Christina Grimmie Makes 'The Voice' Top 12 - Watch Her Playoff Performance!

Christina Grimmie Makes 'The Voice' Top 12 - Watch Her Playoff Performance!

Christina Grimmie celebrates on the red carpet at The Voice’s Top 12 Party held at Universal Studios in Universal City, Calif., on Tuesday night (April 15).

The 20-year-old contestant moved up to the Top 12 on Team Adam alongside Delvin Choice and Kat Perkins.

“FRANDS I made it to the #VoiceTop12! To celebrate I’m giving away a custom @mophie #spacepack loaded with my music RIGHT NOW!! :O,” Christina tweeted afterwards.

In case you missed her Playoff Performance of Jason Mraz‘ “I Won’t Give Up”, check it out below!

10+ pics inside…

Christina Grimmie – “I Won’t Give Up”

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Credit: Trae Patton, Juan Rico; Photos: NBC, FameFlynet
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  • Ugh

    She has more followers on Facebook alone than some celebrities, so if she gets a lot of votes, I can only imagine why. She has a whiny voice and is definitely the weakest link on Adam’s team. He clearly didn’t get rid of her because he probably did some online research on his team members and saw she’s already released an album, toured with major artist and performed on award shows and has so many followers. He probably thinks he’s a shoe-in to win this season, so why mess that up… Delvin and Kat definitely have the strongest voices on Team Adam.

  • ellie

    There is no comparison between her and the rest of the field. She has better vocal range, stage presence, and confidence than the others. The only reason she may not win is the question, is she as marketable as some of the others. I think she is, based on her effervescent personality and next door neighbor demeanor. Go Get ‘em Grimmie!

  • jc

    To me I feel like since the voice doesnt really care if the winners have any success after the seasons are done this is the chance for them to have a winner that can have a possibility to have multiple top ten hits like kelly clarkson, or carrie underwood. For those of you saying its not fair the winners dont get anything out of this just some record deal with a shady record company that should really get investigated for their inability to produce anything that closely resembles a star. So I hope Chrisitina Grimmie wins with her multitude of twitter and facebook fans that she has and turns the voice from a laughing stock of a show compared to American idol, into a quaility singing competition that peopel will actually be able to remember any of the winners.

  • Mandie

    WOW some people saying her voice is whiney? Seriously? Her voice is amazing and not like anyone else. I’ve been following her on youtube for 2years. Her range is great. She is confident and she doesn’t try to sing carbon copies of artists songs. She always makes them her own. Also if you think she has a whiney voice lets take a look at good ol’ Dolly Parton. And American Legend…. I think Christina will do just fine ;)

  • Tired of the hate^


    Man, the multitude of hate coming from your comment alone just shows how much a jealous person you are. She has a great voice. Unless you can get up, make a record, and sing on the Voice, have ALL 4 judges turn around and use your millions of followers to your advantage I say your just talking out of your ass.With that being said….shut up and just root for the other two. The voice is for everyone! I bet people don’t know that Tessanne Chin(last years winner) had four Reggae albums out check out her song “Hide Away” made in 07 its fair game yo.

  • Ugh

    @Tired of the hate^: Umm I’m not jealous, I think it’s unfair that people like Tessane, Christina, and Cassadee even had the chance to win. Imagine you were an artist singing out of your bedroom with no YouTube account/followers and your voice was amazing and then you were put in a competition for NEW voices and to be discovered and you are put against a girl with a mediocre voice (Christina is mediocre, that’s fact) and she wins because she has more votes…and that’s because she already had a fanbase going into the competition. There should be a separate show for established artists. They shouldn’t compete against total newbies. If I’ve seen you in concert, why are you on a ‘discovering’ show? I don’t need to make a record and I’m not jealous, but I feel awful for those on the show who have more talent in their pinky this season than Christina has in her whole body but because they didn’t have 1 million followers going into the competition, they won’t have the same amount of votes. In fact, Matthew Schuler a church singing lacrosse player had a four chair turn last season and a gorgeous voice and yet Tessane ‘I’ve already had a career in the business’ Chin wins. Fresh voice with zero training versus a singer who has been training for years. The only reason Christina has ‘stage presence’ is because she’s been performing in concerts, she has years of experience. Of course someone like Jake Worthington doesn’t have the same confidence because he’s been going to HS and hanging out with his friends, not touring the country. But even though his voice is better than Christina’s, he doesn’t have resume or the follower count for votes. Same with Kristen Merlin, Delvin ‘Starbucks barista’ Choice, and guys like Stevie Jo. Maybe if Delvin had toured with Selena Gomez, put out a record and performed at the American Music Awards he’d already have years of vocal training and stage experience much like Christina. It’s not equal playing ground on a show that should be. Christina has a voice that’s a dime a dozen.

