Ariana Grande is a Mouseketeer at Radio Disney Music Awards 2014!

Ariana Grande is a Mouseketeer at Radio Disney Music Awards 2014!

Ariana Grande wears a pair of mouse ears while performing at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Saturday night (April 26).

The 20-year-old singer is debuting her new single “Problem” at the show and it will hit iTunes right after the program airs tomorrow night at 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel!

“hope it ends up coming out earlier than it’s supposed to tomorrow night! iTunes does that sometimes,” Ariana tweeted about the new single.

“had a great time at the #RDMAs! thank you so much for having me and for my award. So grateful!! thank you!” she added.

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Credit: Todd Wawrychuk; Photos: Disney Channel
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Jason @ 8:43 pm on 04/26/2014

Cute, but I’m still on Team Jennette.

Drew @ 9:08 pm on 04/26/2014

She tries so hard to be sexy…..

David @ 9:42 pm on 04/26/2014

Her performance was so amazing!!! Can’t wait till her single comes out tomorrow at midnight!!

Rose @ 10:47 pm on 04/26/2014

@Drew shut up. She’s not trying to be sexy. She looks adorable and she’s
Just having a fun time preforming. What’s your problem? #onelessproblemwithoutya

leslie @ 1:56 am on 04/27/2014

WHAT?!? Ariana is a NICKELODEON star. She should NOT be wearing mouse ears — that’s basically treason.

I’m taking this as a confirmation that Sam & Cat is officially cancelled.

Suzy @ 2:49 am on 04/27/2014

Wow she looks much much beautiful with no make up!!!!!

Aymee Betts @ 7:55 am on 04/27/2014

I think Ariana Grande look really amazing in her mouse ears and if anyone makes fun of Ariana Grande then I will reply back
Aymee Betts

Maddie @ 9:03 am on 04/27/2014


If you can’t handle the truth, then thats your fault. She is trying to be sexy. I mean before she acted all innocent always wearing dresses (like you would wear when you 10 or something) and now she’s wearing tight clothes and showing off more skin to try and seem sexy, which doesn’t work for her because she has a innocent baby type of face!
I think your the one with the problem because you can’t handle the truth! @Drew is just saying what he sees which is the TRUTH!

Elexis grande @ 10:56 am on 04/27/2014

@leslie: so bc she’s a nick star she can’t wear Mouse ears stfu . ?

Elexis grande @ 11:00 am on 04/27/2014

why can’t she have fun without getting judged. let the girl do her. she’s livin life. she’s young if she wants to wear tight clothes she’s 20 she can. If she wants to wear her hair basic she can. I don’t think ariana is innocent. And I’m an arianator. if you were always there for her, you’d see that she’s actually really funny and care free. I don’t think she cheated at all but I still know that she’s not innocent she’s a badass that’s what she is. I’m proud to say I’ve been there since day one. LET HER DO HER.

arianator1 @ 11:11 am on 04/27/2014

I am her biggest fun!I love you Ari! Too bad that Sam & Cat will probably be cancelled…

Rose @ 11:56 am on 04/27/2014

@Maddie: I cab handle the truth just fine. All she did was Lear a leather tank top and knee high boots. Just because she wears that doesn’t mean she’s trying tobe sexy. She’s an adult. She can do whatever she wants and shouldn’t be criticized over how she dresses

Rose @ 11:57 am on 04/27/2014


Rose @ 11:57 am on 04/27/2014

*to be

Rose @ 12:02 pm on 04/27/2014

@Maddie: Also your the one with the problem. I replied to @Drew and then you took offence because I was saying she’s not “trying” to be sexy. And honestly who cares if she’s trying? Every one freaks out about how people dress. So what if people don’t like what she’s wearing? Do you think she cares? You said she has a baby type face and dressing like that doesn’t suit her. I’d like to see you get on a stage and rock a outfit like that. I bet it would suit you either.

Drew @ 12:34 pm on 04/27/2014

@Rose: The point is that she’s fake, first she acts innocent and wears dresses and now that her single is coming out she dresses differently just to get attention. People like me, who know her sice the beginning of Victorious know that she would never dress like that. That’s not her.

Rose @ 12:44 pm on 04/27/2014

@Drew: Its her style. Maybe she’s changing it up a bit. She not fake. She’s being real. So what if she changes her style? The point is she’s happy and things are going great for her. If she wants to change her style its her say not yours. Also celebrities dress up for events like this. Did you expect her to wear her normal clothes to perform? I support Ariana and I hope she has agreat time and gher music career is a bigger hit then it already is.

