Jennette McCurdy Fires Back on Twitter After Leaked Lingerie Pics

Jennette McCurdy Fires Back on Twitter After Leaked Lingerie Pics

Jennette McCurdy is not standing down after racy photos of her were leaked earlier this week.

The 21-year-old Sam & Cat star has taken to Twitter to call out the person responsible.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennette McCurdy

“To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor,” she tweeted.

Jennette added, “In related news, I’m blasting ‘Let It Go’ on repeat.”

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend, NBA star Andre Drummond, denies he had any involvement. “For all the speculations about leaking anything, I have nothing to do with it. I’m focused on basketball. Thank you,” he tweeted.

Stay strong, Jennette!

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  • Aleen

    It was obviously him… She talks about their relationship and the next day those pics are leaked? No coincidence at all. He’s a loser.

  • not-so-fast

    Why do people assume he’s the one who leaked them. She’s doing all the talking from start to finish and the photos don’t jive with the story. I think it easily could be a publicity based career move like so many other child stars shedding their images. This seems calculated. Not to mention that she’s more hurtful with her words than anyone else is with photos that are not that different from ones that she releases herself all the time. I think if she wanted to “get over it” as her tweet suggests, she’s more than a week too late and should have responded differently in her podcast. I think its clear she wasn’t over it or there is something else to the story because some of this doesn’t add up. She seems like a nice person (when not talking smack about others) but I can’t say I feel sorry for her, I’d feel a lot more sorry for Andre who seems to have operated sincerely and in good faith, aside from this event which this is no proof of at this time.

  • Warren

    I was hoping for nude pics. Jennette is a sexy woman!

  • xx

    @Aleen: the coincidence was waayyy too much of a coincidence so dont u think the timing is just too perfect for someone who has been civil the entire two weeks of the whole relationship? i think her team might of leaked it without her knowing after she blasted him on some radio show since it kinda backfired into jennette looking like the baddy. adds up dont it?

    Lingerie? How scandalous!!
    Please, I’ve seen Victoria Secret models reveal more skin this is nothing.

  • TwerkB

    This girl is a big b*tch and that guy she was with seems way too mature to do something this. Why would he? she was already the bad guy.

  • keN

    . . . I don’t know,, but me thinks AD didn’t send it.
    the fact remains,, it was a tasteful shot leaked to
    ALOT of interested fans and onlookers.
    (told you,,,hang on, this will get bumpy)
    “Gather round Frans, isn’t this fun?” ..keepbeingyou. .k

  • Sonny B

    Those pics are yummy.

  • crystal


    I agree

    It is suspicious, she has good body and the photos are not that scandal, even I think it was better for her and that it was all planned

  • scallywag

    Lesson for Jennette McCurdy hoping to retain her G sponsorship deals and God’s badge of good girl honor: cringe and sigh to abandon, at least you have a new legion of fans slowly glaring at your yummy parts

    So much for child actors that dare to break out their mould….

  • Ms Briggs

    You spelt ‘mold’ wrong.
    “Why do I smell bacon?”

  • Warren

    Anyway, Jennette has looked sexier than this before, the pics were good. I don’t know why the stars never learn that sexting never stays private, there is always a leak. Just don’t do it.

  • nunya

    Why would you send someone you dated for like two weeks pictures like that?

  • Kassandra Diller

    I think that Jennette is not involved in the leaked picture but she is so feel dispressed after leaked pics in the twitter.

  • Ms Briggs

    Kids, if pics don’t get leaked, then ?? what good is it even being a star?
    Exactly nunya, why would he post that pic of her, post-breakup? NOT!
    And Warren, no pics, no warren. What then? Back to gardening?
    She probably sent it to a friend who accidentally included the pic
    into a tweet between more friends and boom..this. It’s not uncommon
    that these things happen all the time in social media. Not a big deal.
    Did anyone see Fallon’s rendition of ‘Let It Go’ the other night? Funny.

  • Predator


    Or someone else saw the perfect opportunity to leak them and pass the blame on to Drummond?

