MKTO Dishes on Their Debut Album & Upcoming Tour Dates! (JJJ Interview)

MKTO Dishes on Their Debut Album & Upcoming Tour Dates! (JJJ Interview)

Check out this brand new interview with MKTO!

The guys – Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller – sat down with JJJ recently in New York City where they opened up about their new self-titled debut album, which we can’t stop listening to!

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In case you haven’t already, pick up your copy on iTunes now!

MKTO also told us all about their upcoming tour, what they like to do for fun, and what kind of music they’re working on now. Check it:

JustJaredJr: This album has a little bit of everything and we like that it doesn’t fall into one genre. Is that a reflection on your musical tastes?

Tony Oller: I feel like the whole reason we did this is because we wanted to make music in general that we just enjoyed to make. There wasn’t a specific genre we wanted to follow. It was just about whatever you were feeling at that moment in the studio and going with it. We basically got 11 stories from it that, as you said, are all very different and have their own kind of style to them.

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JJJ: How many songs did you have total to choose from?

TO: We had probably 15 or 20, not all complete though. I’d say probably 20 total, but probably 14 finished.

Malcolm Kelley: Yeah, we narrowed it down.

JJJ: How do you decide what makes the cut?

TO: The cool thing is we’re not really making a cut because we don’t plan on this being our own album, so we can save it for the right time. We just wanted to get across everything we were feeling and everything that was on our minds, and I feel like we got that. We’re still working on new music that I think is even going to be a completely different sound for the next record. That’s what I think music should be about, different.

JJJ: So you guys are already working on new music.

TO: Absolutely.

MK: Yeah, we’re always recording. We have a mobile studio that we take with us, record ideas.

TO: The next album will be a little dark.

JJJ: Really? Is that just where you’re at right now in your life or?

TO: I mean, the reality isn’t dark. I think it’s the reality’s the lightest it’s ever been (laughs).

MK: You have good days, bad days, you know.

Both: I think it’s just more mature.

JJJ: What’s coming up this summer. You’re headed out on tour, right?

TO: We have an Australian tour that we’re headlining at the end of this month. I love it out there. It’s going to be a fun tour. We have that, and then our next single will be called “American Dreams.”

JJJ: What was it like touring with Emblem3?

MK: It was awesome. Those guys are crazy. It was good times. They definitely had us working out, skateboarding. We had Jackson Guthy on this tour as well, so it was cool coming back. It was like a reunion. We had a good time. #BandLife. Those guys are like our family.

JJJ: What do you guys do in your off time?

MK: Just chill, play video games, we like to golf a little bit. We love making music. That’s one of our hobbies, even though it’s our “job.” We’re always writing and making music. And yeah, when we chill at home, we’re big video gamers.

JJJ: And Malcolm, we have to ask about the recent Lost PaleyFest panel. How was that?

MK: It was cool. 10 years, looking back at it, and they played some old clips from the last episode of season two, when I got taken away or whatever. But it was crazy seeing that and seeing everybody. It was a good time and I had a lot of fun.

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