Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Shows Off His Rock-Hard Abs! (Exclusive)

Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Shows Off His Rock-Hard Abs! (Exclusive)

Actor Ryan Kelley flashes his washboard abs while shirtless for this new photo shoot, provided exclusively to JustJaredJr.com!

The 27-year-old Teen Wolf cast member opened up to JJJ about his co-stars, favorite off-screen moments, and more. Check it:

JustJaredJr.com: How has the Teen Wolf family treated you so far? Who have you clicked with the best?

Ryan Kelley: It’s been amazing, I’ve been acting since I was about 6 years old and this has been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. It’s such a great opportunity to join the cast of an already established hit show, particularly one I was already a big fan of. I know everyone says this, but they all truly have fun on set filming everyday, which takes any work out of it.

Honestly everyone is super cool, but I’ve spent most of my time filming scenes at the Sheriff’s station so naturally I’ve really hit it off with Linden Ashby. He’s just a great guy and an incredible actor to work with. I’ve played younger characters for so long it’s nice to finally play a slightly more adult part, I thought for a while I was going to get stuck being a teenager forever. It’s nice to let some of the other actors do scenes talking at a locker in a High School hallway for a change.

Click inside to see what else Ryan Kelley had to say about Teen Wolf…

JJJ: What’s been your favorite off-screen moment on the set of Teen Wolf?

RK: My favorite off screen moment on set had to be during the filming the finale of season 3B. It’s the scene where the evil Oni are attacking the station. We had already been at it 14-plus hours on an all night shoot. The Oni’s are swinging their Katana swords and we’re shooting our guns and after so many hours of that everyone starts to get very loopy and when “Action” was yelled for one of our last takes, Linden was not entering frame. We were all just waiting for him to enter… He had fallen asleep and no one noticed. After waking him up everyone got one good last laugh before finally ending an extremely long day. Good times!”

JJJ: What’s your favorite prop from set?

RK: My favorite prop from set is my entire uniform. When the badge is stuck to on my chest and the gun is placed on my hip, I start to actually feel like a deputy. Don’t worry though, they don’t trust me with a real gun.

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Photos: Patrick Shipstad
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  • Phoebe Green

    He has a long way to go to match up to Tyler Hoechlin!

  • David

    he looks great! so much more mature than when he was on prayers for bobby!

  • Richard

    Wow, he has grown up very nicely! Ryan’s a great actor, I’ve been a fan since he appeared on “Smallville” many years ago. He was awesome in “Mean Creek”, gave an amazing performance on an episode of “Law & Order S.V.U.” and of course “Prayers for Bobby” which he was just heartbreaking in. So glad to see him regularly on a hit show, he’s a perfect addition to “Teen Wolf”.

  • http://www.twitter.com/DoubleYourcheck Casey

    I have known Ryan personally for years and he is one of the most talented young actors of our time. He is super cool and is so deserving of this role!! This guy puts 100% into everything he does. Did you see him in Prayers for Bobby and Ben 10?? Great shoot! Patrick Shipstad and David Royer have worked together before and when they do WATCH OUT!! They are an unstoppable team!! Give them someone like Ryan and you get the above! Bravo all of you!!

  • Scooter

    Ryan has been a great addition to TW so far because, honestly, that police station was hurting for deputes! And boy does he clean up nice! Love this shoot! You should do one of Shelley Hennig next Jared! She’s so great and she’s been around for a while, and doesn’t get nearly the attention she deserves! She’ll be around more on the show next season too!

  • sylvatica

    From Smallville to Teen Wolf and everything inbetween, he is a brilliant actor (not bad to look at either.)


    Ryan is the greatest. He is always polite and listens to people when they talk. Rare in a young man. Gorgeous body too. When did Ryan grow up? Hope they use him more this year! Go Teen Wolf.

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  • Aram Mestre

    I love Teen wolf.