Zac Efron Attends Lakers Game with Halston Sage!

Zac Efron Attends Lakers Game with Halston Sage!

Zac Efron is joined by his Neighbors co-star Halston Sage attending the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks game held at the Staples Center on Friday evening (April 4) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actor seemed to be having a blast while cheering on the home team.

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Zac and Halston shared some very intimate time on the set of their movie almost a full year ago. Make sure to check out the photos of the young stars kissing for a party scene!

Neighbors will be released in theaters everywhere on May 9, so definitely check it out.

20+ pics inside…

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Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: GC Images, WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • ANYA

    Really Jared, some very intimate time? Looks like it’s his style to hook up with co stars, did with Amanda, Taylor Schilling, Maika now Halston. Well we know who he is, also we know his movie is just starting promotional time. Ohhh they are becoming a thing, that’s why the very intimate part was written here. What a great way to start promo
    Thumbs up Zac, you just got all the media to take notice of you, again


    te amo, hermoso!


    te amo

  • Ok

    Zac you look great !!! Dylan too!!!! Halston is a cutie.

  • Ok

    You should of said it was for a scene. Don’t try to sensationalize things like the rag mags.

  • Ok

    Can’t wait to see “Neighbors”. Zac looks great here.

  • Lawrence

    Damn that man is fine! and so is his bro.

  • Ok

    The only tattoo I ever liked is the one Zac has. Hated the TOLO and glad he had it removed.

  • Ok

    “Neighbors” is going to be so great!!!!

  • Ok

    The hottest man in the universe!!!!!!

  • Ok

    Some of the best pic. of Zac I have ever seen. He looks so happy. Love you Zac.

  • Damage control

    Damage control for sure,. This takes eyes off his negative press. If he gets some sex its just a bonus plus for him. . Now her (poor girl) she should run as fast as she can in the opposite direction. He is nothing but trouble with a capital T. Not to mention she opened herself up to scutiny, paps ,and hate from fans who think she isnt good enough. We wont even go with his reputation for banging less than steller women. (Lindsey, three ways with Strippers,Pheed druggie girls, etc ) STDs coming your way young lady.

  • Lauren901

    @damage control
    What you said is little much, but it wouldt go as far to what you said, but easily this is promo for neighbors and prolly a distraction from all the negative press of the skid row scandal and etc, also I don’t think zac is even friends with Phil anymore so no need to bring up that,

  • Had to post this

    this is from JJ from a poster named chris who say said it perfect.

    This has nothing to do with Zac being gay which he isnt and everything to do with promotion and damage control. Killing two birds with one stone is what theyre accomplishing here. Im not some internet troll trying to cause a stir. Im simply trying to put it into a logical perspective.

    The incriminating details of Zacs Skid Row incident leaked on March 27th. 4 days later on the 31st, Zac is papped having lunch with his personal assistant and publicists assistant. Planning this little Laker outing no doubt. 5 days later hes at the Laker game. After 9 days of the world questioning his health and sobriety, hes seen with a shiny new toy. Shes so shiny that shell grasp the attention of the world long enough to make them forget Skid Row ever happened. And what else? Put more focus on Zacs movie coming out May 9th, which Halston is also in.

    Despite having a pretty big scene of hers cut from the final edition (the one scene where her and Zac kiss), Halston still has a relatively big role in Neighbors for an up and coming actress (although almost every one of her scenes are with Dave Franco & Rose Byrne). Not only do these pictures give fuel to the reporters and interviewers who will be surrounding Zac in upcoming weeks for promo, but they also give Halston a nice little PR boost herself so that her new NBC show Crisis which premiered 11 days before Zacs Skid Row story can get a little more attention as well. Before Halston left to shoot Crisis in Chicaco in February, she had herself a little outing with Chord Overstreet at the pap-infested Grove on a Friday night in January not exactly a place two celebrities want to be, but I guess when youre C-listers its vital.

    Without this outing with Halston, Zac would have gone into Neighbors promo with a dirty slate. Every reporter and interviewer would have been focused on the Skid Row story, asking if hes doing ok, and etcetera. Now with these fresh photos, interviewers can pry all they want about his pretty blonde co-star that hes now linked to. Hell give his adorable crooked smile and give a coy reply with a shrug of his shoulders. Say what you want about Zac, but hes a great actor, and he plays his parts well.

    Many people will call me a hater after reading this post. Im not. Actually, Im quite fond of Zac. Ive been following his career since Hairspray and I think he will continue to go far. Say what you want, but the guy has had tremendous success and he is just beginning. I think hes an all-around great guy as well. What Im simply saying here is that hes playing the game, and hes getting quite good.

  • LOL

    What’s funny is she looks like a female Austin Butler.

  • lauren

    @ had to post this
    i read what your just reposted, but it sounds like everything is planned out.

  • kelly martineau

    Zac is having fun. Those two should go out together. Zac needs a girlfriend to get him out more. Zac looks good.

  • tree

    Zac you beautiful beautiful human being

  • LOL

    @kelly martineau: Your not gonna call her big lips , she looks just like Austin butler. Your not gonna hate ? Hmmm the truth is now out about you.

  • claudia

    People are making this such a big deal! Why?? I’m pretty sure they’re not even dating (well, i thing they don’t) They’re just firends hanging out.. ANd he was with Dylan… JJ is like saying it was a date.. He was with his brother and another friend..

    Love you Zac! <3
    Can't wait for Neighbors!

  • lauren

    well have you heard the zac news within the last two weeks or not? he’s kinda in some scandal right now?

    also did u read jared’s title? they are both in neighbors hence coming out in weeks.

  • Norah

    Sure Zac isn’t attending the game with the lad on his right, rather the gal on his left? Press hasn’t been in Zacs favor so off to a B-ball game with a free set of tickets.

  • Mmh!

    @Lauren, i really love Zac but i hate your comments sorry they’re so naive i can’t handle it.

  • Ok

    @Norah Zac was with the guy on the right, his brother (Dylan)was to the right of him. There is a fan pic. of them leaving together.

  • Wanda

    Celebrities can do no wrong when they have agents that create scenarios like this one to boost an actors image or promote them when they are on down time to keep them interesting and relevant. While everyone else is sitting… they are standing… pic that.

  • lauren

    why do you hate my comments?

  • shanghai

    Wow what a gorgeous smile that man is getting better and better looking!! Good to see him laughing and having fun with friends.

  • Wassup

    Is that her real name (too lazy to google), it sounds like a porn star’s stage name. @Lauren, people dislike your comments because you repeat the same things over and over and ask the same questions. It’s annoying.

  • Mmh!

    Wassup answered your question.

  • lauren901

    @wassup MhH!
    thanks for stating the obvious? i know i ask questions and over over, deal with it and move on from it? didnt realize my questions yes that are the same didnt realize they affect you personally, also fyi didnt need to be so dam rude about it

  • IMO

    @lauren901: Ignore them Lauren your not hurting anyone. You have brought up some very good points and conversations.

  • kelly martineau

    lol people can say what the want. Can call anyone or everyone big lips. so shut the hell up!!!!

  • Allie

    @IMO: Be careful she doesn’t like anyone saying anything to her.

    @Mmh I get what your saying, she is rude much isn’t she.

  • lauren901

    Your the only one whos trying right now . Bye to you

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