Meryl Davis on Abby Lee Miller's Judging Comments on DWTS: 'It Wasn't Inaccurate, But...'

Meryl Davis on Abby Lee Miller's Judging Comments on DWTS: 'It Wasn't Inaccurate, But...'

The drama on Dancing With The Stars was definitely rising on Monday night’s (May 5) show.

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy‘s rumba got some harsh criticism from guest judge and Dance Moms‘ star Abby Lee Miller, who gave them

Maks, I would never hit you, just saying,” Abby Lee said during the program before criticizing Meryl‘s “sickled feet”.

“I really don’t care for anything she has to say,” Maks said afterwards in the Skybox just before they heard their scores.

When EOnline caught up with Meryl and Maks afterwards, Meryl put her two cents in on the issue: “I always take constructive criticism and I don’t think what she said was inaccurate, but did it warrant an eight, I’m not sure.”

DO YOU THINK Abby Lee Miller scored Meryl and Maks too low?

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  • Jason

    Meryl Davis’ “sickled feet” aren’t any worse than Amy Purdy’s.

  • Vicki

    Don’t mean to sound mean but I’ve heard the judges say that they need to judge Amy the same as all the other dancers; however she got a 39 for sitting on a stool and nothing was said when Derek lost control of holding the stool and I was afraid she was going to fall.
    You could see who Abby favored and I hope that Mel and Maks don’t lose out on all the hard work they have put into this because of a very distasteful individual. Did anyone see her wipe her face on Maks’s shirt when they were back stage.
    Last complaint, I’m sorry but she went on about Mel having a broken toe, dirty shoes during practice (thought the judges, judged on the dance that night. Amy cries every week about a new injury or her fear. If this was that big of a problem why did she try this in the first place.
    Now before you start thinking I’m a very bad person I am missing my left arm and leg, I’ve learned how to ski and do a lot of other things that can so I feel she doesn’t cry when she is snow boarding why so often if not for attention.
    I guess you must know I am for Mel and Maks and hope they have a long health relationship and love for a lifetime.

  • Kimmy

    Maks and Meryl should of had a 60! They were off the chain perfect…..

    They were totally ripped-off! Shocking that they scored the same a
    Mark and what-her-name…..

    Abby needs to shut-up…especially at dinner time.

  • greatgmom

    Dance Moms is a show I cannot watch because of Abby Lee’s crudeness and loud mouth. She doesn’t look like she could dance if she tried. As they say, them that, and those that can’t..teach. She is too impressed with herself and it was apparent she was trying to make herself and her comments the center of attention.. Like one of her students said “I’m surprised she wasn’t ruder!”, Surely that little girl will be called out on that later by Abby. My comments are not just on her behavior on DWTS, I cannot understand why they give her air time, any time, on any channel, she is abusive to those young girls and Max is not an ‘untrained’ child just learning to dance. I hope DWTS never has her back again, much as I love the show I was not eager to watch when I heard she was going to be a judge. I felt Max showed GREAT restraint.

  • http://@jamwong Jamie

    I totally agree!

  • Rosalie

    I love James Maslow and he’s my favorite, but Meryl is the best dancer out of all of them. Her dance deserved more than an 8 from Abby. Meryl should win the season.

  • Amy

    Vicki, I totally agree. And yes, I did see the video of her wiping her face on Maks’ shirt. I was even more appalled and outraged after that, and didn’t think I could be any more angry with her than I already was. I feel relieved for what I’ve been feeling about Amy based on what you had to say. I agree with everything you said about her, and you being an amputee yourself lets me know that maybe I’m not being too hard on her after all. I can’t believe Abby said Meryl was “faking” and “playing up” her broken toe. If she was trying to play it up for sympathy, she would be talking about it and using it as an excuse. The only reason word ever got out about it was because Tony brought it up on GMA, then she said Meryl was jumping up and down on it after hearing they were safe, but that never happened, either. She put her arms up, turned around and hugged Maks. Candace was the one who jumped up and down. I agree with you that I truly hope all of their hard work doesn’t end-up in vain because of the terrible circumstances on Monday.

  • victoria

    Hey I was just wondering, a bunch of people have been trying to find that video, do you know where I could find it? I can’t say that I would never expect her to pull a stunt like that, but Abby Lee Miller is a pretty awful person…

  • Amy

    I saw it on Entertainment Tonight last night, but you might be able to find it on their website.

  • Amy

    @victoria: I saw it on Entertainment Tonight last night, but you might be able to find it on their website. And Maks… He just turned around and said, “You don’t need to do that.” Love him.

