Star-Crossed's Jesse Luken: Eric Gets a Love Interest & Which Human is Really an Atrian?!

Star-Crossed's Jesse Luken: Eric Gets a Love Interest & Which Human is Really an Atrian?!

Check out this brand new interview with Star-Crossed stud Jesse Luken!

The Colorado native plays Eric, a jock at the high school who doesn’t exactly welcome the Atrians with open arms.

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JJJ caught up with Jesse to get the scoop on what’s coming up, including romance for his character and even an Atrian/human switcheroo (yes, you did read that correctly)!

Star-Crossed airs Mondays @ 8PM on The CW! Hi Jesse! So last week, we learned the reason Eric hates Atrians so much is because his family lost a business due to the Sector. But we did get a glimpse at his sympathetic side too. Will we continue to see Eric struggle with his opinions?

Jesse Luken: Throughout the season, Eric’s view of Atrians evolves and devolves a little, and then evolves. Yeah, he does go through some changes. I think it’s great because it’s relatable. This is where all prejudice is generally based, from a lack of understanding and knowledge. And Eric’s just never been around Atrians. They’ve been in the Sector. They caused his family a lot of pain and financial ruin, but this is the first time he’s actually been around them. I wouldn’t say he does a 180 or anything, but he struggles a lot with this view that has been instilled in him by his father.

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JJJ: Tell us about your audition process. What was that like?

JL: They were, at that time, very stressed out (laughs). They were sort of yelling things down the hall. I knew the casting director a little bit because she had called me a few times for other things. I remember I had three auditions that day. It was in the middle of pilot season and it was really busy. I got a call from my agent who was calling with my manager, which that generally means it’s a good thing. But when I heard from them, I remember they said that I booked Star-Crossed, and I was like, “That was the last one I thought I would have booked from the three.”

JJJ: What’s it like shooting on location in New Orleans as opposed to a sound stage in L.A.?

JL: We were in New Orleans, so if I had a 6 a.m. call time or something, I’d leave my hotel at 5 and there would be people partying. They we’re all still going. It’s a crazy place. It’s a ton of fun. Wonderful culture, wonderful people, wonderful food. One detriment is being on The CW and being in New Orleans…they are hard to coincide. Because you know they’re going to ask you to take off your shirt. And everything in New Orleans is made with eight sticks of butter with a pound of sugar on the side. You gotta try to have tunnel vision right to the salads.

JJJ: Hah! How and when did you start acting?

JL: I grew up in Colorado and I went to college to play baseball originally and majored in environmental biology. Then I wound up trying theater for the first time in college and got a theater scholarship. That was what I wanted to do, so after graduating college, I hit the ground running in L.A.

JJJ: What do you like to do in your free time?

JL: I’m a very simple redneck. I have two dogs and we go camping, hiking, running. I play baseball. I’m a pretty simple dude, I guess. I love being outdoors and being around nature, and not just in that cliche way. If I’m not doing it for a while, I start to get irritable.

JJJ: So much went down last week with the introduction of the Trags and the Red Hawks. Not to mention, we now know that Atrians have the ability to get rid of their markings. What can you tease about what’s coming up?

JL: In episode five, one of the human characters that has been around the entire time is revealed to be an Atrian in disguise. The Red Hawks and the Trags are both preparing for war, so you see the natural progression of these two groups. And I think it’s interesting because for how much they hate each other, they are so incredibly similar. With that, the general trials of high school and the way that plays out with this allegory of integration. People fall in love. People fall out of love. All the general things that are associated with high school.

JJJ: Wow! We can’t wait to find out who it is! What was the cast’s reaction?

JL: It was a pretty big surprise to us.

JJJ: Last question! Give us one more bit of scoop on Eric!

JL: What I can tell you is that Eric does find a love interest, which is very surprising in who it is, and it’s a lot of fun to play. I think it’s episode seven, their romance begins. It’s someone who has very different background and perspective than Eric has.

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