Taylor Swift, Olympian Nick Goepper Wants To Be Your Valentine

Taylor Swift, Olympian Nick Goepper Wants To Be Your Valentine

Taylor Swift heads out of ballet class on Friday morning (February 14) in Los Angeles.

Looks like the 24-year-old musician has a new admirer — in Olympian Nick Goepper!

Nick, 19, along with fellow ski slopestyle medalists Joss Christensen and Gus Kenworthy, revealed their celeb valentines to NBC Olympics over Twitter.

“What Could top a Bronze Medal Win for @NickGoepper? Only if @taylorswift13 would be his Valentine! #OlympicValentine,” the network tweeted with the pic.

Nick and Taylor previously met at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

“I mean, she was with her entourage but took the time to just kind of break away and chat with me for a minute. It was nice,” Nick dished to E!. “I feel like we kind of connected.”

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Photos: AKM-GSI, Twitter
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  • Araik Danielyan

    I want to say Nick Goepper that Taylor Swift is my sweetheart and for some reason we lobules but the situation will change soon and we Taylor and I will be together soon and we are all well with Taylor now

  • june

    he obv doesnt know who taylor swift is lol what a moron

  • Warren

    What guy wouldn’t want sexy Taylor?

  • stargazing

    @june: @june: @june: Stupid comment…he knows who Taylor Swift is. What young male doesn’t? A lot of guys want to date her but can’t get the chance because she doesn’t date much at all to begin with. She rather hang out with girlfriends because she is unlucky in love.

  • Nick

    he obviously doesn’t know about Taylor’s track record on guys. I don’t find taylor swift sexy. she’s a stick. plus she dances awkwardly.

    she’s also as ugly as hell without make up on.

  • merna

    taylor is so beautiful and nick said he is big fan of her and know everything about her haters just leave her alone and really she is ugly without makeup go watch safe and sound music video she didn’t put any make up on that video an haters she writes her songs about her life just like any other artist stop hating you people TAYLOR IS PERFECT

  • Sam

    I’m convinced these guys only “crush” on her because of her status. Otherwise she is just this awkward and average person

  • getreal

    @Sam: yeah taylor swift is average looking. In the united states the average woman is 5’10 and weighs less then 130 pounds. Yeah taylor swift is just your average tall slender model figure.

  • Ushma

    She’s beautiful. Perfect! Of course he wants her :)

  • dean

    @getreal – everything about Taylor Swift is exaggerated. I was in LA a few months ago and she was shopping in the same place I was. She walked past me. I’m 5’7. We were both wearing flats and she was only about an inch taller than me. No… the things they say in the internet is exaggeration. She is 5’8 at best, she aint taller than that like what they say in articles like 5’10 or 5’11. Some article even say she’s 6 feet tall. Just lies.

    Plus do you really believe she is this pretty without LOADS of make up. GET REAL!

    Guys like her because of her celeb status, other than that she’s just a regular young adult.

  • http://@loutacos nelly

    @june: because you obviously know her right?

  • Shane S

    I’d have to agree with Dean. She’s between 5’7 – 5’8. I’ve seen her a couple of times. She just likes wearing really high shoes.

  • dorree

    @merna – you are wrong, she was still wearing make up in the video safe and sound.
    that just doesn’t happen (a person not wearing make up on in a video)…. use your brain.

    money, fame and status can make guys really like you. especially young guys. I guess taylor has now become aware of her image, so she wears make ALL THE TIME.

  • getreal

    Wow, so now her height comes into question? All I know is that was taylor did the vs fashion show she was the height as all the other models. When I see her on my tv at awards shows she towers over many of the other women in the room. Either shes wearing 8 inch heels or many of the others are 4 11 ir shorter. She is 5 10, if she were not, that claim would have been smashed by now because shes bern in the business nearly 9 yars now. What else yall got? Is her name really Taylor Swift. Is she also wearing a girdle at all times to give a false impression that shes thin when in reality she actally weighs 200 pounds. So that settles it, taylor swift is 5 feet 7 inches. But that also makes people claiming to be 5 3 really 4 11.

  • getreal

    Lmao insome of those pics above shes not much shorter then her bodyguard. Would taylor hire a bodyguard less then 6 feet tall. Likely not that body guard is probably at least 6 ’2. If she was as short as you all claim she’d be down by his shoulder.

  • dorree

    @getreal: you are probably 11 yrs old by the way you sound. and you believe everything you see on tv. Taylor is not as tall as you think. Ed Sheeran is 5’7.

    Got this from an article:
    Ed Sheeran height is 5ft 7.5in or 171 cm tall.

    When you look at their pictures (where taylor is wearing flats), she only looks to be an inch taller than Ed. So yes, she is a bit lowet than 5’9.

  • dorree

    @getreal: wow you sound so immature and haven’t read a lot of articles.

  • Anne bb

    She’s anorexic looking, a very bad example to teenage girls. She looks horrible while dancing, more like a stick figure with a big head.

  • Anne bb

    I wonder what happens when he boyfriend sees her without her make up on…. scared?

  • dorree

    here is a photo of ed and taylor standing next to each other – they are almost the same height… all websites say that ed is 5’7 – 5’7.5


  • getalifehaters
  • getalifehaters
  • getalifehaters

    Taylor standing straight next to the 5’7 Edhttp://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/taylor-swift-ed-sheeran-having-1738016

  • getalifehaters
  • getreal


    Here’s your first problem (one of obviously a long line of serious mental issues that you hsve). You claim to think I’m 11 years old yet you are attempting to engage a person whom you feel underage online. If I honestly felt you haters were underaged kids, I would simple ignore you but you can tell that you are middle aged, short, fat snd extremely insecure eoman trying to tear a tall beautiful younger woman down. Now claiming that shes shorter then her actuL height. What id your obsession eith ed sheerans height? Taylor is taller then him by a good 3 inches do if he is 5’7 duh, she’s 5’10 minus 5’10 from 5’7 and that is 3 inches. This 11 year old just took you to school. Now go back to your rocking chair.

  • getreal

    Thats do the math. Typing on my phone so errors will happen. However, you haters know what I mean. Go easy on me, I’m and you are 50. Old enough to be taylors mother and my grandma.

>>>>>>> staging1