Michael B. Jordan & Miles Teller Both Offered 'Fantastic Four' Roles!

Michael B. Jordan & Miles Teller Both Offered 'Fantastic Four' Roles!

It’s official – Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller are expected to reunite on screen in the highly-anticipated film Fantastic Four!

According to Variety, the That Awkward Moment co-stars will most likely join Kate Mara and Jamie Bell in the latest installment of the comic book franchise.

Miles has been offered the role of Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic, while Michael is slated to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch.

The Fantastic Four hits theaters on June 19, 2015. We can’t wait to see it!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller being cast in Fantastic Four?

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Jason @ 12:28 am on 02/20/2014

Why is it okay when a black actor is hired to play a white character, but they’d NEVER hire a white actor to play a black character?

Jessie @ 12:41 am on 02/20/2014

no no no no no no and nooooooo!!!

river @ 1:46 am on 02/20/2014

That guy is too young to play Mr.fantastic! And I’m not racist, but don’t cast a black guy to play a white super hero. But cool! Its just not right. That’s like going to a restaurant and asking for a coke. Is Pepsi ok? Only if monopoly money is ok for a tip!

river @ 1:46 am on 02/20/2014

*Not cool!

nat @ 1:55 am on 02/20/2014

@Jason: name one popular superhero that is black…

Baldy @ 2:19 am on 02/20/2014

@nat: @nat Black Panther

Sarah @ 2:59 am on 02/20/2014

To me, it doesn’t really make sense to have Michael play the Johnny. Unless you had an African-American actress play Sue, then I wouldn’t really care. But the two are brother and sister, so having one be played by a white actor and the other by a black actor seems weird.

Jason @ 3:12 am on 02/20/2014

Who really gives a crap if Johnny storm is black or white good grief as long as this movie doesn’t suck and is way cooler than it’s predecessor it really shouldn’t matter….would you guys be happier if they picked an Asian guy to play the human torch??? Smh

claudia @ 3:57 am on 02/20/2014

i love all this “im not racist but…” stuff. it actually fuels my inner being. you know there are quite a few superheroes that were suppose to be black but because of the stigma attached to dark skin during the time period the artists had to alter it? yup, they altered it so your grandparents would get pisssy about a black person potentially being a hero. but oh let the tables turn and you guys are STILL mad? smh

claudia @ 3:57 am on 02/20/2014

@Jason: there is so many flaws in what you said.

rose @ 4:03 am on 02/20/2014

“why are the adverts in other languages? they should speak english because this is america?”
“why are there black families? that doesn’t represent the american family unit”
“im not racist but why is an Indian representing Miss USA? Shes probably a terrorist”
These are all real quotes people have repeatedly said regarding different ads, campaigns, etc.
And you wonder why there is no growth in society.
I know that Michael B Jordans sister is white so that doesn’t make sense, but superheroes can be black as crazy as it sounds. Saving the world you’d imagine a strong white man because thats what the media consists of – although the Europeans pretty much destroyed every country it touched. I mean right now they are probably extracting oil from Iran and giving them weapons to kill each other.

Kevin @ 5:01 am on 02/20/2014

This is a really young cast, it’s different. I don’t mind the casting of Michael b. Jordan as Johnny but you have to reciprocate with the invisible woman as his sister. The writers must not understand that they are brother and sister, not cousins or one was adopted. It makes no sense. I hope they give detail on why they chose to do that. And about bell being cast as the thing I’d prefer a bigger guy to fill the role but he’s been great in almost everything I’ve seen him in so I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best.

burlov @ 6:48 am on 02/20/2014

It’s amazing how hatred makes people stupid. If Johnny Storm is going to be black then wouldn’t the obvious assumption be that either he or Susan Storm is an adopted sibling? They can still be/have a brother & sister relationship that way. The fact that they were in previous versions as blood relatives, did nothing to change that dynamic.

For the people who don’t want to see it changed because Johnny Storm is always portrayed as a white guy, that I can understand. But you should take note: When you start off saying “I’m not racist but…” people tend to think otherwise. If you just state your opinion without defending your character, it has more credence.

Blech @ 6:55 am on 02/20/2014

Blech, better name call it the Tiger Beat 4, where’s Leif Garrett or Eddie Murphy. Another zero for a rich franchise keeping up with Hollywood values.

Jim @ 7:39 am on 02/20/2014

This is one movie I will not be watching…the original fantastic four movies were great. Pc America is just getting so much worse its just laughable…the storms are brother and sister from the same parents…this is such a joke…enough of this crap…uggh it makes me sick

Jim @ 7:42 am on 02/20/2014

Why don’t we do a remake of the 70s. Dracula character blackula and call him whiteula…haha…morons

collie77 @ 7:58 am on 02/20/2014


Jesus was changed from Middle Eastern to White. No-one white complains about that.

nita @ 8:29 am on 02/20/2014

@Jason: Excuse me, sir, but they have. All through out history including in the past decade. Angelie Jolie portrayed a Black woman portraying Mariane Pearl, who lost her journalist husband in a terrorist kidnapping/attack. Not to mention, Black Face was considered to be an American art form in 1848 and up until 1960, it ended due to the Civil Rights laws. FYI Black Face was how Whites portrayed Black people by painting their faces since Blacks were not allowed to portray themselves. Anyway, as a Marvel fan, I’m not sure how this will turn out. Johnny is Sue’s biological little brother. The issue isn’t race. It’s about his relation to Sue. Obviously, from looking at him he doesn’t resemble her.

Frank @ 8:43 am on 02/20/2014

The superhero movies were on a role lately. Avengers, spiderman reboot , thor 2 were good movies. Now because some person wants to rewrite history we have a brother and sister who were both white now, one black and one white . Also the cast is too young to play these characters. This is so stupid. Im glad i know now that im going to save that 12 bucks on that ticket.

AWS85 @ 9:23 am on 02/20/2014

@nat: Black Panther, Luke Cage, Storm, one of the Green Lanterns, Cyborg, Spawn, Blade, Bishop.

Perchell Jackson @ 9:37 am on 02/20/2014

I personally as a black person think this movie will flop for 2 reasons 1 cast is way too young Reed Richards is a super genius while there young geniuses in the world not many would be consulted on or hired to take a rocket into space. 2 johnny and Sue are blood related not half not adopted but blood related same mom same dad . I’m all for black superheroes (waiting anxiously for black panther movie) but I don’t think we should rewrite comic book history just to be p.c. Most of the marvel fandom won’t buy it.

Troya @ 10:20 am on 02/20/2014

If you want to get technical, Jessica Alba is Mexican and French/ Danish .
Chris Evans is Welsh and Italian . How are they siblings with the same parents biologically? It’s a movie based on comics. Get over it!

Xenogears @ 12:03 pm on 02/20/2014

All that’s going to happen is this movie will have a huge budget and flop losing millions and millions. This will be another forgotten mistake attempted by Marvel and their horrible writers, directors and casting. Besides the black/white brother sister combo, it seems this project was already “doomed” from the start.

Tom @ 12:21 pm on 02/20/2014

Come on… really? Is this what we get after FOX steals the franchise from Marvel. First Alicia and now this. Your constant racial pandering is doing nothing but making a further mockery of your pathetic studio.

Tom @ 12:23 pm on 02/20/2014


Obviously quite a few people. So you can drop the “race doesn’t matter” conceit, because more than your opinion is in the mix.

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