Benjamin Stockham Teases Upcoming Fun on 'About a Boy' (JJJ Interview!)

Benjamin Stockham Teases Upcoming Fun on 'About a Boy' (JJJ Interview!)

JJJ talked to the star of one of our favorite new shows – About a Boy‘s Benjamin Stockham!

In tonight’s episode, titled “About a Kiss,” Will (David Walton) invites Sam to a game night hosted by Andy and Laurie. We can’t wait to see what happens!

We caught up with Benjamin to talk about how he got the awesome gig, what he thinks about the relationships on the show, what he likes to do for fun, and more! Check it:

About a Boy airs TONIGHT, April 22nd @ 9PM on NBC!

JJJ: Hi Benjamin! So tell us about how this opportunity came up for you. We love the show.

Benjamin Stockham: Well, I was doing another TV show and that just ended, so I was out here auditioning just in case. I got the audition for About a Boy and I thought, “Whoa, this is really cool. I hope I get this.” And I did!

JJJ: Did you know that there had been a book and a movie prior?

BS: I hadn’t, but I learned shortly after. My mom was like, “You know it’s based on a movie based on a book.” And I was like, “It is? That’s 50 percent cooler!”

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JJJ: We love your chemistry with David [Walton]. Did you guys get to hang out a lot before filming?

BS: We could when we could. I never really had time because when I’m not shooting, I’m doing school. I don’t really have off time with him. But when we’re waiting between scenes, we have Cube Runner royale (laughs). It’s this game on the iPhone that we play to see who can get the best score. And I’m the undefeated champion.

JJJ: Would David say the same if we asked him?

BS: I think he would. But he would tell you something like, “But I’m coming after him.”

JJJ: So tell us about your schooling process. That must be tough.

BS: I have a tutor, which makes it much easier. We do it in between scenes. If there’s 20 minutes we can do, we jump on that.

JJJ: Have you ever gone to actual school? You’ve been in this business for a while already.

BS: I have been acting for a while, but I have been to a regular school. I got my first TV show and they were like, “Yeah, you can’t do this anymore.”

JJJ: Do you often get recognized by fans?

BS: When I’m out and about doing whatever, I do get recognized, which is pretty cool.

JJJ: What’s their normal reaction?

BS: They’re like, “I watch About a Boy and I just want to say that you’re so good on it.” It warms my heart because I have people saying something like that about me.

JJJ: Marcus sings and dances sometimes. Do you ever get nervous for those kind of scenes?

BS: Occasionally, but I think at the end of the all, Marcus does whatever Marcus wants.

BS: I like to draw a lot and occasionally I like to play on my phone or whatever the main things – but whenever I have time to draw, I draw. Just whatever comes to mind. Something unique or original. Sometimes I also draw cartoons.

JJJ: Back to the show, there’s obviously chemistry between Will and Marcus’ mom. How do you think Marcus would feel if they ever got together?

BS: Let me just say it’s between totally excited and total exuberance. He would love that. True, it may not be happening soon, but you have to think for the future. Whatever happens happens.

JJJ: Do you think they would make a good match?

BS: Truthfully, I think opposites attract in some cases and there’s definitely something there. I’m going to give them a 7 out of 10.

JJJ: What can you tease about the upcoming episodes?

BS: Let’s see…treehouses are pretty cool. You’ll just have to wait and see!

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