Music Mondays: Cover Edition - A Great Big World's 'Say Something'!

Music Mondays: Cover Edition - A Great Big World's 'Say Something'!

You ready? It’s time another round of JJJ Music Mondays: Cover Edition!

Every week, we’re getting over the Monday blues with some of the best covers we can find on the hottest songs right now!

Today (May 5), we’ve chosen A Great Big World‘s hit “Say Something,” which has been covered by everyone from MAX and Victoria Justice to Alex & Sierra. Even six months after its release, the track remains on the charts!

One of our favorite versions of the song is a brand new cover by Carly Rose Sonenclar and Boyce Avenue! Check it out below!

WHO SINGS YOUR FAVORITE version of A Great Big World’s “Say Something”?

Carly Rose Sonenclar & Boyce Avenue – “Say Something”

Click inside to see some of our other favorite versions…

Jasmine Thompson – “Say Something”

Kina Grannis – “Say Something”

Chloe & Halle – “Say Something”

Tyler Ward – “Say Something”

Tanner Patrick – “Say Something”
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  • DANI

    Carly/Boyce covered it best. I havent heard about Carly Rose in a long time. She disappeared.Fifth Harmony, Emblem 3, and Bea Miller are like way more famous than Carly because Carly like got 2nd place and she isn’t signed. Its a good example of how a good singing voice is not the only thing you need. You need to be pretty and have a personality. Carly has no personality. AT ALL.

  • Erica r

    I’m going to the E3 in concert in July. Carly is the opening act. lol. E3 should take Bea Miller on tour instead bc Bea has music out and Carly doesn’t.We’ll see in July if Carly is as stuck up as she looks.

  • http://@dudefromathens Eugene

    @DANI: I’ve heard that before. She has no stage presence too. Lol Come out with something new. You’re either too young or too stupid. For me, she has more talent and personality than 5H & E3 combined.

  • Alesha

    Shawn mendes sings it the best of course

  • http://@skieblur skieblur

    This song is great. And by the way, Carly is a special appearance to E3 Ramapo Concert Series. There’s a difference. She also stated she chose to stay in school unlike Bea Miller. She’s working hard on her album, when you’re out enjoying life after school and your weekends,, she’s hard at work on her album. Songwriting is hard & serious business. I admire Carly’s work ethic & dedication to needy children

  • Nigel

    Carly is in a different league to E3, 5H or Bea. She is working on original music for her debut album. She has more talent in her little finger than them combined. I’ve seen her live headlining her own concert and she was born to perform.

  • Frank

    Carly captivated the audience on XFactor 2012 and finished ahead of 3M and Fifth Harmony. Bea barely made the top 10 at #10. Carly will be more famous then all of them combined when she releases her first cd…

  • John bryant

    Nigel and Frank, the X Factor was a couple of years ago. It does not matter that Carly was runner-up. Tate won, where is he?The fact is Carly is not signed and Bea Miller and Fifth Harmony are. Fifth Harmony has an EP out (in English and Spanish) and they are releasing a new single next month along with their album this fall. Fifth Harmony are touring this summer, they have been on tour since last summer (with Cher Lloyd and Demi). They have endorsement deals with Barbie and Disney. Bea Miller has an EP out and has development deals with Disney. Where is Carly’s album/EP? The real winner here is 10th place Bea and 3rd place Fifth Harmony and fourth place Emblem 3. Emblem 3 have headlined their own tour and they are releasing their 2nd album this fall. Where’s Carly’s? Bea, Fifth Harmony, and Emblem 3 have a deal with Awesomeness TV to go behind the scenes of their upcoming albums and tours. The channel is on youtube. check it out.