Michael B. Jordan Responds to 'Fantastic Four' Human Torch Casting: 'Flame On!'

Michael B. Jordan Responds to 'Fantastic Four' Human Torch Casting: 'Flame On!'

Michael B. Jordan has spoken out about his casting in the highly-anticipated Fantastic Four film!

“FLAME ON!!” the 27-year-old actor captioned an Instagram photo, which zoomed in on the “4″ on The Human Torch costume.

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The day before, it was reported that Mike had won the coveted role, while his buddy Miles Teller had been offered to play Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic.

The Fantastic Four hits theaters on June 19, 2015. We can’t wait to see it!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch?

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  • Chosen One

    Awesome !

  • Maria

    Don’t like it at all! I LOVED the 1st movies & the whole cast. Chris Evans = the PERFECT Human Torch! I liked him and Jessica Alba as the Storm siblings. Michael B. Jordan = Not a right Human Torch. Plus actress Kate Mara is supposed to be Sue Storm. How in the world are they supposed to be siblings? Only if they are supposed to be adopted and they are not supposed to be…I just don’t get this casting at all…if this is true I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THIS POORLY CASTED FANTASTIC FOUR MOVIE if you can call it a Fantastic Four movie. Okay that is my rant on that!

  • Stan Davis

    So, could we get Joe Mangianello or Brock Lesnar to play Luke Cage?

  • Yung.

    @Maria: sounds like you’re being racist

  • xnamora

    This movie will bomb, big time. What a joke. The whole cast really is so bad.

  • Marvelfan


    Its not racist. Marvel fans are big on some story integrity. Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are Brother and sister and this is a huge part of the story. Sure making them step siblings or one of them adopted works but it is a huge break with the story and goes completely against the story line. Its like if you made Rhodes (Warmachine) from Ironman white people would have been equally upset. it is about continuity and story. People were equally upset in the first Spiderman series when they had Peter not even get involved with Gwen Stacey.

  • eyezonr

    a complete and utter disaster.. terrible cast period. marvel fan has it down 100% about timeline and story integrity. i thought the original cast was as good as it gets. but this one is a complete fail.. and not to be racist but i do have a problem with a black torch why because in the comics he is related to sue richards. def will wait for dvd if that..

  • Purpleolivesmajesty

    That boy be hustling.

  • sharkbite

    In contemporary America you’re an automatic racist if you have any criticism involving ANYTHING in which race is a factor. ((Even if you’re not)). Just because I prefer to maintain the integrity of the original characters as they are in the comic books does NOT make me a racist. Marvel ‘ s Luke Cage is a black superhero. I wouldn’t be thrilled to see a white actor play him because I prefer to maintain the integrity of that character as well. BTW,.. people can spare me with the condescension that I lack imagination because I feel this way. If Hollywood had imagination; they wouldn’t keep producing “remakes” from 20 and 30 years ago. With “very few” exceptions; their imagination SUCKS!

  • [~F

    @Maria: Jessica Alba was dreadful.
    oh yea, you’re a racist.

  • Gretchen

    @Maria…Jessica Alba is Mexican and looks nothing like Chris Evans yet you seemed to suck it up and deal with that.
    We live in a world where people can accept and understand that a movie has a talking murderous raccoon but people can’t accept a black guy being relevant in a fantasy world or the real one. If you want to not be racist wonder why they couldn’t have made Sue black as well instead of the other way around.
    Also to the other people in this thread, if you start something off with “I’m not racist but…” you are about to say something racist so please stop

  • sharkbite

    Saying “I’m not racist,..but” is an exercise in futility because to have a “mere disagreement” on a subject where race is discussed will usually be enough to qualify as being racist in today’s world, and it’s frustrating as hell to attempt to engage in conversation with some people when it’s inevitable that some self-professed moral supremacist is going to condescend to pretend to be a mind reader by telling me what I think, or what they think is in my heart. If you want to have a black superhero movie; freaking go for it. I would pay to see a LUKE CAGE movie any day in the week. I think they’re planning to make one with a black actor. Hell, I think “The Rock” would make an AWESOME Luke Cage if they cast him for the role AND it would be true to the comic book, and yours truly would be an extremely happy camper. NO PROBLEM!!!!

  • Kassidy

    this is bullcrap, what’s next. Black Panther played by a white man ?
    Keep the characters as is.
    I am definitely not going to watch this movie.

  • aaron

    I think FOX is racist, if they are going to change the characters just to add the token black character to make it PC, then at least have the BALLS to make Sue Storm black too. These comic characters were made in a time when if they were any race but white the comics would not sell. I can understand updating characters to fit our time. I think it is insulting to not cast them both as black when they are brother and sister. That way the characters story does not have to change. NO, oh he or she was adopted crap. Im a huge comic book fan and i would have no problem with a black sue and johnny storm. Why not make sue storm black, oh that right she hooks up with mister fantastic and a interracial couple on the big screen would be to racy for the fantastic four, I think FOX needs to grow a pair.

