Justin Bieber Drops New Song 'We Were Born For This'; Lyrics Included!

Justin Bieber Drops New Song 'We Were Born For This'; Lyrics Included!

Justin Bieber just dropped a brand-new track for his fans on SoundCloud, “We Were Born For This”!

“Another free song ??” the 20-year-old musician tweeted with the link.

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The song comes just after he premiered another, “Hard 2 Face Reality” featuring Poo Bear, earlier over the weekend.

In the new “We Were Born for This,” Justin expresses his gratitude to his fans and declares his commitment to his craft.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin’s new song?

Justin Bieber – “We Were Born For This” Lyrics
Look at all the choices
The choices in this world
World spreading no freedom
Freedom for the boys and the girls

But the boys and the girls
They don’t know
What love is like
Love is like appreciation
Mixed in a double cup of sprite

So can we go
No left or right
You go your way
And ill go mine

Cuz this is my time
And I won’t waste it thinking about what you gotta say
Cuz I’m here to stay

Cuz this is my time
And I won’t waste it thinking about what you gotta say
Cuz I’m here to stay

Look at all the places
Places that I’ve been
It doesn’t come easy
You gotta have strength
And when it goes down
And it’s all said and done

You gotta stand up to them
There’s no need to run
And now that I’ve made it
I won’t look back no
Sacrifice what meant the most to me
The most to me
Yes I did

Cuz this is my time
And I won’t waste it thinking about what you gotta say
Cuz I’m here to stay

Look at all the people standing outside
So dedicated
Your love doesn’t go unrecognized
Your love doesn’t go unrecognized

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  • Improving

    Song is good. I like the higher pitch? It removes the nasal.
    Maybe clearer with his words.
    Something much faster would be great. Dance song ?

  • Nijah

    Wow, really? Not only copying Paramore on the song title (Paramore has a song named Born For This, including the lyric ”we were born for this”), but even the cover for this song is totally ripped of from the album Riot! by Paramore, INCLUDING the black and orange letters.

  • Andrei

    E essa fonte? Que kibe é esse? Moleque tosco.

  • http://instagram.com/drxwsqxeen kayci

    So proud of you Justin. I love you!

  • jr

    The artwork for this song was stolen from a Paramore fan’s fan artwork on Tumblr. All of the typography and colors are from Paramore’s 2007 album Riot!. Bieber’s team, you messy af.

  • Lex

    Wow, he’s not very original is he? He ran out of idea so he went to copy a different band, is that fine? NO! Think of new ideas, don’t just go and google a random band and be like “Oh, they have cool artwork and a cool song name, I’m gonna steal it!” Just because he is a lot more popular than Paramore doesn’t mean he has the right to rip them off. Paramore has the right to the artwork of this, he however hasn’t. This is the worst rip off ever! I mean, I’ve seen lots, this is by far the the worst. It really does disgust me what he became. I used to not mind him but after he became what he is now, I have a lot of things to mind about him. He’s only 20 and he already ran out of ideas, this in my opinion shows that he is there for the money and popularity, not for the fun of doing the job. I know many bands and artists who do this job for fun and not for the popularity. There are truely many bands and artists who deserve what he has and they don’t get it and they never will, this really does upset me.

  • Esther

    Oh please all these people saying that he copied the art from paramore, chill!! First paramore didn’t even make the art themselves, they copied it from a random person online. Second, people have similar song names all the time and these two songs have nothing in common, one is rock and the other is a ballad. And the lyrics aren’t even the same or alike in anyway.. People are just using another opportunity to diss Justin. This is a very nice reconciling song and yet all people see is the little letters that look like paramore’s letters. Smh

  • Corri


    Literally you’re making no sense. If you drew or created something, representing something you loved, would you want it to be taken ? Would you want someone else to take credit for your work? Credit for things thay represent you?

  • http://eriikasworld.blogspot.com Erika

    I am in love <3

  • makaila 09876t43

    I love his new songs belieber forever

  • James

    I love how psychotic Paramore fans are being all over the internet, not just twitter and tumblr but literally ALL over the internet. Song sounds good though, maybe one day I’ll become a fan of Beebs.

  • http://inattentions.tumblr.com toni

    so angry how he stole paramore’s fan art

  • lexi

    wow he even copies paramores album font ad the title of one of their songs. his “album cover” was a paramore fan art and his dumb ass didnt realize. that proves how stupid and immature he is.

  • http://whatablogdonnie.tumblr.com/ folieacailin

    That ain’t his…
    That’s actually fan art that a fan of Paramore on tumblr made.

  • Belieberforlife

    I love this song, and i love him <3
    hes got real talent

  • http://@PlainReality Trey

    Is it just me or is the guitar in this stolen from Hypnotized by Akon?

  • ash

    @Belieberforlife: yeah. It sounds pretty close. That guy just rip everything from other artist and make it his and all of his fans be like ‘i love him. He is so original’ ????????

  • ash

    @ash: i mean for trey, not bieberforlife

  • ash

    @Trey: omg. Im suck in replying comment. At least im original.. haha