Meryl Davis Slaps Maksim Chmerkovskiy During 'DWTS' Rumba - Watch Now!

Meryl Davis Slaps Maksim Chmerkovskiy During 'DWTS' Rumba - Watch Now!

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy get very real on the dance floor during Monday night’s (May 5) Dancing With The Stars.

The dancing leaders took home 36 points for their rumba set to Emeli Sandé‘s “Read All About It (Pt. III)”

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“Can’t wait for @DancingABC on Monday! @Meryl_Davis will blow your mind!” Maks wrote on Twitter just a few days before. So mind-blowing!

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Rumba – Dancing With The Stars, Week 8
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  • maria arduino

    I thought the dance by meryl and maks was delightful, feet and all!
    Abby should stick to judging kids. She is too full of herself, especially after giving meryl an 8 because of what maks said. What a juvenile move!

  • mackmommy

    The judging tonight confirmed my opinion that the DWTS judging panel votes on biases, not on real merit, as no couple was perfect and showed mistakes which did not get addressed by the judges and/or were addressed but disregarded in the high scoring. I like Amy and Derek, but a perfect 10 they were not; likewise, for Charlie and Sharna. The comments for Peta and James were spot on, but was given a “10? from that guest “judge” because she personally thought he was “hot”!? Then her “8? vote in juvenile reaction to Maks’ comment? (It looked like her student wanted to say something in that vein when she was interviewed by Tom but refrained herself, as she had better manners! Lol) I am steamed that Maks and Meryl were additionally downgraded just because they were ahead of the game and the “show” had to make it more interesting by deliberately giving them lower scores. Although I would have liked to have seen more rumba moves as well, they should have scored anywhere from a 38 to 39 for their performance based on all the “10s” that were thrown around so easily tonight. Talk about engaging the audience! As for Danica and Val, the scoring was somewhat within range, maybe a point higher. The only appropriate scoring, I felt, was given to Candace and Mark; well deserved “9s” across the board. Notwithstanding the dancers’ performances which I sincerely appreciate, tonight’s performances by the judges have really given me a distaste for the show.

  • Diane

    Meryl doesn’t need this crap; I want her to win, mainly so that Maks can finally, deservedly win. If she and Maks don’t win, I want Charlie to win. Danica was a much better dancer than Candace. Amy’s dancing is a farce. Yes, she can do a lot but only because Derek does so much to make her look good. They should make guest judges try out by dancing barefoot so that they can be deemed qualified to comment on the abilities of others.
    Also, if M&M don’t win, I will never watch DWTS again, and I hope Maks quits the show. He owns four dance studios and doesn’t need this crap either!

  • ntl

    Thank you, Meryl/Maks, for bringing such beauty and joy into our living rooms week after week.
    After rewatching their dances countless times, I can’t help thinking what Meryl is to Maks as Mona Lisa was to Da Vince. A 3D masterpiece is in the making by M&M with pure artistry, raw emotion, and immaculate techniques!!!
    In our hearts you have won the Mirrorball x10 already!

  • muttiblues

    I am impressed by Amy Purdy. She is amazing. That said, her dance tonight was not deserving of the scores it received. She and her partnerDerrick Hough obviously missed a move, nearly knocked over a prop and Derrick broke character. It looked like he was fearful that Amy would fall or was hurt our something. I understand his concern, but this was a break in the dance. Judges should’t overlook such errors. They don’t overlook them for the other dancers and doing it for amy, in my opinion, cheapens her accomplishments. She doesn’t ask for special treatment. It’s a bit of an insult to give it to her unsolicited.

  • muttiblues

    @maria arduino: Abby shouldn’t be judging kids either. She is brutal to her less talented dancers. Just mean! I would never put a child I love in her program.

  • Smar

    @mackmommy: Me too! I’ve watched every episode of every season. I have this season’s recorded and on “on demand” and I have watched Maks and Meryl OVER and OVER. I like Amy, but she was overscored. As the Maks/Val/Tony triad have hinted, the biases are coming to the forefront. Did Mark or Derek complain because of all the Maks/Meryl attention? It was just a disconcerting and difficult episode to watch.

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