Taylor Swift Visits Children at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Taylor Swift Visits Children at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Taylor Swift cuddles with one lucky patient inside the children’s wing at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City over the weekend.

The 24-year-old musician was reportedly only scheduled to stay at the hospital for one hour, but she stayed for more than four and a half hours instead. So awesome of her!

Watch a video below of Taylor meeting with Shelby Huff, who is currently receiving a life saving clinical trial at the cancer center.

Taylor is also pictured arriving at the Baryshnikov Arts Center on Monday morning (March 24).

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift

Tayor Swift Visits Shelby Huff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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Photos: Twitter, INFPhoto
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  • Bea

    Lucky patient? Sorry but NO. What’s lucky about tthe situation of those kids? I think what she did is really cute, and I really love Taylor, but they’re going through a really hard disease and it’s just not right to say they’re lucky because of a picture with Taylor Swift. I hope all the kids in there get well as soon as possible.

  • marie

    Taylor visits sick children a lot, especially the pediatric cancer patients. what an Angel…

  • Amanda

    ! Jennifer Lawrence visited a young cancer hospital too last Christmas and Jennifer did not take pictures of herself at the hospital, the people at the hospital did and a lot of people were still saying that it was a PR stunt. But when Taylor a.k.a “Americas Sweetheart” does it, it’s not a PR stunt? This is what I call bias and jealousy. We should be happy that both Jennifer and Taylor care about the sick patients.

  • jay j

    This is all for show. It’s annoying how Taylor Swift still keeps talking about herself endlessly and won’t ask much about the life of the little kid. She thinks she’s so funny but she’s not.

  • emery

    This is PR stunt. Taylor is obviously enjoying getting all the attention and talking much about herself. I’m still in disbelief why so many teenagers like her. She’s so self-centered.

  • bbbbbb

    Her accent is annoying.

  • amy

    Lucky? really? just because they got a picture with taylor swift? These kids are sick… does meeting taylor swift makes them ‘lucky’? is taylor swift a god or something? cos media talks about her like some sort of miracle to the dying world.

  • Guardian

    Amanda and [jay j, emery, bbbbbb, amy] – It is sad you two are filled with so much sadness, meanness, angst, and insecurity. Please try to find happiness in life for yourself and others. There you will find life is a fun place to be.

  • lv

    FYI haters, she didn’t tweet about it, uploaded pictures,… The kids or their parents did, so Taylor doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the pictures are all over the internet now. So it’s not a PR stunt!
    She’s a global superstar, there are good Tumblr blogs that always find the latest picture of her ans share it, so what did you expect to happen?

  • IMO

    Thanks to any celebrity who takes a little time to brighten up the day of these children that are so ill. It does help and makes them happy and a picture is the memory hopefully for them and their families. The patients are the heroes to go through the sometimes very painful medical treatments needed . Whatever the outcome is for them God bless them always.

  • Ciara

    Of course she didnt tweet about it or st but her team did ok?

  • Savi

    not taylor or her team that tweet or uploaded pics. THE KIDS PARENTS AND FAMILY DID okay. haters always hate. they live behind Taylor back lol LONG LIVE TAY!