Lucy Hale Teases Possible Love Triangle for 'PLL' Season 5

Lucy Hale Teases Possible Love Triangle for 'PLL' Season 5

Lucy Hale steps to the beat with her beats by Dre headphones on Friday afternoon (March 21) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress stopped by the gym after grabbing an iced coffee earlier in the morning.

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“That’s why I’m excited about Season 5 because I know absolutely nothing about what we’re going to shoot, but now that Alison is back in the picture, who knows?” Lucy dished about the possible love triangle between Aria, Alison and Ezra.

She added, “Anything is possible. I’d be down for a little love triangle – a little cat fight between Aria and Alison.”

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  • Julia

    the perfection <3

  • Kate

    Well seeing as how Ezra is dead I doubt there will be a love triangle. The whole series is getting silly so I quit!

  • Erin

    @Kate: How is Ezra dead? He got shot, and not in his heart nor his head. You won’t know if he survives until next season, and if Lucy is talking about a love triangle then chances are he’ll survive this gunshot wound. On another note, I don’t see how their COULD be a love triangle considering Ezra never loved Allison, but he did claim to love Aria. He was with Allie for like a minute, never slept with her and then became obsessed with the mystery around her “murder”. He had a “real” (using that term loosely since he’s a lying liar who lies) relationship with Aria. If there’s a triangle, I can only imagine it being a lust thing with Allie and therefore it won’t last. Also, I don’t see Aria putting up a fight to be with Ezra all things considered. I would rather see him with Aria though. I could see Allie with that guy Ashley Benson doesn’t want to be involved with on the show anymore.

  • Josh

    pretty little liars is getting boring first I thought it was a good show but then I got bored of seeing it because they only talking about Alison’s death in the couple first 2 seasons I’m tired of Alison’s death. Its not that good of a show I mean it could be better than an other episode sometimes but besides that its pretty boring when they are trying to find out stuff about Alison’s death. I know I mentioned death so freakin much but I don’t care its not a a good show anymore I don’t watch it becuz of the stupid beginning episodes. There’s not gonna be a “love triangle” its a stupid title anyway

  • LOL

    That’s definitely not going to happen… Alison and Emily will become a major thing next season. They’ve been setting up for this for a while. With paige out of the picture its definitely greenlit. Plus, they spent the last few episodes of the season redeeming Ezra’s character in Aria’s eyes (“hoping to save his relationship with Aria” as Alison informed the liars in the final episode)… its highly unlikely THIS is the love triangle we will see. A Paige, Emily and Alison love triangle is more probable.

  • nasiya

    ezra is not dead , im guessing you havent seen the spoilers for next season .

  • ccloo

    This headline is so misleading. Lucy Hale, said she literally knows nothing about what they are going to shoot. just another way journalists are creating their own stories out of nothing

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