  • Jordy

    It would be like casting a brunette as Mary Jane in Spider-Man. You can’t play with a classic character. Sam Jackson as nick fury played out nicely. But they casted a black actor to play the sibling of a white actress. Johnny and sue storm are brother and sister. How re they going to explain the race thing? And it will be ridiculous if they change the plot of the comics to make them adopted or something. He’s a great actor and a nice guy but completely inappropriate for the part. If they wanted to bend race then he should be mr fantastic

  • http://@tweetedoffences Marshawn

    You Guys Do Know That Johnny & Sue Storm Could Still Be Biological Brother & Sister. One Of Them Johnny Could Have A Black Mom Or Dad. Its Possible For A White Kid & Black Kid To Be Blood Brother & Sister.

  • Noelle

    Cast Christian Bale as Moses, Russel Crow as Noah, Jim Caviezel as Jesus, Ben Kingsley as Ghandi, or any other white actor to play an ACTUAL person of color who existed and everyone wants to talk about color blind casting and how they casted the best choice.

    But cast an actor of color as a white comic book character (who is a fake character who only exists in a comic book world, by the way), and all the sudden it’s all about integrity-this and source-material-that.

    Yeah… your double standard is showing.

  • Ok

    Give him a chance, I think the casting is FANTASTIC !

  • http://@express52 mb

    I think it would be amazing but my probkem is susan(invisable woman) anr johnny(the human torch) are brother and sister.

  • Randomtask


    Youre saying their imagination sucks… but riducle them for trying something new? Putting a twist on an old idea might be a good idea. Characters like Luke Cage, or Black Panther, and Blade cant be altered too much because they are stand alone characters, and changing something like race of those characters is like changing the entire story. Really is all that much going to change with human torch? Maybe theyll change the brother sister aspect, have to. But not a big deal on the whole when theres lots of fantastic 4 stories to tell, the cheesy punchlines just wont be saying sis, or bro. Oh no!! I just choose those characters before because everyone uses them as examples like what if this? What if that? Rabble rabble rabble. Shut up and let them do their thing.

  • HUgo


    nonsense, travon’s hoodie worship has nothing to do with a popcorn film about comic book space charaters that have a loyal fan base for 50 plus years. your the racist, racism is a two way street and appears in many guises

  • HUgo

    bigger issue with casting is reed richards looks like hes been zapped with the ‘infanto-ray’

  • Michelle

    Jesus, Moses, and Noah all Jewish or Jewish descent. Gasp those three actors easily could be Jewish.. Nice try though

  • Bill

    Very disappointed about this. Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben are white, plain and simple, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I could take a black Alicia in the first two films (although making the iconic Galactus a big cloud was a bit much), and I think Samuel Jackson is a fantastic Nick Fury. But messing with a main character like this, who is and has been white for 53 years, is a terrible move. The Fantastic Four are my favorite super group of all time. I have waited for another FF movie with great anticipation, and now the whole thing is soured. I will vote with my wallet and not see this film. Shame on you Marvel for letting down a huge fan base like this.

  • https://www.facebook.com/alfredo.rueda.35513 alfredo rueda

    This is the way we want to se the Fantastic Four!!! exactly the way they were created!!! by Stan lee and Jack Kirby!! 3 adults, one teenager and all of them WHITE!!!

  • kvb

    Wait.. The human torch is black.. Yet his sister is white? How’s that going to work out… This film is bound for failure.

  • Randomtask

    I dont think people are being racist by getting upset by this, just sort of close minded and really quick to judge a new idea. So many comments just say the same stuff… derp hes black but his sister is white how will it work? Well, maybe they will be step siblings, or adopted. Going this route could actually make sense, maybe they dont get along because theyre not blood related, have issues or something but are forced to work together upon obtaining superpowers. Maybe theyll change a name and wont be siblings at all! Oh no! Rabble rabble rabble more outrage from fans that arent open to new ideas. The last adaption had all the characters look exactly like their comic book counterparts, and frankly it wasnt the best movie all around, even die hard fans can admit that. If the movie isnt good this way, theyll scrap it and well get another in 3 or 4 years. Not all that much will really change from one characters skin color, a few tiny plot points that really wont mess with much, theres lots of stories for them to tell, just give them a chance for christs sake

  • Lex

    @Maria: Then DON’T WATCH IT I’m sure the other millions of people will happily enjoy it without you :)

  • Gryphandor

    This is going to bomb. That sequel already planned for 2017 is never going to happen. Rules are broken and fans disappointed.

    You can’t cast a black man not to be racist in a white persons part just so you can get some color in the cast. I mean OMG Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are related. If you really needed to toss a color in the mix it should have been done with The Thing’s roll.

    This is going to bomb worse then the new Annie movie that is just a disgrace. Now we are looking to reboot everything to make every race feel included. I am not trying to be racist. You can’t rewrite the stuff.