'The Originals' Interview: Leah Pipes on the Cami & Klaus Connection, & Which Couple She Ships!

'The Originals' Interview: Leah Pipes on the Cami & Klaus Connection, & Which Couple She Ships!

Leah Pipes previews what’s coming up on The Originals in this brand new JJJ interview!

In tonight’s episode, titled “An Unblinking Death,” Cami insists on an unconventional treatment in a desperate attempt to help her Uncle Kieran (guest star Todd Stashwick), but her good intentions lead Kieran to a violent episode. Yikes!

We caught up with Leah to get the scoop on that, as well as Cami’s sometimes rocky relationships with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), and even Davina (Danielle Campbell). Check it:

The Originals airs TONIGHT, April 22 @ 8PM on The CW!

JustJaredJr: Hi Leah! So Klaus seemed pretty jealous when he found out about Cami and Marcel’s relationship. They also had that amazing scene at the end when he apologized to her about not being able to save her uncle. What does Cami make of Klaus’ feelings toward her?

Leah Pipes: I think she sees a lot of good in him and I think she’s aware that he shows that vulnerable side of himself to her. He doesn’t show that to most people and maybe no one else. But I think she’s aware that he doesn’t’ care for people in the conventional way or even a healthy way. She’s aware of how damaged he is, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to see him do better, and feel, and grow, and be happy.

JJJ: He’s obviously lied to her in the past, but they have a very interesting relationship. Does she trust him 100 percent at this point?

LP: I actually think she is trusting him more and more because he shows her so much of himself. How can you not feel like you know this person well enough to trust them? Even if they’re being dubious, you know them very well. You can trust that they won’t be dubious toward you. So I think that’s their relationship as of now. But obviously, she doesn’t think that Klaus is this well-trained puppy who’s going to be sweet and loving all the time. She knows better than to think that’s what he is.

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JJJ: Because her uncle is dying and things are looking bleak, will we see a darker side to Cami? How far is she willing to go to save him?

LP: This is her last person. I mean, not just family members, but person that she has. She’s alone and she will do whatever it takes. She’s determined to keep this man, not just alive, but make him well again, and make him her uncle again. She’s not giving up on him.

JJJ: Despite all the danger in the French Quarter, we know Cami has refused to leave before. If her uncle does die, could this be the thing that drives her out of town?

LP: I definitely think that would be a reasonable choice to make. Yes, absolutely. And she’s a reasonable girl.

JJJ: Marcel is being very protective of Cami. Is their relationship real and could it last?

LP: I think they have a genuine friendship. They genuinely care for each other and when you genuinely care for another person and you are willing to open and honest during hard times, I think you have a better chance than if you keep things from them and lie to them. So they probably have a better chance than most relationships in the Quarter right now.

JJJ: It seems like this war between the factions is brewing and we’re starting to see where people stand. Is Cami going to end up in the middle somehow?

LP: I think she would have been drawn into it more had the witches agreed to help her. So in a way, maybe it’s helped her that Genevieve said no because now it’s up to her. She’s kind of staying out of a lot of the other politics going on.

JJJ: Because the witches were unwilling to help Cami, does that drive a wedge between her and Davina? We haven’t seen them together much lately. What can we expect from their friendship?

LP: You’ll definitely see scenes with Cami and Davina. Actually, of all the relationships, the one that has the most chance of surviving, is this great sweet relationship between Cami and Davina. That’s who I ship with Cami (laughs).

JJJ: Love it! Speaking of other relationships, Klaus also shows hints of jealousy toward Elijah and Hayley. Is that just because of the baby or do you think it’s something more?

LP: Klaus is an ego maniac (laughs). He just wants everything for himself. And I don’t know if that ego is going to change any time soon. But yeah, I think it’s a lot of ego.

JJJ: Last question – if you could give Cami one piece of advice right now, what would it be?

LP: Go back to college (laughs). That’s good advice to all kids out there. This is what happens when you stop going to classes!

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