Cody Simpson Talks 'DWTS' Elimination & His 'Natural Chemistry' with Girlfriend Gigi Hadid

Cody Simpson Talks 'DWTS' Elimination & His 'Natural Chemistry' with Girlfriend Gigi Hadid

Cody Simpson opens up to JJJ in this brand new interview!

The 17-year-old Aussie singer gives us the dirt on his shocking Dancing with the Stars elimination and what he had planned if he and partner Witney Carson had stayed.

Cody also talks about his evolving music career, what it was like kissing girlfriend Gigi Hadid in his “Surfboard” video, and more. Check it:

JustJaredJr: First things first – we were shocked by your elimination! Were you as shocked as us?

Cody Simpson: I guess so. I definitely wasn’t expecting it and wasn’t prepared for it. At the same time, it was kind of a relief to be able to start working on my music again. It was an amazing experience – five weeks doing things I didn’t think I would learn, especially at this age. It was a very new experience for me and an opportunity I never really considered. Going into it with a positive outlook, wanting to become a better entertainer, a more well-rounded dancer, and coming out of it having accomplished those things. Just being able to apply that to my career now and get back to what I do best and make music.

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JJJ: Did you get to work on any music during the show or was it always rehearsals?

CS: I was in the studio very rarely when I was on the show. It was kind of consuming most of my time. It’s nice that now I can dedicate that to being creative.

JJJ: Was it cool being able to incorporate your own music into the show?

CS: Yeah, they gave me opportunities to do that, which was so cool. I got to dance to “Surfboard,” sing in Week 4, very cool. So the fact that I had those opportunities made the experience that much better for me.

JJJ: You were the youngest contestant and it seems that they don’t always do as well, just because the demographic of the show seemingly skews older.

CS: Yeah, you never know. There was some amazing competition. And Amy is one of the most inspirational people that I’ve met. There are a lot of great dancers and I’m really grateful for the experience that it gave me, and be able to apply that in the future.

JJJ: Will you keep in touch with Witney?

CS: Of course. I hope we get to cross paths again, whatever it is. If we dance together again, maybe. I was like, “You got to come on tour with me one day.” That would be fun. The show has definitely introduced me to some great friends. We’ll see each other again, for sure.

JJJ: We love the “Surfboard” video. How did that concept come about?

CS: That was all my vision. Just being in the studio again this year has been a very different experience for me, compared to being in the studio in the past. Having gone through a period in my life where you mature a lot in a very short period of time. Having been in my first serious relationship, met a lot of different people, traveled the world, and started to grow up – it just feels like I’m moving into a new phase in my career. Beginning with new music, I can go in and artistically not feel boxed in to anything, and be able to have total control. And not feel like I can’t do things because of my age, you know?

I feel I have that freedom, which is nice. I think people are really going to see that passion come out of me and having the freedom in my music to do what I want to do. Having finally discovered where Im trying to go with everything. Being so young in front of the entire world basically, is scary and you kind of experiment with different things. So being able to carve out my own thing now is cool. I’ve been incorporating a bunch of old school influences, like the Beach Boys and Elvis. The Beach Boys thing you can definitely hear in “Surfboard” and some other stuff I’m working on. Taking those old school things and mixing them with 2014 is a really cool combination. The video was great and definitely from what I’ve done in the past. It was definitely a step up for me. It’s exciting.

JJJ: Did it take a lot of convincing to get Gigi in the video (laughs)?

CS: Nah, she was on board. She didn’t have to audition (laughs). It was good to have her in the video, which has obviously more of a sexual element than my previous videos. I think having the girl that’s inspired all that in there and make that chemistry so natural on camera is…there were some kissing scenes they cut out at the end of the video. They cut and we kind of just kept going (laughs).

JJJ: And last question – was there anything you had planned to do on DWTS?

CS: If I was still on this week, I was going to do the Jive to Dirty Dancing, which would have been cool. But you know, the timing was quite nice to have the video come out. And now being able to move on to that. Obviously, there’s things I’ll miss out on, but now I can focus and get back to work.

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