Will 'The Tomorrow People' Be Renewed For Second Season on The CW?

Will 'The Tomorrow People' Be Renewed For Second Season on The CW?

Leven Rambin heads out on a sunny day in Vancouver, Canada for a walk with pup Sookie on Saturday afternoon (April 12).

Outlook on The Tomorrow People, which the 23-year-old actress stars as Natalie, isn’t looking good.

Via Deadline, “The CW has renewed its strongest series, leaving Hart Of Dixie, The Carrie Diaries, Beauty & The Beast and freshmen The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed and The 100 on the fence.

“If last fall, when the CW launched three new series, is any indication, the network will not need to return more than 2-3 of the five bubble shows. Newbie The 100 and veteran Hart Of Dixie appear to have the best odds of continuing, possibly with shorter orders, followed by Beauty & The Beast and Star-Crossed. Tomorrow People is in the rear with very little chance.”

We hope it comes back!

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  • http://becoollittleliar.wordpress.com/ Pilar

    The CW would be making a big mistake if they do not renew Hart of Dixie and The Tomorrow people. Both shows have so much potential for the upcoming season. In addition, there getting well view online (the cw site) and on itunes.

  • Aisha

    The tomorrow people is a fantastic show, they should do a season 2 :D xo

  • chris bowman

    the tomorrow people is one of the best shows i have seen the cw come up with in a long time i hope they keep the show

  • Olivia

    I’d love to see more of the Tomorrow People. Please renew it!

  • Antione

    The Tomorrow People needs to be renewed. CW will be fools if they do not renew this awesome show. I was upset with them when they canceled the secret circle, if they cancel the Tomorrow People I will be boycotting the CW.

  • mary

    this drives me crazy I like hart of dixie and the 100 and really do like starcrossed but the tomorrow people is way better than the 100 even though i do really like it and beauty and the beast and carrie diaries should have both been canceled before the end of their first season. I’ll be super pissed if they get past and tomorrow people the 100 or star crossed doesn’t because of it

  • Erin

    It’ll be a real shame if The Tomorrow People doesn’t get renewed. I like The 100 and Star-Crossed but they’re not as good at TTP and when it comes to Beauty and the Beast I lasted about two episodes before giving up so I think that says enough. It started off a bit slow but now anyone can see how much potential it’s got! I’m in Australia and so unfortunately I can’t watch it on any site where the views would actually count; sure I’m not the only one.

  • Dana

    They should renew the tomorrow people..

  • lv

    @Pilar: Sadly that doesn’t seem to count. The Secret Circle was in the exact same situation as TTP is right now. It got cancelled.

  • Mandys

    I was upset when TSC got the boot. Towards the midway point of TTP, I found myself liking it more than TSC. Now that we’re near the end, I just feel that it should not be renewed. No matter how the final episode ends, this show does not need to go on.

  • Juan Argueta

    Bring back the tomorrow people it needs to be back love that show.

  • curtisk

    I hope The Tomorrow People get renewed. I hate when you start to like a show it gets the proverbial boot. The 100 is ok, but not much better than Ok. The story is really just now starting to move at a pretty good pace with TTP, so it would be a shame to end it now. Give it one more season(at least).

  • Scott

    “Beauty and The Beast” is the only show here that deserves to be renewed in my opinion love that show. The rest including “The Tomorrow People” should be canceled sorry people that’s how i feel and for god sake cancel that awful Heart of Dixie already the show is terrible CW are listening no i guess your not :(

  • Christie

    I love The Tomorrow People and Star Crossed. Please renew them both!

  • Chelsea

    The Tomorrow People has to be renewed!! Will be so pissed if it doesn’t, season 1 has been so good!

  • SAmmy

    if Beauty and the beast , the tomorrow people and star crossed don’t continue. The CW will be having a very pissed fan.

  • asam

    The tomorrow people is what I look forward to every week. It is the only decent show on TV. There needs to be season 2.

  • jam

    It seems like they are trying to wrap up storylines on TTP and I believe they will cancel this show. I am about ready to boycott the CW, every time I get interested in a show it’s cancelled. I hope they both HoD and TTP survice.
    I’ll continue to watch TO to see how it fares without Rebekah (or if she’s recast) for the rest of this season, but I’ll not start watching another series on the network.
    There is an upside, if I end of boycotting it will be me several more hours a week for reading.

  • erica

    The original TP lasted a few seasons and the remake in the 90s was cancelled too soon. I do hope they keep TP longer this time! Such a better plot, storyline and characters now


    This show is a masterpiece . . . please make another season!

  • johnny

    Would love to see season 2 :) plzzz

  • gAZ

    The TTP is a brilliant show and must be continued

  • stepphanie

    i love this show yall need to bring it back renew this show it was one of the best shows out their love this show u dont realize how many people were watching this show i mean really renew this show plzzz its one of my fav shows u will loose so many fans who watched this show if u dont renew it everyone liked the tomorrow people all my frinds watched it and i have tons of people who watch this


    its not fair. this is 1 great show. you shouldn’t cancel it. it has been to early, only half of the world have seen it PPPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAASSEE!!!! GIVE IT ANOTHER CHANCE XX

  • Stephaniee

    I know it’s been a while since the show was cancelled but I think the network should renew it even though it’s been a couple months. TTP had a really good storyline that was something new and different to watch. I really hope the network thinks about renewing a second season.