Meet The New Mindless Behavior Member - EJ! (Exclusive)

Meet The New Mindless Behavior Member - EJ! (Exclusive)

When JJJ heard the mumblings of Mindless Behavior going down to three members late last year, we didn’t want to believe it, but it was true.

Now, we’re so excited to exclusively announce the new member of the band, who will join Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc RoyalEJ!

Hailing from Detroit, the 16-year-old musician, who has been friends with the band for a long time, joined the group earlier this year after starring as Simba in the touring production of The Lion King when he was younger.

“I am living my dream and being a part of this project has been amazing and a true blessing! I plan to do big things with these guys! I am so grateful for the opportunity,” EJ tells JJJ.

Stay tuned for brand-new music from MB coming soon!

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  • http://@trendyladycarly CarlyMschf

    I love Mindless Behavior!! EJ please make us(TM) proud& welcome to the band!! Mucha love for you Prod i miss u so much in the band!!???

  • ChiTownShawty

    EJ Is Cute ! Prod Will Forever Be Missed But Its A MTB Thing So It Can’t Juss Stop . EJ Rep Detroit And Show TM Whaa Hannen !

  • Vanessa

    Welcome to the MB team and family????????????

  • Venice

    We’ll love you as our original members. I’ll give you a try but I like the new Mindless Behavior

  • amber

    omg new group. alright i wonder if he sings good as prog

  • Venice

    I love you already. Your voice is dope, EJ. I can’t wait for the new album.????????

  • Kennedy

    This was very unexpected… I hope he can sing well, because if he can’t it kinda defeats the whole purpose… Still a fan, though. Good luck!


    EJ is cute, cant wait for new music from mb! (jumps around)

  • aaliyah

    Looks like Wikipedia is going to have to update their page.I think E.J. will be a nice fit, Prodigy a.k.a. Craig is going to still be remembered.

  • Ariona

    Welcome ej you have a nice voice and I hope you have as much fun in the band as prod did

  • Lil deuce

    He can have a good voice, but he’ll never have nothing on Prodigy .. I’m gonna miss Prod .. I was devastated when I found out he left MB .. Now they replaced him .. I feel like its just a little fake group now .. I like the REAL Mindless Behavior .. And only the REAL Mindless Behavior .. Gonna miss you Prodigy !! I hate that you left but I guess what happens, happens .. Don’t like the idea of Mindless Behavior without the ALL boys that grew up together .. Still gonna miss you .. Ej can dance and sing all he wants but won’t have nothing on Prod .. I’m still supporting MB and Prodigy’s solo career tho .. I think both will go far .. Love yall !

  • Ariel Olivia

    I’m so glad EJ is in the group . He can sing better than Prod no offense . I think MB will go as far as Prod will go with their carrers . I support them 100% I was so happy when they announced EJ being in the group , I am gonna miss Prod tho but it’s whatever . I wish the best of luck for Prod . And i’m so excited to hear what MB has to bring for us this year .

  • karine
  • http://Website Arwa

    At least there IS a new member in mb otherwise no sensations or albums not even TOURS!!! You wouldn’t want that would you

  • morgan

    thank god they didnt end the band and kept doing what they are doing! i cant wait to hear a song from them!! Plus he is really cute. but he is so young

  • anoh

    welcome hope u have a lot of great time with the boyz & realy loving your voice bt really missng prodigy tho….bt good luck love you MBbt mostly prince….

  • anoh

    welcome hope u have a lot of great time with the boyz & realy loving your voice bt really missng prodigy tho….bt good luck love you MB bt mostly prince….

  • http://@SpartaLifes15 Ashanti (LilSparta)

    i miss Prod but EJ looks like a great addition to MB. Make TM proud EJ.

  • ivy baby g

    yes there might be A NEW GUY in mindless behavior ,havent heard him sing bt all comments are loving his voice..i loved mindless behaviour with prodigy now tht his gone i havent been so mch interested and thought jacob latimorewas going to join..anyway all am sayng i’ll support you guyscoz i still love yall and welcome to Ej…and hope prod and m.b success in their carrie I LoVE YALL

  • mikki

    Prodigy was my favorite. But, I’m not blind to the fact that EJ can sing way better then Prod. Prodigy is a dancer that can “sing.” Elijah is a Real singer that can dance. Say what you want but, MB will go far without Prod. I wish Prod the best but, I don’t really know about his solo career. He doesn’t have a good enough voice to have even went solo to begin wit. He has no range and no control. He was also the least like one in the group. I sorry I just don’t see it for Prodigy as a solo artist. But the best of luck to him.