  • mackmommy

    Wow, ALM really should be called out for slander in her implication that Meryl was trying to fake an injury to get the sympathy vote! In all of the googling and searching I’ve done on my obsession with Maks and Meryl since the 2nd week (missed the first week until my daughter told me I had to watch), I’ve not heard nor read about Meryl having had or complaining in public about a broken toe. What does this tell me? They are pros and this Miller person has lost any ounce of credibility in dissing Meryl like this. Maks and Meryl, you’ve been outright mugged on a few of your dances, but what Abby did practically feels criminal! Abby, what kind of human being are you? Oh, I remember now, a “10″ for James because he’s hot and never mind other dancers’ flaws; I guess that says it all.. Oh, and thank you @Vicki for commenting on Amy: she takes my breath away becasue she is inspirational, but she and Derek have been way over scored for many weeks now. If she does win, I’ve had it with DWTS (I only have been following because of M&M).

  • Crystal

    Ditto to the above comments on Amy.
    Her story is inspiring for sure, but she’s not being judged “the same” as the other stars. If she had any other partner, she would’ve been gone 2 weeks ago. She has no business being in this semi-final.
    Plus, I can’t stand the constant crying.


    @Vicki: I not only don’t think that you were ” a bad person” for speaking your mind, I think you are 100% right. After reading that you didn’t have an arm and leg, I think you are even more fair. I agree with you completely!! she judged unfairly and should never be invited back!
    Perfectly said by the way!

  • A fan

    Yes, I do think Abbey scored Meryl and Max incorrectly. That dance was beautiful. I also think all the Jude’s score Meryl and Charlie harder. The best dance was disney week, they were all good, but Charlie’s was outstanding, even though the cane dropped for 1 beat the dance was so dificult, and so entertaining, no point should be taken off. Saying that if Carrie ann was being Fair she should have taken points off Amy and Derek last week, the chair almost fell over and Derek caught it and at the end it fell over. That dance should have been held to the same rules.

  • http://aol my2cents

    Her sob story? Is she faking having 2 amputated legs no, is she faking having a back injury no! Try walking 2 miles in her shoes and, see her you feel!

  • Bunyans

    @my2cents: walking in Amy’s shoes is not an issue. The issue is she’s on a dance competition show where the judges are looking at the contestants’ feet, making sure they are doing “heel leads” when they are supposed to be, and rise and fall when they are supposed to be. And Amy has no feet, so she can’t possibly be doing the right things with them. But yet, she still continues to score 9s and 10s.???? How is that possible, let alone fair??? She has no business on the show. If she had both of her legs, she would have been eliminated weeks ago, ’cause she’s not a very good dancer. I admire her for all that she’s overcome, but she needs to stick to snowboarding. This sympathy and constant over scoring is ridiculous! She absolutely does not deserve to still be on the show. If I were her, I would be embarassed knowing that I’m only still there because I’m disabled…ugh!

  • http://twitter ellen1932

    Meryl has the ability to answer a loaded question in such a finite way…she is very tactful, has a beautiful spirit and I admire her greatly. Max has a “jewel” in his arms…they are a beautiful couple. Also, Max needs Meryl to help him touch his toes!!!! haha

  • pk

    ALMiller should not have been asked to be on DWTS. She obviously had her agenda all ready to go. If she had ever seen the show she would have
    realized that when it is your turn as a judge to critique you do not have an hour to comment on each contestant. And what exactly are her credentials anyway? What dance troupe did she dance with? With that picture in my head, I will have to stop laughing long enough to pick myself off the floor. While in college & grad school, not once did I ever see the likes of ALMiller’s attitude, crass criticisms, and total disrespect for students. I’m actually wondering how ALM physically demonstrates any dance moves! All of my Instructors in college & grad school would all demonstrate the feeling or I intensity needed for a sequence.
    All the scoring from ALM should be thrown out for a couple of reasons: 1) she clearly disrespected certain dancers with her uncalled for comments. 2) her agenda with James was such obvious flirting was absolutely disguising. A score of “10″??? Really??? 3) Bruno’s reaction to the “8″ she gave Maks & Meryl. Bruno was obviously agast at that.
    Whomever thought it was such a great idea to have ALM be a guest judge on the show – those two can escort each other right to the nearest EXIT. I loved it when Derek was applauding Maks after the comment Maks made about “not being interested in anything she has to say”!

  • A fan

    Alm is abusive, verbal abuse is as damaging as physical abuse, she should be off the air. Meryl and max were underscored by her and actually all the judges, that dance was beautiful with no mistakes, I re watched , no mistakes, on the other hand, Amy and Derek had a plethora of mistakes and they received 10′s. Now I understand why Max quit for a year. This sounds like a set up. If M&M don’t win and if Amy is anywhere I the top 3 I will never watch this show again. I have watched since the beginning the judge’s aren’t scoring fairly. I’m not the only one that thinks this. P.S. I hope the M&M kissing rumor is true. Good luck you two.

