Meryl Davis & Charlie White Bring Moms to 'Today'

Meryl Davis & Charlie White Bring Moms to 'Today'

Meryl Davis and Charlie White show off their gold-medal winning skills at Rockefeller Center in New York City on Wednesday morning (February 26).

The Olympic ice dance champions were joined by their moms Cheryl Davis and Jacqui White on The Today Show later on.

“I think we have such a unique relationship. It’s really hard to define with sort of the way people look at us and, you know, we’re blessed to have found each other at a young age. We’ve grown up together. This partnership is 17 years of our life, and we’ve spent more time together than we have with our actual siblings,” Charlie shared on the program of the bond he and Meryl have formed.

Meryl added, “We definitely had to grow into ourselves on and off the ice. yeah, I mean, our relationship has certainly evolved as we’ve grown older. I think that kind of history and that comfort with one another has helped us translate what we can bring to the ice now.”

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Meryl & Charlie & Moms – The Today Show, 2/26

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  • really?

    As a longtime fan of Ice dance I cant help but be a little annoyed with these two’s sudden connection and sudden attachment. I have watched them for 10 years and can tell you and if you go back and watch interviews and performances you can tell they have def not always been really close. 4 years ago at the OG watching them was icey. They actually spoke to that over the years as well. I’m glad that’s changed for them its just annoying that they’re acting different. I think they learned they needed to portray themselves as a tight unit to try and compete with the other teams who’s connection could melt the ice ( ie Scott and Tessa) …..

  • Fan as well

    ^^ Well I can see what you mean by that and they use terms that Scott and Tessa have used to like unique bond and blessed to have found each other, how its hard to define… these are not terms they usually use. Maybe things have gotten better for them, but you’re right they have not talked like this before.Tthey’ve always been very clear about that.

  • http://Ssevante Sylvia Sevante

    I love this pair I admire their style very much. But I don’t understand why the have to pretend they are a couple off ice. Nobody cares. I would like to know more about their real lives off ice.

  • J

    they are one bloody ugly couple. sorry the nerve of folks to compare him to christopher atkins in ‘blue lagoon’. christopher atkins was very good-looking back in the day. this guy, not so much. and there are no words for her.

  • Susan

    These interviewers! They never got the answer to their question—whether they were dating others or not. Of course, I know the answer is they are, but this is disgusting they didn’t say, “Well, we understand you do have your own personal dating lives with others, and we wondered how have you handled that part all these years?” Duh, but no, they just can’t bring themselves to finish the question they asked.

  • Susan

    @Sylvia Sevante:

    I don’t think they “pretended” they were together off the ice. They just didn’t finish answering the question. Charlie is dating Tanith Belbin, and Meryl, I think, is dating Jeremy Hill. There is no attraction, and probably never was. The ice dancing perfection is all that binds them, and that’s ok. I’ve enjoyed them, and I’m very happy they won the Gold.

  • Ugh

    Yes but the point is they are lying about their connection. These two,although they have skated together since kids, have never really connected. It’s all a big farse. They needed to make people believe it because that’s what was missing… They know the public wants to see them like the public sees Scott and Tessa. Watch footage of them then watch Scott and Tessa. There’s no denying that Scott and Tessa have this it value that Meryl and Charlie lack. No matter the medal color of these two teams clearly the connection and body lines they create on ice makes the CAN team better. Unfortunately politics has these OG decided months ago.

  • Uhmmmm

    Also reading these quotes every single one of them to a T are stolen directly from quotes from Scott and Tessa. Meryl and Charlie have never said these things in all the years past…. Ever. Google it. Then Google Scott and Tessa and you will see these are direct quotes from S&T… Unreal.

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