  • http://@erica_cross ericka

    happy to have u join my #1 band in all America LOVE YOU GUY

  • http://@princefredrick bossboy4

    Ericka shut onion ring head ahh up. that new boy ugly. I prefer prod better than anybody. ej makes me puke in my trashcan. mb aint my fav nomoe

  • http://Love_marlyn_monroe/wattpad Allahniyabish

    I’m so happy for ej and mb beacuse I think that they can go way farther with ej and without prod but I wish prod the best of luck with his solo carrer

  • Leah

    He Better Not Screw This Up. Prod Can’t Be Replaced So Easily To Me.

  • http://facebook imdabay123!!!!

    she stupid and dum

  • http://facebook imdabay123!!!!

    omg! did u look at ray ray arms

  • lynita


  • http://tumbir ashanti

    He better not screw this up because they really do not want him there any way because princeton told Ej that he not going to be there for long

  • Lluvia Medrano

    I love your guys song!! i love roc royal!;) but what happend to u guys!????

  • http://twitter Zariya

    Awwe he so cute….! Have fun w/ MB !!!

  • http://twitter Zariya

    Awwe he cute ! Have funn on MB !

  • Welcome to the group EJ I am si happy for you #_#

  • zmoney_mindless

    I absolutely hope that he is gonna be a good singer, he gonna need to stepup hid game bbecause this ain’t kids bop anymore, welcome tho EJ:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) –:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) —-:-) -:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) B-) :-D

  • http://twitter lashaelynn

    welcome to the group this is a great group to be in the help each other great but sometime they will get you bad they are silly i watch every video of mindless behavior so i know all about them so i hope you do great and yall new song is turn up and One more thing.DONT FORGET TO THAT #NAE NAE TURN UP MB DONT EVER TURN DOWN UP BYE LOVE YALL ALL BYE AND CAN YALL COME TO MY BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR DEC 19 PLEASE HOPE YOU SEE THIS MESSAGE GOD AND JESUS LOVE YALL FROM A FAN THAT LOVE YALL ALL THE WAY UNTIL I LIVE

  • http://No Kayla Smith

    I liked prodigy but he just had to leave the group it was better with him then stupid EJ.!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://keara123@yahoo/ keara

    yall all need to shutup about miley cyrus and stop hating on her she did nothing to yall so yall need to shutup and stop hating on her!!!!!!!

  • http://keara123@yahoo/ keara

    i LOVE mindless behavior they are my best group i like their songs their personality(from what i have seen). they are very cute(all of them).they make me smile.

  • http://keara123@yahoo/ keara

    ur stupid nobody is stupid

  • http://Website Darsheal

    I love mindless behavior and Ej welcome to the band

  • http://mindlesslee143 dopee-lee

    welcome EJ hope u enjoy being with them mindless boyz nd i hope mindless behavior comes to south africa one day

  • http://google selena

    prodigy will be missed always but we have a new group member be good to this group we love yall foreva peace out homies

  • Justina

    I’mma miss u prodigy

  • Tawanda Matthews

    I love which I’m so happy prodigy left he ugly but which wow can’t wait til Igo to they consert

  • http://instagram maliyah

    I what prodigy back not ej is ugly I like prodigy

  • yamiah westmoreland

    imgonna miss prod but roc is still my fav ej good luck every one when are yall mking a new album

  • http://@rubyhilton elle browyn

    I am glad ej homo cuz ma luv still be for the group always..once teammindless always teammindless..gotta adjust peeps n if u have any regard for my boys y’all haters gotta take yo hate elsewhere… for prod I loved ya dude but that was not a well thot out plan…wish ya luck n will always be teamprod….wagwan…

  • http://@Angelonuora Angel

    I love MB,and I sure will miss prodigy in the group goodluck to him. Personally I think Elijah has got nothing on Prodigy,I mean he’s good but…naah.

  • http://facebook florah so happy for yu jjj

  • jewel

    welcome to the group and I hope you guys continue to make your also music

  • m88 wap

    You have to write this things more.At this time there