Aubrey Peeples Previews Layla-Related Tension & Twists on 'Nashville' (JJJ Interview)

Aubrey Peeples Previews Layla-Related Tension & Twists on 'Nashville' (JJJ Interview)

Check out this new interview with the talented Aubrey Peeples!

The 20-year-old actress currently appears on the hit ABC show Nashville as Layla, a young starlet who serves as competition to Juliette (Hayden Panettiere).

JJJ caught up with Aubrey to get the scoop on what’s coming up for Layla, and she teases some major drama! We can’t wait to watch!

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JustJaredJr: What made you audition for Nashville and what was it like coming onto a show that already has a great fan base?

Aubrey Peeples: I was interested in the show from the beginning when the pilot breakdown came out, as it is a show that I feel does what no other show has been able to do, having one foot planted so strongly in the music industry. When I booked the role of Layla, it was like an otherworldly experience, because I knew I was coming onto a show where I could also exercise my passion for music, and that is everything to me. There was a little pressure coming onto a show with such a large and supportive following, because you are changing what the audience is used to seeing every week a little bit, but at the same time those are the kinds of challenges and opportunities that I love and that don’t come around all the time. It felt insanely unreal, but also something I feel like I’ve worked really hard for and had to earn.

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JJJ: When did you start acting and singing, and did you have a plan of which you wanted to do growing up? Or was mixing them always the plan?

AP: Both acting and singing are passions of mine, and make up who I am. I definitely wouldn’t ever want to sacrifice one for the other. They are different forms of expression and different mediums through which to translate a message, and that whole process in general is what drew me to both. I am so thrilled and thankful to be getting to pursue them both in one job! I started acting and singing from a young age, starting out in musical theater when I was about five. I began classical vocal training when I was ten, and continued to perform theatrically as I also grew into the film and television world.

JJJ: What can you tease about what’s coming up for Layla?

AP: Layla has all sorts of drama coming up! A lot of tension is building between Layla and Will, and there are some huge twists around the corner for their relationship which I think the audience will be pretty surprised by. A new song and performance are also coming up, as Layla’s career takes a new turn.

JJJ: The fans seem to have very polarizing opinions when it comes to your character. Do you keep up on what they’re saying on social media? Any memorable fan reactions/encounters?

AP: Oh man. Most interactions I’ve had with people who watch the show involve them telling me they love Nashville, and me saying “Ah, so you hate me!” Usually they respond in the affirmative, but follow it up with a – “But I love to hate you.” To me, that makes me feel like I’ve done a good job. I did have one tipsy woman once ask for a picture of me whilst calling me “Rude! Rude!” over and over again. I tried to gently stick up for myself, thinking “Lady! It’s a TV show, it’s not real!” But that is how the show has become for a lot of the fans – they really believe in the characters. Which again, I think just makes us all feel as if we are doing something right. I do think people will begin to empathize more with Layla coming up though – after all, every vixen has her motives!

JJJ: If you could give Layla any piece of advice right now, what would it be?

AP: I think I would tell her that she doesn’t have to be anything but herself. Layla puts a lot of pressure on herself, and in many ways wears an exterior coat of armor; but this second half of the season is going to take some of her defense away and reveal what’s going on underneath. I would also just in general tell her to chill out – she is taking on so much life at once.

JJJ: You have some pretty heated conversations with Juliette (Hayden) on screen. Is there anything extra that goes into preparing for those kind of scenes?

AP: Well, for me, there are different kinds of preparation for each scene depending on what is happening in them. For the “fight” scenes with Juliette, Layla really has all of her armor on, and is in defense mode – or, I should say, attack mode. But that is how Layla protects herself, by attacking others. So those scenes I’m playing Layla who’s playing this tough girl who she maybe doesn’t actually feel like inside. Layla is both the small vulnerable teenager, and the tough strong villain. And those both have to be there during the scene.

JJJ: Very important question: Is Connie Britton as amazing in person as she is on TV?

AP: Yes! I feel like she is superwoman. I’m surprised she doesn’t walk around in a cape at all times. She is so chill and so powerful at the same time. Of course I look up to her in so many ways both as an actress and as a person – she is very strong and independent and I think should be a role model for women everywhere.

JJJ: The show already boasts such a great cast, but is there any guest star you’d love to see on the show?

AP: I think it would be really interesting if Kacey Musgraves came on as herself, because she has actually written songs for the show before, and now her career in country music has really taken off. She wrote “Gonna Get Even” that Layla sang in the second episode of the season, and that would be a cool twist to have her on as a performer herself. Also if Johnny Cash was alive I would really like it if he came on – that wouldn’t be too much to ask, right? Or what about Joaquin as Johnny Cash? Wouldn’t mind meeting him…Could we make this happen??

JJJ: You’ve guest-starred on a bunch of other shows. Do you have a favorite memory from one of them?

AP: Well, I met my best friend Hannah Marks playing her best friend (I know, it’s sickeningly adorable) on USA’s Necessary Roughness, so there are definitely some good memories there! The most fun I’ve probably ever had with a guest-starring character though was probably in Burn Notice, because I was basically tied up and trying to escape the whole time, and at one point the actor holding me hostage rubbed a real gun through my hair – so creepy, I know. What can I say, I love the dark stuff!

JJJ: Tell us about your upcoming movie Tokarev! Who do you play? Also, what was it like working with a veteran actor like Nicolas Cage?

AP: I am so excited for this film. I just saw the final cut, and it is shot really beautifully in my humble opinion – but how could it not be with cinematographer Andrzej Sekula and director Paco Cabezas! In the film I play Nicolas Cage’s daughter, and I go missing. Nicolas Cage plays Paul Mcguire, a man with a past, who delves back into his old life of crime in order to avenge what happens to poor little old me. And honestly, I cannot say enough good things about him. On top of getting to watch and learn from such an incredible actor, he was also so pleasant and fun to work with. He is really just a great guy, and I felt honored to work alongside of him.

JJJ: Lastly, any update on the Sharknado sequel and whether you’ll return?

AP: I actually just heard about the new cast, it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun! I don’t know whether I will return or not though, sorry, I guess you will have to wait and see!

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