Rose @ 12:45 pm on 04/27/2014


Rose @ 12:48 pm on 04/27/2014

Also she’s said she isn’t exactly like Cat from Victorious. She’s a completely different person. How she dresses on the show has nothing to do with how she dresses in real life. Her style is changing. Just because she’s “dressing to get attention” like you said doesn’t mean she’s changing her whole image. She’s growing up.

Sam @ 1:14 pm on 04/27/2014

I agree with Drew. Her fans don’t realise how she really is, and it makes me SICK. They see her pretty face and they think that she’s a good person. It’s not only about the clothes or the hair, it’s about her personality. I have plenty of proof when I say she’s fake.

1. People who followed the feud she had with Victoria Justice and have a brain, know that she was the one wrong. Instead of handling the rumours herself, she sacrificed Victoria, who was her friend, so she would look like she’s the reason why Victorious ended, when she cleary wasn’t (she’s the star of the show for gods sake). She referred to her as ”one girl” not even mentioning her name which was very disrespectful in my opinion. I know that Victoria wasn’t guilty because I have PROOF, if you need it to believe this, reply to this comment and I’ll tell you.

2. There is a statement from a fan which says that at a party she was extremely rude to her. Even Alexander de Leon (singer from The Cab), who was at that party saw the situation and tweeted: ”hope none of my fans ever have the displeasure of meeting @ArianaGrande. most stuck up, disrespectful person I’ve ever met in this industry.” This is the girl’s statement in case you don’t believe me:

3. Another important fact, she cheated on her boyfriend Jai Brooks and then tried to cover it up, of course, tweeting stuff making Jai look bad to the entire world. Jai said publicly that she cheated on him, and I honestly don’t think someone would make that up.
Also, Alexander de Leon, received a tweet after all the Jai and Ariana drama which said ”Thank you for the warning” making reference to Ariana and he replied: ”duh. no one listens to me. why would i just make that up? i would never post something like that. i obviously was floored.”

4. I don’t really know what happened between her and Jennete but as you can see, she had a feud with BOTH of her co-stars and friends.

I used to like Ariana but as I said, I’ve been following her since the very first episode of Victorious and I know EVERYTHING. Every single delete she made, every single comment, just everything. And I realised that she’s not a good person at all, maybe she was before, but she changed. And this my friends, are only some of the reasons why I think she doesn’t deserve to be as famous as she is. Don’t be foolled kids, it’s ovbious that she’s fake. Use your brain. And if you say something about someone make sure you have proof and are informed.

Drew @ 1:24 pm on 04/27/2014

@Rose: I’m not talking about how she used to dress on Victorious, I’m talking about how she used to dress at events and her everyday clothes. She’s not changing it up A BIT, she’s changing it up completely. I’m not hating on her music btw, I think she’s a very talented singer. I just don’t like her as a person and I just can’t believe how blinded people are.

Analeigh @ 1:46 pm on 04/27/2014

@Sam: finally someone that hasn’t been brainwashed by her! The only reason why she has so many fans is because most of them are 10 or people only like her cause she’s “pretty.” I too used to be a fan and I stopped being one for the EXACT reasons you stopped being her fan. That was a low move to throw her “friend” victoria under the bus like that. ariana always makes tweets saying “ignore the haters” yet she replied to that one person and blamed it on Vic! She’s so fake yet no one seems to see right through her.

Rose @ 1:51 pm on 04/27/2014

@Sam: Ariana is a GREAT person. Your the one who is blind. Their are so many people who look up to Ariana ( including me ). I hate how people like you will judge a person based on the situation. NOBODY’S perfect. Victoria was wrong. She bullied Ariana. If she was the good person she claims to be she would’ve stopped bullying her. At the party how he said the fan was rude to her? You don’t know her side of the story. He could’ve said something offensive or even rudely interrupted her. How do you know she cheated? That’s right. You DON’T know. Think next time before you huge someone based on their actions. You don’t know anything about her life. So leave her alone. Her fans know the person she really is. Obviously you don’t

Rose @ 1:55 pm on 04/27/2014

@Analeigh: People can like her for whatever reasons they want. Its none of your ******* business.Like I said do you know her personal life? No. So stop acting like you do. Her fans love her for the wonderful, classy, and talentedperson that she is deep down. She didn’t throw Victoria under the bus. Victoria bullied her. People don’t know Ariana’s side of the story. God I hate how insensitive people are.

Rose @ 1:56 pm on 04/27/2014

@Analeigh: Ariana replied because her fans wanted to know what happened. When she says ignore the haters she is talking to people like you.

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