Charlie White Sweeps Candace Cameron Bure Away During 'DWTS' Duels -- See All The Duels Here!

Charlie White Sweeps Candace Cameron Bure Away During 'DWTS' Duels -- See All The Duels Here!

Charlie White proves once again that he owns contemporary dance during the Dance Duel with Candace Cameron Bure during Monday night’s (May 5) Dancing With The Stars.

Along with pro partners Mark Ballas and Sharna Brugess, the team earned 38 total points while dancing to “Star With Me” by Sam Smith.

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were once again united with his brother Val and Danica McKellar for a spicy samba to “I Luh Ya Papi” by Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana. They earned 34 points.

James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd teamed up with Amy Purdy and Derek Hough for a fun jive to “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That” by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. They topped the board with 39 points!

Watch all the performances below!

Charlie, Sharna, Candace & Mark – Contemporary Dance Duel – Dancing With The Stars, Week 8

Meryl, Maks, Val & Danica – Samba Dance Duel – Dancing With The Stars, Week 8

James, Peta, Amy & Derek – Jive Dance Duel – Dancing With The Stars, Week 8

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  • Valeri

    Charlie did all the work. CantDance hardly danced at all. She should have gone home in place of Danica.

  • Gale

    I lost respect for Candace when she turned into a hypocrite. I watched her compromise everything she claimed to stand for in a mere matter of weeks. When Candace first met Mark, she put her foot down on two issues: (1) “I’m not going to be your sexy girl,” and (2) “I’m going to dress modestly.” However, the week after she fell to the bottom of the leaderboard and feared being sent home, she had a sudden change of heart and said she was willing to dress sexier and show more skin (for Ariel). The next week, she had another sudden change of heart and said she was willing to dance sexy. She even proudly stated that she has “played the sexy girl before” (in acting roles), so she decided to treat her sexy persona on the dance floor like a character. I started to wonder what happened to the “I’m going to dress modestly & I’m not going to be your sexy girl” godly Christian woman that we all came to love just a few weeks prior. She started compromising in order to stay in the competition… Hypocrite. Sell-out. Fraud… If she was sincere about her original pledge to set a good example and maintain modesty, she would not have changed her mind about it so easily within such a short period of time… And before her sexy dance week 6, she posted a message on her Facebook page informing her fans that she had a sudden revelation about her womanhood. She said she was discovering “a new found sexiness.” After several of her fans expressed concern about her giving in to the world and compromising her modesty, she snapped at them and said she was not implying an OUTWARD expression of sexiness, but an INWARD expression of sexiness. That turned out to be another lie. It was revealed on week 6′s Monday show that Candace did, indeed, mean an OUTWARD expression of sexiness. Mark explained in their rehearsal package that the dance needed to be danced sexually or Candace would not get high scores. Candace was all too willing to oblige. She caved in and showed skin again last week, too, in the tight, midriff-baring dress she wore for the group dance. At least the first time she gave in and wore a sexy outfit, she used the excuse that it was “to live up to the character of Ariel.” But, for the past two weeks, she hasn’t even bothered to make an excuse… Morals, integrity and standards be damned. Anything to win. Right, Candace?

  • Gale

    @Valeri: I totally agree with you. I am in shock that Danica went home before Candace. Candace is by far the weakest celebrity dancer left in the competition, yet it’s beginning to look like she is the Bill Engvall of this season. All of the better dancers will continue to be sent home before her while she undeservedly remains in the competition week after week. This show is a joke. Candace doesn’t hold a candle to Danica when it comes to dancing ability. Candace should have gotten the boot this week, NOT Danica. This is not a dancing competition – it’s nothing more than a nationally televised popularity contest. Lame.

  • Valeri

    @Gale: I believe the producers rig the show. For some reason, they want Candace around. Maybe a deal with ABC?

  • Diane

    Speaking of Candace compromising her high morals, how about when the team dance for Latin night was brainstorming, and she threw herself up against Maks, lifting her left leg upon him? I wanted to reach into my TV and slap her!
    Also, can someone explain to me why Meryl is at the bottom of the leaderboard after she has been told, “I want to dance like you” (Julianne), “You and Val are in a class by yourselves” (Carrie Ann after their Argentine Tango), “I look at you and think you are one of the pros — is that Sharna?” (Carrie Ann), and, “You were dancing our there with six of the best dancers in the country and held your own with them.” (Bruno). Oh, yeah, Donny Osmond told Meryl and Maks that they have set the bar so high for the others. I’m confused. It reminds me of trying out for cheerleader in the 1950s when popularity, not ability, got you elected.

  • Maddie

    If any of you had a brain then you would know its not Candace’s fault she’s still in the competition! Its so bloody annoying when people don’t use their brain and think “Maybe if I had voted for Danica, then maybe she would still be in the competition”.
    Whether its rigged or not, who knows but at the end of the day everyone says vote and there’s a good reason for it!
    I mean season 17 Christina Milian was at the top of the leaderboard yet she went home week 5 because of not enough votes, season 5 and season 15 Sabrina Bryan was sent home week 6 why? because of not enough votes otherwise she could have won.
    Instead of complaining why don’t you all just vote, vote, vote for the people you want to stay/win instead of blaming innocent people who are not at fault!!!!!

