Justin Bieber Rejects Plea Deal in DUI Case?

Justin Bieber Rejects Plea Deal in DUI Case?

Justin Bieber will reportedly not accept a plea deal made by prosecutors in his recent DUI arrest case.

According to TMZ, the 19-year-old singer was offered a deal that is often given to first-time DUI offenders, which includes community service, an alcohol education course, and random drug testing.

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Sources tell the site that Justin‘s team believes they can get a better deal due to inconsistencies in the police report. Cops said he smelled of alcohol, but Justin only blew a .014 in his breathalyzer. There may also be evidence that he was not drag racing at all.

Justin was arrested in late January for DUI, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license, after he was pulled over for drag racing. At the time, Justin admitted that he had smoked marijuana and taken prescription medication, which was confirmed in his toxicology report.

Keep an eye on JJJ for more details as they become available.

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  • http://google.com OMGJustinbieber

    leave justin alone he doesnt have to do something if he doesnt want to and you cant make him.,

  • http://google.com OMGJustinbieber

    why people hate on justin i dont know over DUI really? Is this even needed?

  • http://www.twitter.com/justinbieber Belieber

    Good Justin doesn’t need this “plea”. He’s perfectly fine, can you all just hop off. wow.

  • Justin Northeast

    God the policd have admitted to the officer made have lied on the police report. Roy black going to eat the Prosecution up. The Prosecution has no Rader reading to back the officer story up. It going to be a not guilty verdict. Their dumb to even risk it. My dad is a fromer prosecutor he would even risk this case That how the state attorney going to lose her job. Because she got her head so far up her ass that see can not see that traffic stop was a unlawful stop.

  • frank smith

    @OMGJustinbieber: you are an obviously an idiot. Yes it for DUI. You can’t drive under the influence moron.

  • Dr.rj

    Leave Justin baby alone ok he’s just being juvenil

    Go jb go

    I do agree he needs to be a better example maybe a visit to bethel church with bill Johnson or Chris Valention might help if the Holy Ghost gets a hold. Of him be Christian in action not in word only just because you got a Jesus fish doesn’t mean your in the kingdom

  • Adam


    You’re an idiot, have u ever lost someone under a DUI driver? no? then shut up

    Hes a scumbag, driving under the influence of anything is wrong, his licence should be taking away, if i had my way, locked in prison for years.

    all you “Belibers” need to grow up.

  • Adult Driver


    He’s a spoiled punk who could have killed someone that night. Just because he blew a low alcohol level doesn’t mean he wasn’t impaired.
    Go back to Canada, Justin.

  • http://malengav@yahoo.com vumilia


  • http://www.twitter.com/Rileytx Riley

    If he ADMITTED he had smoked weed and taken pills which were confirmed by his toxicology report, he was DRIVING under the INFLUENCE.
    Throw out the drag racing if you want, you still have his admission and the resisting.
    He should have taken the deal, because now his sentencing will be out of the judges hands and he will have to take the minimum.

  • SallyM

    If he dont acept some type of deal he is faceing up to 6 months behind bars, they have to prove he wasnt drag raceing, also he admited using drugs so this is not case in his favor how it looks right now.

  • SallyM

    DUI is not just under influence of alcohol, he admited using drug that makes him DUI no matter how much alcohol he had in his blood

  • SallyM

    @OMGJustinbieber: DUI is not something people should over-look, he was puting others in danger, I dont hate him but will be so happy 1st to see hims serve some type of punishment and then to see him being teported back to Canada.

  • http://nationalshowtickets.com Donna

    Justin, please get help before you harm yourself or someone else. Work out your problems and then make a come back.

  • unalienablerights


    firstly there is no jurisdiction over canadian north american continental Justin… though yes concerns due to native Leonard Pelitier has been unlawfully locked up for many decades! driving under the influence well void ab initio ie someone put on emergency lights public car and there was no emergency…yeah just another trying to connect with someone with talent! ie no talent and corrupt cops ie “mortal instruments line “they are not cops” demons and posers!

    Yet it is sad that many commenting hear have nothing of value to add and indicates sumtin seriously wrong wit dem!

  • unalienablerights

    congratulations canadian hockey sochi win! five hundred nations local native north americas plus the good folks who live to doing well americas!

  • Justin

    Justin Bieber Sleeps in Same Bed as Chantel Jeffries on the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYDeA36En_U