Crystal Reed Speaks Out: Why She Left 'Teen Wolf'

Crystal Reed Speaks Out: Why She Left 'Teen Wolf'

JJJ is still reeling over Allison’s shocking death on Teen Wolf last night and wondering just why actress Crystal Reed left.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the 29-year-old actress opened up about her decision.

“I love the art. And I felt like, creatively, there were things I wanted to do differently, and I wanted to explore other avenues of film and TV,” Crystal explained. “I wanted to jump into different characters. You know, I’m 29. So I think the age difference was something I wanted to change as well because she’s 17. I love the show so much. So I went to Jeff [Davis] and talked about it and he said, ‘We’ll write you a great ending.’”

Crystal continued, “It was really difficult [to leave]. The last week was really hard because I have spent so much time with these people and with the crew and with the cast. I didn’t expect for it to be as difficult as it was. I remember driving to do a scene, we were supposed to shoot in Long Beach, and I was crying the entire way and I remember calling Jeff and saying, ‘I don’t think I can do this. I don’t think I can let her go.’ And he said, ‘It’s going to be great’ and said the most beautiful things to me. Still, it was really difficult. It’s so hard for me to say goodbye to her. I really love her.”

ARE YOU SAD that Allison is gone from the show?

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Chris @ 5:36 pm on 03/18/2014

I’m heartbroken. They lost a truly wonderful and strong female character. I’m really gonna miss seeing Crystal on Teen Wolf.

asdfwerf @ 6:14 pm on 03/18/2014


WOLFPACK @ 8:27 pm on 03/18/2014

I cant believe she left the show… She will be missed very much. But i hope next season she comes back.

vanillachae @ 8:34 pm on 03/18/2014

i loved it

khris @ 9:01 pm on 03/18/2014

I love crystal reed shes amazing i cried when she diedand i will miss her forever i hope she comes back and i hope no one else dies

khris @ 9:02 pm on 03/18/2014

Love u crystal reed

Asadperson @ 10:02 pm on 03/18/2014

I cant deal with this im so depressed please come back crystal it hasnt even been 24 hours and im not even myself .

Abby @ 10:15 pm on 03/18/2014

NO CRYSTAL HOW COULD YOU!!! Your only 29 and there’s still plenty of opportunity for you and the show. I started watching last week and loved it!! More people continue to love it and there’s no show without you!!!! This happened in the old tv show being human, they killed off 3/4 main characters, once the one leaves the rest go gradually like leaves on a tree. You haven’t even made 4 seasons yet!!!! Plus Kira’s character isn’t even close to good enough. She needs to be resurrected or something, it’s a terrible choice to leave something your so good at and love. You have great talent and might find more opportunities but only half of the actors/actresses that leave tv shows like this are ever seen again, stick to what you’ve got! WE NEED U!

nikki @ 11:27 pm on 03/18/2014


You’re right on with this one.

Carol Mullins @ 12:36 am on 03/19/2014

We will certainly miss Allison, but the fact of life is that actors do choose to move on eventually and we need to respect Crystal’s choice. Good luck in whatever future riles you choose.

Daniela @ 1:06 am on 03/19/2014

I’m very sad Crystal left the show. I was wishing she’ll get back together with Scott. Please come back Crystal, the show needs you!!

shina @ 6:19 am on 03/19/2014

i never wish allison should leave the show,but it is what she want she also have her reasons for leaving and i really respect that..i love allison argent.

k @ 6:27 am on 03/19/2014

not a fan of teen wolf, but I love crystal reed. k

night magic @ 6:43 am on 03/19/2014

i cant believe such a important character is gone and the she wanted to leave the show .im in shock !

shine @ 7:17 am on 03/19/2014

I hope they bring her back because its not going to be the same with out Allison . we understand that she wanted to leave the show so we all got to support her people ….

amir @ 7:25 am on 03/19/2014

oh alison was very great in teen wolf
what film will she act?

amir @ 7:26 am on 03/19/2014

please come back crystal

sam @ 10:48 am on 03/19/2014

man, am i sad???? , i cried lyk a bloody baby….wonder wat season 4 will luk lyk

Laura @ 6:54 pm on 03/19/2014

Well..what can I say… You all know what happened to The O.C when main character Marissa was killed off the show.

anon @ 9:39 pm on 03/19/2014

@asdfwerf: if you want to avoid spoilers, stay off the internet until you watch the show!

khris @ 8:21 am on 03/20/2014


khristian @ 8:22 am on 03/20/2014

Hey nicki

khristian @ 8:29 am on 03/20/2014

Hey nicki is that u

Skylar @ 5:38 pm on 03/21/2014

I’m really going to miss Crystal on Teen Wolf. She was so amazing and awesome on the show! Allison’s death scene brought me to tears. Allison was one of my favorite characters on the show…
But, I do understand that she would want to be in other movies and TV shows…
You will be missed Crystal… <3 <3 <3 <3

Allisonmccall @ 11:43 pm on 03/22/2014

Whyd you have to leave like nnoooo, you were the only reason I watched the show, you need to get ressurected… Please Kira may be pretty but in no comparison to you, you’re perfect you fit the role and made the show a hit noooo you are Scotts anchor. Heeee luvvv you please im bawlin my eyes out right now.

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