Claire Holt's Co-Stars React to Her Leaving 'The Originals'

Claire Holt's Co-Stars React to Her Leaving 'The Originals'

We’re still reeling from the shocking news that Claire Holt has exited The Originals as a series regular.

The 25-year-old actress’ on-screen brother Joseph Morgan immediately tweeted after the episode, “Really wonderful work by @MissClaireHolt in tonight’s #TheOriginals Very proud.”

“@MissClaireHolt amazing episode beautiful girl :)” their fellow co-star Leah Pipes added.

Meanwhile, executive producer Julie Plec has yet to comment on the departure, but teased something big before last night’s showing. “Just half an hour until the Tribunal of Rebekah Mikaelson. #TheOriginals. You will definitely, positively, not be able to guess how it ends,” she wrote.

She was right. We did not see that coming. We’ll miss you, Bex!

ARE YOU SAD about Claire Holt’s surprise exit from The Originals?

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  • Timiarah

    I was wondering why they wrote her out of the story like that. I am a little disturbed by her departure given the success of the show. Having two male Originals and one female Original was perfect. The show will be less balanced without Rebekah. I still love Klaus and Elijah, but there will be a hole without Rebekah.

    I liked the character, and I thought that Claire Holt played her perfectly. She had the perfect mix of sarcasm, toughness, and beauty. It’s a real shame she felt she had to leave.

  • Tee_K

    This is sad. I think the show is goin to do bad from now on. I love the show but her departure from it is totally going to mess everything up. She made the show exciting and balanced it out. I love actress Claire Holt, and the character Rebekah was bloody amazing.

  • eternalozzie

    there is going to be a hole in the show going forward …

  • Pascale

    I don’t get it….. you don’t get rid of a main character in the first season like that… Not when a great one…. Unless she ends up in Mystic Falls with Matt… lol

  • Peekaboo

    Nooooooo I love her :( Whyyyyy why whyyyy :(

  • Ice

    This is sad. I like Claire Holt and her character Rebekah Mikaelson.. She’s one of the 2 reasons I watch the show.. I will really miss her in the show and her banter with Klaus.. And to be honest, I was hoping that her storyline would come across Stefan ( I ship them so much! ).. But now..

  • yorkieteacher

    I am very confused and disappointed!!! Why hype the three main characters and then have one leave the show before the season is over??? Rebekah is a strong female character and a good mix with both Klaus and Elijah. I am worried that the show will go downhill from here. Davina has gone crazy and I’m not sure that Cami and Hayley will be interesting enough characters to hold my attention.

  • Jay

    Why is everyone freaking out!?

    BE HAPPY!!!

    She can COME BACK in the FUTURE!

    Whereas, if they just KILLED her character off, they wouldn’t really be able to use her in the ‘future’ and only be able to use her in flashbacks (like they have to do with Mikael played by Sebastian Roche).

    I doubt they will have her gone forever. At least, she is still ‘alive’ and it leaves the door open for her to come back!

  • Was

    Honestly, don’t think I’ll be following the show anymore now that Claire is gone. Though I think Morgan does a great job playing Klous, I can’t stand his character honestly, to much spazzing out for my taste. She was the counter balance to his madness despite her flaws, and now she’s gone. Elijah, with out having a sister to cater to, is now going to be a whipping boy for Klous, anything to save and redeem his little brother, is all he’s going to be doing. The two of them vs. the witches, no thanks.

  • Kenzie

    I think this will be an improvement. The only real motivation of Rebekah is her desire to find love, which is boring and kind of anti-feminist. There are plenty of other interesting female characters on the show who are more complex and can fill that hole no problem. Klaus and Elijah are much more fleshed-out as characters and interesting to watch. I think The Originals will do just fine as a brother vs brother vs the world story. Also, don’t forget, there’s another female original family member on the way.

  • Jan van Es (@Jan_van_Es)

    I’m heartbroken. I’m wondering if The Originals will continue doing great after this.

  • mike

    she will be missed that’s why I have been watching The Originals program in the first place.

  • molly

    I was so UPSET she left the show, I will be completely fine if she ends up in Mystic Falls. Two female characters were just killed off of the Vampire Diaries, Katherine being a HUGE one, so they need another strong female, Rebekah is just that plus Matt needs a girl. Although the storyline is that she left and wasn’t killed off, she can return. Also her relationship with her brothers has been mended (for now) so she can always return. Please bring her to TVD!!!!!!!

  • Terry

    The Originals had quickly taken the place of TVD as my favorite vampire show, because of the possible love story between Hayley and Elijah, the possibility that Rebekah and Marcel would finally be able to be together, and even the possibility that Klaus might go to Mystic Falls again to romance Caroline and convince her to come to The Originals for a love match there too. But how can The Originals keep that name with just two Originals left? Rebekah was a key player in this show. She was a necessary component. I’m very disappointed that Claire Holt decided to leave. She was just so good in this role, and this character was so important to the show! Even though the actors are very good (especially Joseph Morgan!), I don’t know how this essential character loss can be compensated for!

  • kATIE

    I definitely did not see this coming…I’ve seen all of Claire Holt’s interviews and she seemed so happy to have a show more focused around her, so her character had more screen time to develop. I will keep watching the Originals but it won’t be the same without her.

    It reminds me of how Claire didn’t return for the third season of H2O: Just Add Water. (Which was terrible)

    I’ve heard different reasons why she left. I’ve heard some people and websites say that it was a producers decision but others say she didn’t want to live in Atlanta anymore. I think it would make more sense if Claire chose to leave but I’ll wait to see if she tweets/does an interview about her departure.

  • Laylay

    I cannot even continue to watch. Daniel will be on Saving Hope next season for the beginning, how will they explain that? Rebekah my favorite girl in the Quarter and the only one who can act is gone. Phoebe Tonkin, Leah Pipes can’t act and are annoying as hell. That new red headed witch is just plain pathetic. They’re killing of Kieran another great character. They got rid of Sophie who I liked. Really what is left of this show to watch? I didn’t sign up for this. At least the Vampire Diaries is picking up again and still have most of their core cast and I love Enzo. Oh Julie Pec you really have ruined everything. Joseph Morgan never should have been allowed his own show. She should have stayed on course.

  • westcoastsunset

    She has a history of doing this, whether it is her decision or not, I can’t say. But she left H20 Just Add water after 2 seasons also. I suspect she wants to do movies instead of stay on a TV show for 7 years, Supposedly, that is why she left H20 Just Add water.’

    Don’t know if I will continue to watch, I only really liked her character.

  • westcoastsunset


    I agree. Klaus as a character isn’t much more evolved than an evil villain from some comic book.

  • sam

    soon the show will be called the original .
    they killed Kol and Rebekah is leaving :(
    at least find way to bring Kol back

  • http://jcandrea28 batchie07

    after watching the episode it didnt occur to me that she will left.for good…just now i check in and it still hasnt sink yet…im still hoping she will be back…Please have her back it will never be the same without her…i only love the three of them as mikaelson…i dont want finn or kol….please REBEKKAH be back

  • Rich

    The Originals have dropped on my list of shows to watch by Claire’s departure. The two Aussies are what brought me to the show in the first place. I hope Claire pops up somewhere else. The show now drops on my priority watch list, but if Phoebe ever leaves I’ll be done with the show completely. Bring Claire back if you can.

  • Michael Lui

    farewell to one outstanding aussie in Claire and hello to the best one left to fill her void fitting. Cheers to the lovely wonderful baby princess of mine Phoebe Tonkin.