Paris Smith Talks 'Every Witch Way' with JJJ!

Paris Smith Talks 'Every Witch Way' with JJJ!

Paris Smith opens up to JJJ about her show Every Witch Way in this brand new interview!

The young actress plays Maddie Van Pelt, a mean girl witch who happens to be the most popular girl in school.

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In case you don’t know, the show tells the story of a teenage girl named Emma (Paola Andino) who deals with moving to a new town, growing up and falling in love, all while realizing that she’s a witch.

It’s one of our favorite shows! Be sure to catch Paris on Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon, and check out our interview below!

JustJaredJr: What drew you to the role of Maddie? Is it fun playing the mean girl?

Paris Smith: I was drawn to the role of Maddie because she is a fashionista. We both love to go shopping and hang out with our friends. Yes, it’s really fun to play the mean girl because I’m very different from that in real life.

JJJ: If you could have one special power, what would it be and why?

PS: If I had a special power, I would want to be invisible. Then I could see everything Daniel and Emma are up to!

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JJJ: When did you start acting and what made you want to be an actress?

PS: I started acting when I was 7 years old. I have wanted to act since I was 4 years old. I wanted to act because I love to perform and realized at a very young age that I could make people laugh.

JJJ: Maddie and Emma don’t get along. Other than Daniel of course, why do you think they dislike each other so much?

PS: Maddie and Emma come from two very different worlds with two very different personalities. Maddie felt threatened by Emma, and did not want to lose her place as queen bee of her friends and school. She had her followers and wanted to keep it that way.

JJJ: If the show comes back for a second season, what are some things that you would like to see happen? Any dream guest stars?

PS: If the show comes back for a second season, I hope that Maddie gets her powers back and gets a dog. (Tea cup Maltese, of course!). It would be great if Ursula developed a relationship with Francisco, and for Beau to come back to Sophie. They really connected, and it was super fun watching them shoot their scenes. My ultimate dream guest star would have to be Ariana Grande. She’s such a talented singer and actress, and so pretty!

JJJ: What is your favorite on-set prop?

PS: My favorite props were the Iguana and the Hexoren. The iguana was very easy to work with and super cute. Who knew Iguanas were so professional! The Hexoren was a really cool book that was filled with pictures and spells and beautiful fonts.

JJJ: What is your most memorable moment from filming the show?

PS: My absolute favorite memory was filming the Anime party. We all loved getting dressed up in our crazy outfits. That hair and makeup took over 4 hours! We had such an awesome team.

JJJ: Who would you say you’re closest with on set?

PS: I love the whole cast, but I clicked especially with Sophie (Autumn). We used to make crazy fun videos in the pool and I would do her makeup!

JJJ: What are some of your hobbies when you’re not working?

PS: Some of my hobbies are dancing and singing. I write songs and released my first EP on iTunes. I also love to dance! I’m part of a competitive dance team. It’s super fun and the girls are great.

JJJ: Last question – For those people who haven’t tuned in yet, why should people watch Every Witch Way?

PS: People should watch EWW because everyone can relate to some aspect of the story. We experience things on the show that kids go through in real life.

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