  • Vicki

    Sorry to have started everyone off on Amy but I do agree that if Dereck was not her partner she would not be on. When Maks left the last time I stopped watching because Dereck continued to win. He is good but I think he gets people who play the pity card and cry because of injuries. Like I said the first time I know my limits and will not try to push it however I don’t shy away from things do I snow ski yeah, love it but I’m not going to get into competition. I admire Amy for what she did but enough is enough now. Wish I could afford all the feet she changes: I see the swimmer foot, also different heel extensions, is ABC paying for those? I think where I first got mad was right before Meryl and Maks performed what turned out to be that awesome Foxtrot in week 3. Watch it, they talk about her upcoming dance in a way no one saw her dance before and showed Derek moving her arms and her doing breathing exercises. I thought here it comes focus on Amy. But M&M are too good to be ignored.

  • dashua

    Look no one is saying that she is having a sob story but its is true every week she is crying and they have no problem showing it. What everyone of us is saying stop saying you are going to judge her like everyone else but look the other way when mistakes are made. But when the other make mistake you judge them harsh. Yes her story is inspiring and to be honest I was for her and Derek from week one but I started to change because I feel like they are rigging the show for her to win because of her circumstances and how is that helping her or any one else. Just saying.

  • Mary

    I am definitely on team M&M for the win. She did not have sickled feet and her Rumba was beautiful. I did think the duel was fairly scored but Danica was injured and Meryl had to hold back. Charlie has been underscored all year. I love Amy for her spirit (my father has prosthetic foot from diabetes) but do think she has been overscored. I wouldn’t go across the street to see ALM and I wouldn’t take my children to her for dance lessons even if the lessons were free and she was the only teacher in my state.

  • A fan

    Max and Meryl blew it away again. Both dances were off the hook. I think Meryl is his muse. Every dance routine they did from the beginning was great. I think he outdid Derek which has before this has been the best, but not this time. Max and Meryl number 1. Meryl is awesome, every week it just gets better and better.

  • A fan

    I am a big Elvis fan, I’ve watched Max And Meryl’s Jive over and over about 100 times I can’t get enough of it, I love it. Every time I watch it, it brings a big smile. I don’t want this to end. I want to keep seeing them dance.

  • A fan

    Meryl, Meryl, Meryl you are something else. You are so talented, it’s beautiful. I have to add I do agree with Charlie, I don’t think they had to put you against each other, they could have made one of you safe, and then had the other one against Amy. That to me was a little heartbreaking. I was also a Charlie fan, I think he went home too soon.

  • Another M&M fan

    IMHO, Meryl and Maks are the most beautiful couple to watch since my longtime idols Fred and Ginger, who will always be #1 in my heart. If I were a producer, I’d be desperately trying to find some vehicle for Maks and Meryl just to keep them together. Too bad they don’t make movie musicals like they used to.

  • chichiback

    So happy to finally found this blog site and all the comments reflected what had been on my mind. So glad MM won. So glad sympathy vote did not prevail. MM has been so ill done by that fat slob who claimed to be a dance teacher. yuk. I shall never let my children be near her. Finally I read such great comments and I can finally relax tonight.

    Yes Amy has been over rated. When she said at one point ” I am going to win this thing” she meant it. AND she thought she would get away with it. So glad she did not. For me too, if she had I would never watch this show again.

    I wonder if Len will quit after this season. I like him.

  • Janice

    I’m still trying to figure it out – the pure joy of watching Meryl and Maks dance – like others don’t know why I get so emotional over two people dancing on TV. Whatever it is, or was, was something seldom seen and felt, by millions of watchers of DWTS, when those two were together. It would probably be “fairy tale wishing” to hope they form a romantic relationship now that they are out of the public eye. The feeling we have for these two will not come again for another pair any too soon.

  • Susan

    Abbey lee is a perfectionist . She is big on sickled feet, and judges everyone, to make them better. She thought Meryl was a beautiful dancer, and an obvious shoe in for the win. She judged her harsher, because of this. It was constructive criticism . Abbey only has the best dancers, and won’t take anything more then a first place. Of they get second, they lost in her eyes. Your only as good as your last dance, she tells the kids. She always tells them to keep the tears for their pillows. She was there to judge, and have meryl great advise in moving forward. I might be the only one that loves abbey lee, but I was once a dancer, and my teacher was just as mean before nationals. My son watched the night she judged, just to see abbey lee. She is much loved for what she does, in getting her kids on top.

  • Louise saxon

    Very much want DWTS to consider something like “An Evening with
    Meryl and Max” in conjunction with the next season. We all want to
    see them dance again. Val, Charlie, and two of the best girls could
    be in it too. Maybe Karina and Peta?

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