

  • kendra barber

    I’m very upset! What was the reason behind the cancellation? It was a great show and a total twist to ppl. That’s what made it good! I think they should bring it back!

  • britny

    I am so angry and pissed off I absolutely loved that Ravenswood and now it’s gone first they canceled Jane by design and now this I am really really starting to hate ABC family

  • Jamie

    What a big crock of poo! I loved that show, bad call nothing worse then getting fans all excited for the next episode and then crapping all over it, thanks alot for that.

  • bridget rogers

    i think it was an amazing show and they need to bring it back me and my family watched it every week please bring it back

  • Lisal

    I love Ravenswood!! They need to bring it back.

    All the great series is canceled like 666 park avenue and now Ravenswood.

    Please come BACK Ravenswood.

  • romy

    Ravenswood must come back!

  • kimzz

    Tom Ascheim is a stupid asshole. Ravenswood must come back. Its a good serie. Please comee backkkkk

  • Beccaa

    That is horrible! I watched the last show saying how I loved the show and couldn’t wait for it to come back on…the New President needs to rethink this…it was a good show.

  • Sam

    Horriable decision they should at least do one more season to close it off and explain what happens next!

  • luckychaos79

    i really loved ravenswood , i loved how the spin it for one great show to pretty lil lairs , i hope so , i do think their wrong for shuttin the show down …

  • fuck you

    @Ace: Ur so ignorant its not about magic

  • Stayc
  • michele

    I am so angry they did the same thing with The secret Circle !! What now another reality show ? Don’t get how those have staying power …I don’t know anyone who likes them.


    crappy ending, i liked the show, put it back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Give the show a chance.