'Tomorrow People' EP Phil Klemmer Teases John's 'Terrible Decision' in Tonight's Season Finale!

'Tomorrow People' EP Phil Klemmer Teases John's 'Terrible Decision' in Tonight's Season Finale!

After last week’s earth-shattering episode of The Tomorrow People, JJJ‘s more than pumped for tonight’s season finale!

In case you missed it – spoiler alert – here are the highlights of what went down: Jedekiah (Mark Pelligrino) is officially a breakout! John (Luke Mitchell) lost his powers and kissed Astrid (Madeleine Mantock)! Oh, and Stephen’s (Robbie Amell) dad Roger is hooked up to a machine that can destroy the human race.

And those are just the bullet points!

We caught up with executive producer Phil Klemmer, who opened up about what we can expect in the finale, and what he has planned if the show gets picked up for a second season! Check it:

The Tomorrow People season finale airs TONIGHT, May 5 @ 9PM on The CW!

JustJaredJr: First of all, that episode last week was insane. It felt like a finale!

Phil Klemmer: In my experience, the penultimate episodes tend to be the best and then the finale, especially with The Wire and shows like that, the last one tends to turn out to be a bit of a letdown just because it’s just resolving everything you screwed up in the second-to-last episode. I promise you the craziness continues in our finale (laughs).

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Phil Klemmer

JJJ: We don’t doubt it! (laughs). Now let’s talk about the biggest revelation – Jedekiah’s newly-acquired powers! What’s his goal now that he has them? We’re worried about him sticking to the plan.

PK: Trying to stop the Founder and his partnership with his brother, that was all true. The question is whether Jedekiah finally has what he secretly wanted, whether he’ll do the right thing or be corrupted by this power. And I think there’s also the question of whether the powers he got for himself are in fact the ones that he wanted. Nothing in this life comes free, and he’ll see the cost of his powers with the family.

JJJ: The Tomorrow People seem more divided than ever, especially after Natalie handed over Roger. Is Stephen fighting a losing battle alone?

PK: Yeah, he’s kind of the last man standing. Stephen has lost his whole family at the start of the finale. It’s sort of like the pilot was all about this kid straddling these two worlds, and being forced to make a decision. He puts his foot down and refuses to side with either. And the way the finale is set up, we have this binary where either humans are going to die or the Tomorrow People. It’s the pressure of him making the same decisions, but instead of which side to choose, it’s whether he can unite these two sides. Literally, the fate of the world depends on this.

JJJ: Meanwhile, Roger was looked up to as this savior the entire season. He didn’t seem to live up to anyone’s expectations. How does that affect Stephen going forward?

PK: I guess that’s just part of growing up, escaping your father’s shadow. In the pilot, Stephen was very much a boy and this season has been like a coming-of-age and quest for identity. By the time we reach the finale, he can’t depend on Dad. In a way, Dad failed him. And he’ll have to surpass everything that he ever was told about how great his dad was. It’s really interesting for me to just imagine season two because it would be less of an adolescent show with adolescent themes of identity, and it would be much more of an adult show with a young man making his way in the world, confident in who he is, and choosing how he wants to use these powers to make his way in the world.

JJJ: Where do we find John in the finale? He seems pretty lost now that he’s human.

PK: Yeah, he is pretty lost. And for him, I really wanted to equate…I think he misses his powers because he misses Cara and what that meant. When he became a human, he lost his connection, literally lost his telepathic connection, to the woman he loves. Stephen has clearly gone from being the newbie kid to slowing becoming the chosen one, and the hero. As we reach the finale, I wanted to make John, who in the pilot, he’s very much already the hero, and take him in another direction. He’s being driven less by heroic impulses and more by personal ones. He will make a terrible, terrible decision in the finale that sets us up for a second season. To me, love makes any terrible decision somewhat pardonable, and that’s the sort of tragedy of John and Cara. So please don’t hate me (laughs).

JJJ: We don’t! But we did love the kiss between John and Astrid! How long has the idea of these two been floating around in the writers’ room? Was it always planned to get them together?

PK: It was totally planned. But it’s one of those things that when you give people screen time, they’re auditioning for future stories. In the same way that Stephen and Hillary…that one I don’t believe was planned so much. But once you see something that’s working, you have to write towards it. Ever since episode 12 when Astrid pulled a bullet out of John, I’ve been looking forward to the moment when they kiss and now in the finale, everybody will have the chance to tell each other how they truly feel. That’s what you do when the world is coming to an end.

JJJ: Where does that leave John and Cara? It seemed that they both acknowledged the end of their relationship just by that one look.

PK: I think if the machine and the Founder, if they do what they’re prepared to do, it’s kind of moot because John and every other human in Manhattan, and beyond, will be dead. So in a weird way, the way that Cara and John…they don’t have a future in the finale. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have strong feelings for one another in the present. It’s just that there’s no sense acting on it because, like I said, the world’s about to end.

JJJ: And finally, give us some news on season two! We are dying for another season. Any word yet?

PK: There’s no word and won’t be word for a little while. But yeah, we pitched it to the network and they were very excited and I think they’re going to do everything they can to fight for a season two. I know creatively, they couldn’t be happier. We definitely have a way of bringing more eyeballs to our show next season and the only way you can do that is to do something really splashy and crazy, and that’s what we intend to do.

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