'Arrow' Post-Finale Interview: Michael Rowe Previews Deadshot's Return & More!

'Arrow' Post-Finale Interview: Michael Rowe Previews Deadshot's Return & More!

We’re still trying to wrap our heads around everything that went down during last night’s (May 14) Arrow finale!

To try and make sense of all that happened, we caught up with actor Michael Rowe right after it aired, to get the inside scoop!

In case you missed it – SPOILER ALERT! – Oliver (Stephen Amell) defeated Slade (Manu Bennett) and his army, with the help of some friends, of course.

Michael gave JJJ some behind-the-scenes info, as well as his perspective of last night’s events, and some insight into when we’ll see Deadshot again! Check it:

JustJaredJr: Deadshot brought some humor to the finale in the midst of all the chaos, which we always love. Is that fun to play considering it’s such a serious situation?

Michael Rowe: Yeah, absolutely. Deadshot is the wild card. He’s a good tension breaker in a scene. It’s fun to play a character that laughs in the face of danger. He just doesn’t care about, or respect anything. That’s very freeing. Some people might call him “a dick”, but I just see it as him having the balls to say what everyone else is probably thinking. He has a very selfish sense of humour. It’s hilarious to him. And, of course, he can never pass up a chance to stick it to Diggle.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Michael Rowe

JJJ: Now that Diggle and Deadshot teamed up, does this mean there’s a truce between them? Is Diggle officially over him killing his brother?

MR: I don’t think Diggle will ever be able to truly get over the fact that Deadshot killed his brother, Andy. I think they are intrigued by each other and always trying to figure out what makes the other one tick. Just when Diggle thinks he has Deadshot all figured out, he does something to surprise him…and vice versa. At this point, it’s more like they’re using each other. Diggle needs Deadshot for his unique set of battle skills and Deadshot is up for whatever is going to get him out of his cage for even brief glimpse of freedom. And you gotta understand, a dangerous mission for Deadshot is like a game of basketball for Michael Jordan. He loves it! He lives for this stuff.

JJJ: Do you think Diggle owes Deadshot a favor now or are they even?

MR: They’ve been saving each other’s asses since Russia. I’ve lost count how many times they’ve bailed each other out. I think Floyd really wants Diggle to understand that Andy’s death couldn’t be helped. If he didn’t take the contract, someone else would have. But at the same time I think Floyd will always feel like he owes Diggle a favor for what he did to his brother. He’ll back Diggle up when he asks for his help.

JJJ: Given that he’s an expert marksman, was it hard for him not to pull the trigger on Waller?

MR: Deadshot was fantasizing about all the different ways he could put Waller’s lights out while they were in that stand-off. If he got the go ahead, he wouldn’t have hesitated. But Floyd kind of loves how sadistic Amanda Waller can be. She’s a woman after his own heart. They have practiced overriding their own conscience for the good of the mission. They’re a rare breed.

JJJ: Speaking of that scene, were there any additional scenes shot that were cut? We didn’t really go back to you guys after the baby shocker!

MR: Yes. We filmed a scene where I congratulate Diggle on being a father in my usual jerkish kind of way. I thought it was funny, but maybe it didn’t fit with the flow of the scene. Maybe they couldn’t leave it in because of time constraints. There are always a few of Deadshot’s jokes that hit the cutting room floor in every episode for whatever reason.

JJJ: Oliver succeeded without killing, which was his goal. Do you think that’s something he can hold up forever?

MR: It’s a dangerous game that these guys are playing. There’s bound to be casualties along the way. The ironic part is that sometimes the one he lets live ends up coming back and killing his family and friends, like in the case of Slade. He’s got to try to do the right thing or he can’t sleep at night. Good luck to him.

JJJ: The finale tied up the Slade Wilson story, and also set up some great stuff for season three. Any chance we’ll see Deadshot sooner than later?

MR: I know that I’ll be back for season three, but I haven’t been told when or how often. Your guess is as good as mine.

JJJ: Is there something from the comic books (or in general) that you’d like to see play out on screen with your character?

MR: I love the Suicide Squad stuff. I really want them to bring it to it’s full potential. Let’s round up all the other villains that are left and do it for real. Bring back Bronze Tiger, bring back The Huntress, I know China White’s still alive, let’s throw Slade on the team as well and have ourselves a big super villain party. Can you imagine what the dynamics would be between that crew if they were all forced to work together?

JJJ: We’re down for that idea! Could you ever see him joining Team Arrow? Could Deadshot ever be a hero?

MR: I’m not sure if that’d work or not. Deadshot still has a beef with Arrow that hasn’t been addressed, so it would be fun to see that play out. I think Deadshot needs the threat of the explosive implant to keep him under control, otherwise I feel like he’d just bolt when he got the chance. He doesn’t play well with others. He’s a loner. He wouldn’t choose to be part of a team. And they wouldn’t be able to keep him from killing. He’s way too selfish to be a hero. When he does the right thing, it’s usually for all the wrong reasons.

JJJ: Agreed! And lastly – any fun set stories you can share from that day or was it all business?

MR: I only worked on set for two days during the final episode. Nothing crazy happened. The fun part was hanging out with the cast while everyone was in town working. My scenes are always with the same actors, who are awesome to work with, but I had never met the rest of the cast. So it was cool to finally meet everybody.

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