Claire Holt Exits 'The Originals'

Claire Holt Exits 'The Originals'

Tonight’s episode of The Originals was Claire Holt‘s last as a series regular on The CW freshman series, can confirm.

According to our sources, the 25-year-old Aussie actress will not be returning to the show in the near future, but the door remains open for her to reprise her role in guest appearances if everything lines up. Though, nothing is in the works as of right now.

In tonight’s (March 11) episode, titled “Farewell to Storyville,” her character Rebekah drives off into the unknown after she was set free by her brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan). She also said goodbye to her love Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and told Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) to take care of her niece.

Rebekah was first introduced in the third season of The Vampire Diaries before heading to the French Quarter with her brothers for the spin-off series, which was already picked up for a second season by the network.

In case you missed it, check out our recent Just Jared Spotlight of the Week photo shoot and interview with Claire!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Claire Holt leaving The Originals?

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  • Mary

    this cannot be real. like no. just no.

  • Chosen One

    Omg just got back from work and I see this headline …

  • Holly

    I don’t understand how she can leave the show! She’s one of the main characters and is amazing! I’m so sad. I hope the show will continue to thrive. I love this show!

  • Trisha

    I’m so sorry to see her leave! I’ve followed this amazing original since the Vampire Diaries. She will be sorely missed, but I’m guessing she’s moving on to other projects. She’s a perfect Original.

  • Katherine

    OH HELL NO. SHE /CANNOT/ LEAVE D: I refuse to believe it. It might be a Rumour!!

  • Becky S

    What a fucking joke. What a fucking farce. The title of the show is “The Originals” not “The Orphan Wolf that Apparated Out of Thin Air to be a Baby Incubator.” How is one of the three remaining Original Family members “no longer needed as a series regular”?!?!? HOW.

    What a fucking joke.

  • Dani

    Well this is horrible and just unexpected. She was my favorite character on the show, besides Elijah. I loved her since the vampire diaries, I’m gonna miss her so much!

  • amoreluv21

    The only way they can fix this big mistake. is to bring Caroline (candice accola) into the show.. Rebekah was the ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL the first one introduced to the show. WTH cw this is just not right.. don’t be surprised if your ratings go down! i hope i can see her soon! i truly do. I LOVE YOU CLAIRE HOLT!!

  • Chris

    I’m not watching anymore!!! This is ridiculous!

  • Dana macaluso

    How can they have a show about ” the originals” if there are only 2 left? I love beks-please bring her back. The series will suffer without her.

  • Olivia

    Is this real life? I am officially so mad. She was such an amazing asset to this show. Especially being the only girl in the original vampires, showing true girl power and standing up for herself finally. Then she is gone? What the heck.

  • skarcosjr

    I am in shock. This can’t be real. She’s a main character and thus far has been a huge part of the show. I’m really upset about this and I hope that it’s now true.

  • Katie

    I cannot believe she did that. Why would she leave the originals? I really loved that show because she was on it.

  • IMO

    I love her and she was a great asset . Seriously sad :(

  • gemma

    Well, according to IMDB she will be back from episode 18 through the end of the series. So I have no idea where this information is coming from but I wouldn’t trust Buzzfeed…

  • bia

    This show is one of the best shows in cw, why would she leave?

  • Maddie

    @Becky S:

    WTF?! Thats just messed up! How can she leave?! If anyone should leave it should be Phoebe (after having the kid) I mean in comparison to Claire she doesn’t need to cause as the title suggest the main people need to stay aka Daniel, Joseph and Claire!
    They will probably make the show about Phoebe now since Claire is gonna leave! And if that happens Im not gonna watch the show!
    Its bad enough they killed off 2 of the Originals so the least they could do is keep the remaining originals!
    Won’t be the same without her!

  • Chereese

    NOOOOOO! she can’t be serious!!! I need an acceptable reason!!! :( the show now must be entitles LESS ORIGINALS! :(

  • Sad vamp

    i am heart broken, Claire, needs to come back to the series, Rebecca is my favorite character on the show! Please come back :*(

  • M

    WHYY??? This show is one of the best and why she should do thaaaaaat??? Why…

  • Jess

    They may as well call the show Elijah and Klaus now and not the Originals !!

  • Tamara


  • http://65_crystal Crystal Brown

    This doesn’t make any sense!!!! Why, leave the show when it is a hit? This, will bring the ratings down, look Claire is beautiful & sexy, & extremely well talented!!!!! Also, her character isn’t pregnant or suferring a form of psychosis like, Phoebe, Davina or the Priests neice!!!! Her, character is well rounded, just like Klaus & Elijah are!!!!!! Just, bring her back!!!! Cause from this point forward the show will suffer majorly & go down the tubes!!!!!!! Claire, please come back!!!!!!! You, are already, greatly missed, by all of your fans, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    NOT very original!!

  • Jessica

    I wish she would stay I really like her maybe she will return to vampire diaries and get with Matt I really would like to see her brother kol on some more shows as well I know he died on vampire diaries but that doesn’t matter I loved him on pll as well !!!

  • http://N/a Anon

    I thought the story is all about the originals they killed like the 2 original siblings built up Michael then just wacked him then a big build up w the original witch then poof then made Elijah disappear this show lost its appeal they are making the show all about angry KLause so sick of him and his revenge!

  • nfff

    Well that sucks. She is the best part of the show.

  • Michael Lui

    she had a good run as female lead and i hope to see her again, till then your’ll need to deal with my little stunning lovely wonderful hot fantastic baby princess as the greatest female lead of all time.

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