  • Whatevs

    She is young, stupid, and a butterface in a business full of much better looking talent. Ride that infinitesimal fame wave while you can, JCurd. Lord knows it’s tough out there when you haven’t the right look.

  • brookehiveoer


  • Jess

    @Warren: Warren you’re a first class creep. No wonder you like Miley Cyrus.

  • Jess

    First of all, I’m sorry for Jennette McCurdy, who’s privacy has been violated. But the other messages we must take away from this are:
    1. Do not sext. It never ends well and you are setting yourself up for disaster.
    2. Especially do not sext when you are a famous TV actress. You should know that your nearly naked pics will be worth a lot of money and someone will try to exploit you.

    That is all.

  • Warren

    @Jess: UR the creepy 1. Using multiple user names and stalking people who like Miley. Not very original either, ’cause I already said what U said in #11.

  • northwoods

    It’s always the ex BF, even if he didn’t personally post it he sent it to someone who did. If he was that focused on basketball the pistons would have done better.
    Secondly if you think a guy isn’t gonna show risque pics of his ex i dont know who the f@#$ you are but you probably shouldn’t have kids.
    Sorry if i’m being harsh, but really, if i had a dollar for every guy i met who’s showed me nudes or risque pics of their ex i’d have about $50 right meow. Oh he’s too mature to do that? I call bullcrap on that, people are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling. Also the fact we live in america? yeah sounds like a stupid american tactic to pull on ones ex. If she wanted publicity she coulda just taken a pic of her smoking weed and half the country would give her a thumbs up.

  • northwoods

    Realy butterface? i mean lets be real here, either you live in a place that is made up of women who are 10′s or you’ve never seen a chick who’s got a lazy eye, eye’s too close together, has a wide jaw and longer underbite and one of her teeth is half the size as it’s counter-part. thats butterface sirs. Jennette’s face is like max 7 of 10 and i wouldn’t go any lower than a 5, +good personality.

  • Javier

    Learn from her mistake, you shouldn’t take those pictures. Anything you send through a mobile device or the internet can be leaked. Respect yourselves!

  • Kevin W.

    I for one did not see the picks. When you send someone pics you take a chance of them being put online. Don’t know who did it and don’t care who did it. She should follow the good example her good friend Ariana Grande sets. Hopefully Jennette will learn something from this.

  • lol


    umm maybe she should have kept her mouth shut? If anyone is a loser it’s her. Drummond is a future superstar in the NBA. Drummond is talented, She is lucky

  • Ms Briggs

    I just found a carp in my underpants.
    Should I broil it, or smoke it?
    Someone in this crowd should know.

  • Tunamelt

    Throw it back

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  • Kerfuffle

    The release of the photo may have nothing to do with the podcast she did with Pete Holmes or Andre’s involvement in any way. I dont pretend to know all the details, but it just might be coincidence these elements jelled together in this way. Afterall, it is the internet, hollywood and sports
    celebrities in the same room at the same time. Live and learn! Move on.
    I tried my best to ‘get thru’ Pete’s podcast several times, but ended bailing
    out to prevent melting my brain. This guy spews gratuitous bee-ess, bigtime. The mind-numbing dribble emanating from his cake-hole is
    bewildering at best. wow. Jennette was brave to endure this manipulated
    interview. She did say what she said, but many of her answers were
    coerced by the host to ‘juice up’ the program. Jennette, your not obligated to say anything your dont believe in, fully, for anyone.
    Your in the drivers seat now, steer around these ‘potholes’ girl.

  • mamamia

    How stupid is she? I allways was thinking she is different with the orthers, but het head is also empty wan it goes about sex. Pics are creapy, way to skinny. But the real bastard is AD, typical nigger that het hurt is ego.

  • mamamia

    she tolt that she was not herself during the relationship. Meaby she this pics was one of the things she meant with not being herself. I think AD fetcht over her to do this en now hes using it against her to take revanche for hurting his ego.

  • john parker

    I think of her ex bf involvement. More about her :

  • dirkaloo

    I would bet that Freddy Benson is feeling a little freddy rising in his pants..

  • http://FACEBOOK Richard King

    you know what you call 7 foot nigger like that, with a 10 foot spear. ……….SIR