  • Ugh

    @Tired of the hate^: BTW if I made a record and had been on tour with a major recording artist, I’d be still working to get a deal, not going on a reality show for a quick fix. Christina is fame hungry.

  • Reason

    @Ugh Clearly you have it out for her. It’s BS to categorize Christina with Tessanne and Cassadee, as they released albums while under record deals. Christina has released all of her music INDEPENDENTLY, without major label support. The show has NEVER said it was only for “newbie” artists. You don’t know for a fact that the other finalists don’t have experience or training. Most of the artists who get on the show are experienced and have released their music or already performed on television before (e.g. Dani Moz, Bria Kelly, Sisaundra). You might then say that she may not have had a record deal, but she has so many followers already. Again, another BS argument. There is no evidence to suggest that having a fan base before the show means that someone will win the competition. If that were so, then the people at the Voice would have made sure that Jake Barker also got into the Top 12, but that didn’t happen, did it? And don’t forget the iTunes sales: the contestants who have been most consistently been making appearances on the Top 200 chart are people like Jake or Josh who seem to be doing pretty well without the “follower count.” If people vote for her, it’s because they like her as an artist, and in spite of your disbelief many people will not have known her from before her blind audition simply because of her YouTube presence.

    She’s mediocre? She’s not the best singer, but she’s pretty damn good. The people at the Voice have high standards, too, so even if she has a million followers she wouldn’t have make it to the BLINDS if she was just, as you claim, “mediocre.” She may not be to your taste, but that doesn’t mean she’s a bad singer. And to say that Jake (who seems like a great guy, is a good singer, and IMO is the one most likely to win the whole thing) is a better singer? Really? I like the guy, and he’s a good singer. Frankly, he’s probably going to win the entire thing, and I have no problem with that. But he’s not a better singer than Christina by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. Clearly you’re either tone-deaf or have poor taste. If she’s so mediocre, get off your behind and try do what she’s doing.

    You don’t know that she hasn’t been working to get a record deal. And the show IS a way to get a record deal. And to accuse her of being “fame hungry” is idiotic: by being on the show ALL of the contestants are pursuing fame.

    Also, Tessanne bested Matthew BECAUSE she had a record deal? No, she won because she was consistent, and America voted. Matthew’s a great guy, but his last few performances weren’t that good: even taking “Hallelujah” out of consideration, his performances from the Top 8 and 6 shows were noticeably poorer than his bolder and well-executed performances from before “Hallelujah.”

    Next time to think through what you say before posting it spontaneously. You’ll sound like less of a jerk, and people may actually take your criticisms seriously.

  • Colbert

    Her voice is insane. It’s such a good performance. I am a big fan already, haha!

  • NelSkee

    Christina whiney voice @ugh are you ears working fine? TBH the voice definitely lacks famous winners so the possiblity of Christina winning the show is definitely high not because she has many followers well people follow you because they see something special to you. Grimmie definitely have the start quality and she has been woring so hard to be signed for many years this is her shot and haters gonna be hatin more but her team grimmie will support her more

  • hate happens

    Honestly @ugh is right I’m already annoyed that Christina is staying its not fair if you already have that publicity and she doesn’t have as much personality as other artists do on this season I don’t know what’s wrong with the voice but they need to start having artists who are new and don’t already have connections with another famous artist I just want her to go home already…