Zac Efron Punched in Face in Skid Row Attack

Zac Efron Punched in Face in Skid Row Attack

Zac Efron was unfortunately in a very scary situation over the weekend when he reportedly got punched in the face during an attack in the skid row area of Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

The 26-year-old actor and his bodyguard told cops that arrived at the scene that they had run out of gas and were sitting in their car waiting for a tow truck. While waiting, they threw a bottle out of the window of the car and it happened to smash on the pavement near a group of “transients.”

The group of people came over to the car to confront them as they thought the bottle was being thrown at them. The bodyguard then got attacked by two of the guys so Zac got out of the car to help, but then got punched in the mouth.

“It was the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life,” Zac said to the cops. No one was arrested as the cops felt it was a mutual combat.

Despite the fight, Zac‘s face was looking pretty perfect on Tuesday (March 25) when he filmed a sketch for a secret project alongside Neighbors co-star Seth Rogen and football player Aaron Rodgers. The photo was tweeted (then deleted) by a producer who does stuff for MTV, so perhaps it was a skit for the MTV Movie Awards?

Click inside to see the photo of Zac Efron taken after the fight…

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  • Ok

    I really want to hear more about this story first.

  • Ok

    He really does look great in the pic. from yesterdady

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    Omg I just saw the TMZ version of this! -> I’m speechless! I hope Zac is okay! I don’t want him to go downhill again!he has made so much change in his life for the better.

  • Ok

    @Amoore I hope we hear a denial from Zac’s team on tis soon. I’m not believing TMZ at all right now.

  • xx

    oh snap…hope hes ok i absolutely hate fights/attacks and getting punched would make me cry in seconds.

  • Marissab

    I have no idea what they would even be doing on Skid Row, but I have a very bad feeling that they were waiting on something, it just wasn’t a two truck.

  • Ok

    Love you Zac. hope to hear from your team soon.
    Just remember The “T” in “TMZ” does not stand for TRUE.

  • andrea

    Stop believing everything you read online, TMZ is full of crap. If Zac was so wasted, like they said the cops wouldn’t had left without arresting anybody

  • Why?

    @andrea: thank you, the cops wouldn’t have let him go if he was intoxicated, they would have arrested him on the spot.

  • Ok

    No one loves Zac more than I do. They would of arrested Zac if he had been intoxicated and driving. No one was arrested So I assume that part was wrong. (Unless the bodyguard was sober and driving).
    I do not believe Zac was intoxicated and his team needs to jump on this right away.

  • tamara

    Just because Zac wasn’t arrested doesn’t mean he wasn’t drunk. You can drink all you want and won’t be arrested if you were not the one driving. Zac could have easilly said he wasn’t driving and the guy he was with was.

  • andrea

    @tamara: Yes, but in a neighborhood like that, they would have make him a blood test, or something like that. Someone intoxicated, could have been easily blamed to have started the fight. An no charges were pressed, so i don’t think he was drunk or on drugs. Otherwise, the story would been different.

  • Leilani

    Skid Row??? Seriously? This kid is going on a spiral again. Sad!!!

  • Ok

    People Mag. is reporting LA. Police Dept. has no record of this incident.

  • Use your brain

    @Ok: They don’t have a report of the incident because no arrests were made. Efron is n serious trouble , not with the law but in his own life. If your blind to see that , wake up he still needs help. BTW he should have been arresting for littering. That was a idiot move throwing a glass bottle in a shady area, what did he expect?

  • Ok

    @Use your brain Your right Zac should of been at least ticketed for littering . (That would be a repord) There was a fight an a disturbance of the peace. They would have a record of that (And all the names of those involved) in case something turns up later.
    I will wait to see if his team says before I judge him.
    If I think he needs help I will be the first to say I hope he gets it.

  • IMO

    Stay Strong Zac. When you fall , take care of the injury and just get back up with your head held high. Look ahead , learn from the past mistakes and try not to repeat them. Wishing you the best always.

  • k

    his last drug dealer died not long ago so u know tough times lead to this

  • owl

    if thats the hardest hes ever been hit that mustve been a strong hobo. i wonder how many fights zac has got in to know the clock was that bad

  • shanghai

    True or not I seriously worry for Zac and hope he can stay away from the drugs and alcohol but he needs good people around him to make that happen.

  • Mll

    Really hope he hasn’t relapsed. He seemed like he was getting things back together.

  • jimmy woo

    So much for his rehab. I wouldn’t trust him in my movie anymore.

  • haven

    He is clearly on drugs. And a homeless person beat him up. Sad.
    Those who care will urge him to get help.