MTV Launches 'Ultimate Fan Experience' with Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, & Cher Lloyd! (Exclusive)

MTV Launches 'Ultimate Fan Experience' with Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, & Cher Lloyd! (Exclusive)

Ever want to hang out with Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, and Cher Lloyd?! Here’s your chance! can exclusively reveal that MTV is launching a brand new “Ultimate Fan Experience” contest for the Neon Lights Tour!

Beginning today (February 18), fans can enter to win a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience where one lucky fan and a guest will jet off to Nashville.

Not only will they go on a shopping spree with 5H, but then they’ll knit with Cher before heading to a sound check listening party and meet & greet with Demi!

Oh, and did we mention that the day will end with front row seats to the show?!

“I’m thrilled to partner with MTV to create an unforgettable experience for my fans,” Demi said in a statement. “My Lovatics are incredible and having the opportunity to spend a day with them would be an honor.”

Watch the announcement below! To enter, visit!

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ajsaksals @ 1:27 pm on 02/18/2014


I love Demi so much and it would mean the absolute world to me to meet the person I look up to most. This would be a dream come true. Not only has her music helped me through so much, her story has inspired me so much too. Because of Demi, I can look at myself in the mirror and feel beautiful. I could never thank her enough. I would LOVE to spend the day with her, and I would be oh so grateful if I got the opportunity to. I love you Demi! Stay strong and keep inspiring others. You are incredible. :-)

I am in love with BOTH Demi and Fifth Harmony and I was going to go to the concert in Anaheim but I had no money and no ride and I am still heartbroken because of that. Going to the concert in Nashville and actually having the chance to meet both Demi and Fifth Harmony would make my life more than complete. I have seen all the videos and pictures of the Neon Lights concert and being or breathing the same air as any of them would be the chance of a lifetime. Please give me that chance I would be the most amazing thing in the world.

Hawa Malik @ 5:57 am on 02/19/2014

Please meet me demi #lovatic love you ***

Hey, I’m destiny I’m not going to write you a paragraph like the other ones I’ve seen, but I just want to let you know seeing you in concert would mean the entire world to me. I feel we relate a lot. Love you you’re doing an amazing job????

danielle @ 10:45 am on 02/19/2014

This would get me out of my crazy home and finally do something fun cause truning 18 this would be the best b day gift even tho my b day was sad and I love all of them and to do this is the best thing in my life to go see a star I watch and seen got bigger it would be nice to go crazy w them like every day people even tho ur taken time out to make fan dream come true ……. Please pick me ?__?

Amber Moore @ 10:47 am on 02/19/2014

I would really love to meet you all your a inspiration

Reem @ 5:32 pm on 02/19/2014

i think that sweet of demi wanting to give a fan a day that they wonot forget , demi and the others are greats persons doing something like that to a fan

please pick me i love you guys yous are my favs singers and i am your bigest fan ever please please please pick me

Bryonna Nicole koscielniak @ 1:42 pm on 02/20/2014

I am fan of all it would be the best day ever ! I hope I get to win I love y’all (: You guys put a good show on neon lights tour and it was my first concert (: I hope you choose the right fan ! I really want to win (:

Paradan @ 3:49 pm on 02/21/2014

a Young artist thats wants to complete my Character Creation for Production

Paradan – DemiGodz Momentz ?????(?_?)?????
#TeamJA #TeamUsa

bethany rosales @ 8:44 pm on 02/21/2014

if i hang out with cher lloyd it would be the best thing that ever happen to me . she is my idol i would just be like her when i grow up I’ll dress like her when i grow up i’ll sing like her even be like her i wish i get to meet her i’ll give anything to meet her all i’m saying is just let me be the winner

Anyssa Villasenor @ 2:30 pm on 02/22/2014

If I got to meet Demi lovato, 5th harmony, and cher lloyd it would be the best day of my life that day would be so unforgettable! Plus I always enter contest and I never win so I’d be very happy if they choose me. ????

gotta make it, searching through the doors , I got ma soul sweating through every pore,Grab it,gotta have it all ,working hard to have a ball,Upacity style put the time on pause , the night cant be finish I’ve gotta crawl,the shadows are my only friends I’ve had at all,flip a switch collect a call,my voice is like a cannon ball phased through your mind,grr gota,catch em all

Ashley Renee brown @ 10:54 am on 02/28/2014

I’d really really love to go! I’ve never been really anywhere. Not a concert or anything ^.^ it’d be very awesome!! Please take me! I love Demi & cher it’ll be amazing! I love y’all thank you for reading this comment :)

Alera Janae White @ 9:46 am on 03/01/2014

This would mean the world to me cause I don’t really have anything and I love Demi , and Fith Harmony,Cher I just love u all!! I would love to get out of the house for a while and do something fun!!! So I can tell my friends about not that I have that many cause I get pick on cause of my skin color but u know at the end of the day that doesn’t matter cause I’m beautyful and so are all of you!! Fith Harmony you proved to me that it doesn’t matter what skin color u are that u can do any thing. Demi I love ur song that u made for frozen “Let It Go” I listen to almost everyday. Cher I love your song ” Royals ” you are so perfect you and all of you I just really hope yo pick me THANKS@

Tamiris @ 3:43 pm on 03/02/2014

Sou Lovatic , Louca Pela Demi Amo – a Com Todas Minhas Forças , Ela È Um Exemplo Pra Mim , Isso Significa Muito Para Mim , Principalmente Conhecer A Demi Lovato <3 Minha Linda , Quero Muito Ganhar <3

Alexi Kampouroglou @ 7:39 pm on 03/05/2014

I love demi lovato and fifth harmony soooooo much!! They are my world and my life! I coulnt be here today without them. Not only have they been my inspiration, hero, role model, friend and family, they have been my life saver. Life has thrown me some difficult times but i always count on demi and the girls to be there because they make me smile and bring me joy. If I could meet them and hug them that would be the greatest day of my life. My life would be complete and my dreams would be complete too. Its always been my dream to meet them and thank them for all they have done for me. I would hug them and explain to them how much they have been there for me and saving my life. They were my frend and family when i had no one. Their music speaks to me, it shows me my right ways of life. They show me their is hope and your dreams can come true. I just love them soooooo much. I just hope one day, one day very soon that i will meet demi and the girls. I would be the happiest person on earth. Thank you for reading this and taking the time. I hope i can have this opportunity. Love ya’ll!!! <333333333333

Alexi Kampouroglou @ 7:41 pm on 03/05/2014

@Alera Janae White: Your so sweet and i know one day, on day soon your dreams are going to come true. I believe in you and you always have someone even if you dont know them. Hope you have a great day! Stay Strong! Love ya! <333333

Sarah @ 4:19 pm on 03/06/2014

I have already had the oppurtnity to meet Demi once but I would love to meet her again and already going to meet fifth Harmony. I forget about contests happening later on & rarely win so anyways. But I hope whoever wins this has a blast cause Demi is the sweetest even in person and I know meeting fifth Harmony will be amazing as well. Meeting Demi made me so happy, I still haven’t stopped smiling and I will keep it close to my heart for the rest of my life.

Jessica @ 6:14 pm on 03/09/2014

I really want to win this Demi has helped me through bullying and anorexia. Plus Cher Lloyd is amazing and such a great singer. I eally want to win this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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