  • http://donothaveone Paula mittleman-edelson

    Candace is entitled to her views but please stop being so preachy. I have my views and am not trying to inflict them on others. She has improved but so had Drew Carey. Meryl Davis is a fabulous dancer and she and Maks sizzle on the screen. Stop punishing her for being so good. She deserves to be a finalist as does Maks. It’s Bristol Palin all over again. The finalists shoul be Meryl, Charlie , Amy and James. They are all terrific dancers.

  • Valeri

    @Diane: Candace has been open about her crush on Maks. It was her dream to appear on the show with him. She asked producers to pair her with Maks but he did not want to dance with her. I am embarrassed for her and disgusted by her behavior. I feel sorry for her husband. I have to wonder if they have an open marriage or some sort of arrangement. No normal man would put up with this.

  • Dancora

    Gale and the rest of you

    You Gale, Valeri and Diane are all idoits, me and Maddie have common sense. It is a dance show and if you all watch the show you would know. Most of the celebrities come in with insecurities and the style of dances will and do requires certain roles you have to play to excecute the dances in there true form. If Candace had not of course she would not have been on the show that long. Maybe in her life she had many issues being a child star and becamed trouble and turned to religion as most of us do when in a crisis presents itself. Also, she was having trouble in several dances with not being able to free herself of issues. If you want all have any insight, first it is a competition, second required moves and steps are required and third it not always the best dancer that wins, it could simply be the fan base. You all watch a dance show and commit on her. She has the right to explore her womanhood, if you want to wear long dresses and hide your face, that is on you or let your man take care of you and rule you so be it. She has done nothing wrong, maybe only thing she did do wrong was to go on a show and open herself out to learnng more about who she is as a person. Before you begin judging here, look in mirror and see if you are wearing a halo or horns.

  • Valeri

    @Dancora: Funny how the ones who accuse everyone of judging are the harshest judges. If you can’t join in the discussion like an adult, take it elsewhere. We weren’t talking to you in the first place.

  • Rebecca

    Candace should have been voted off 3 weeks ago, proving — it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Her lame no content, repeated steps, repeated dances, mistake laden routines are rewarded with praise and unfortunately high scores? The celebrity dance off was unfair. All pairs should have been given the same style of dance. She was given a free ride, by Charlie and the producers. Her dance abilities are minimal, but her ego is huge. Why on earth is she still here? Literally felt sick to my stomach last night when Danica and Val got voted off. She doesn’t belong in this competition.
    Also, a self proclaimed Christian woman throwing herself at Maksim — she should be ashamed of herself. This is the same person who made a fuss because Mark wanted to take his shirt off? Really,Candace?
    Judges giving her the same or better scores (for lame routines) than Meryl &Maksim, Val & Danica, Amy and Derek? Come on ABC, be FAIR.

  • Rebecca

    @Diane: I agree with you, whole-heartedly. Did you see the look on Meryl’s face when she was throwing herself at Maksim? Then when Mark calls her on it, she gets all whiney and blames it on Maksim&$@?! Ugh, can’t WAIT for her to go…

  • Maddie

    To Gale and the rest of the haters you really need to stop hating and judging! If you want to judge or hate take a good look at yourself in the mirror first!

    Fyi she didn’t throw herself at him! For crying out loud she was having a bit of fun! Everyone does that its about having fun like Nene with Tony.

    Btw who are you too judge her about her religion?! She can do what she wants, she’s a grown woman so stop treating her like a little kid! Its her life. Btw the same can be said for Amy (I don’t mean this in a rude way and all) but her dance this week consisted of sitting on a stool for quite a bit and yet she got a high score, and I know she hurt herself but if it was someone else I bet you they would have got a lower score. Amy herself said she doesn’t want to be treated differently and to be judged fairly like the rest of the dancers but it seems like the judges are giving her high scores (when she doesn’t deserve it always) because they feel sorry for her! Once not trying to be rude about her but only saying what I see.

    Also if anyone saying its fixed for Candace its more like its fixed for Maks and Meryl so he can finally win for the first time EVER! I mean yes they both are great dancers but it was probably fixed from the beginning since all of a sudden Maks decides to come back this season and on top of that they place with him a olympian which has never really happened (confidence I think not), so if its fixed for anyone its Maks and Meryl!

  • Valeri

    @Maddie: Your post is far more judgmental than Gale’s or anyone else you’re criticizing. Cantdance is only around because it’s been manipulated that way, not because she’s any good. She’s the one who got carried around during her dance, not Amy.

  • Lizzie yu

    I hope she’s eliminated before James.

  • mackmommy

    I came across this thread to read and post my observations. Admittedly, while I was surprised Candace was safe, I have enjoyed watching her blossom and overcome personal inhibitions to try and truly compete. I thought James was not quite up to par as well. Danica was really picking it up and got sidelined by her injury. Amy is being judged by a different set of standards. Charlie is very smooth but I felt just missing that minuscule “wow” factor. Meryl’s and Maks’ performances sucked me in from the beginning. I felt they were mugged by Ms. Miller. Lastly, there is a lot of hate and personal attacks running through this thread.