Meryl Davis & Charlie White To Perform Together on 'DWTS' Finale; Amber Riley, Ariana Grande To Perform

Meryl Davis & Charlie White To Perform Together on 'DWTS' Finale; Amber Riley, Ariana Grande To Perform

Just two more days until the Dancing With The Stars finale — are you just as excited as JJJ?

Candace Cameron Bure, Meryl Davis, James Maslow and Amy Purdy will show off all their skills one more time on the ballroom floor, competing for the coveted mirrored ball trophy with their pro partners.

There are a ton of happenings on the show over the course of the two-night finale and JJJ has all the details!

On Monday‘s show (May 19th), each couple will perform three dances — the judges pick, the switch-up routine (from Week 4) and a supersized Freestyle that will be featuring special effects, additional dancers, and surprises, and possibly more. You never know with Freestyles!

Like with week’s past, at the end of the night, the couple with the lowest previous weeks’ viewer votes will be eliminated.

On Tuesday, it’s a whole different two-hour ball game. Check out the schedule:

– All 12 couples will reunite on the dance floor with the judges.
– Based on a Twitter vote, one of the three remaining couples will perform their Freestyle dance as an encore.
– The “24 Hour Fusion Challenge”, which is merging two contrasting dance styles that the finalists performed this season together. They’ll have less than 24 hours to prepare that dance for judges’ points.
– Team Loca will perform an encore (from Latin Week) so you can watch the team dance in full with Amy Purdy, who was unable to dance due to an injury mid-show.
Drew Carey, NeNe Leakes, Danica McKellar and Charlie White will take on their most popular dances
Meryl and Charlie will go from the ice to the dance floor and dance together
Cody Simpson will sing his hit song “Surfboard,” with Witney Carson
Amber Riley, the reigning DWTS champ, will perform “Do Your Thing” plus her first single “Colorblind.”
Christina Perri, Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX and Ariana Grande will also perform.

There’s also a shift in voting. Because this is the final week, you now only have 15 hours to vote online beginning from the start of the episode on the East Coast at 8:00 p.m., ET/5:00 p.m., PT and closing at 11:00 a.m., ET/8:00 a.m., PT the next day. You can also call into vote, but 15 hours only. Have your speed dial all set!


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Credit: Adam Taylor; Photos: ABC
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  • Kisha

    I, for one, am a first time viewer of DWTS, but now wonder if this is truly a dance competition and worth watching in the future. So far, my observations are that here have been clear indications that DWTS Season 18 is suspiciously RIGGED since the very beginning, from the time Amy Purdy, a fresh Paralympian Snowboarder, was invited by ABC to participate in the show and partnered immediately with Derek Hough. The producers and judges may have her in mind to be the chosen winner due to her condition and the popular perception of being an “inspiration” (rather than being best dancer)! Perhaps in the scheme of the show, a “Paralympian DWTS Winning Contender” is worthy of news headline that might pique people’s interests in watching and raise their viewership ratings. However, there appear to be signs showing favoritism and giving undeserved high scores to Amy in order to realize a possible FIX, and for the viewers to think that she deserves to win! (If Amy didn’t want sympathy votes, then, why did she not respond while Carrie Ann Inaba was commenting about not deducting her score because of her condition?) Amy apparently knows how to capitalize on her condition and her looks! She has been non-stop asking fans for votes, whether she’s in the hospital bed or anywhere! She also exhibits undeniable determination and utmost confidence to win, so she must continue competing to the end (injured or not)! Most important, however, the producers cleverly involved a guaranteed vote-getter for Amy, for fear perhaps that Amy’s win might be jeopardized because they didn’t expect a stiff competition from others stars. In a recent interview, Derek stated that Amy gave a LIST OF PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE HER and one of them was OPRAH. It is obvious that the producers chose the influential OPRAH to make a televised call to Amy, and we all witnessed Oprah urging the viewers to vote for AMY! So, the OPRAH MACHINE will most likely seal a win for Amy! If Amy becomes the winner, then this competition is a glaring FARCE and total waste of other competitors’ and PROs’ talents, time and efforts (as well as ours).

  • renee jones

    I totally agree with everything you just said. If Maks and Meryl does not win I am done with this show and their Golden Boy Derek.

  • Vicki

    I agree and have said so on other sites. DWTS is always fixed as to who will win. That being who is partnered with Derek. They are not giving her the same scores they would give anyone else. She sat on a table and swung her legs. She changes the feet to best suit what she is doing, I am an amputee and have access to some of those same feet and they are expensive – would love to have them all. You are a first time viewer so you missed last season when Derek’s partner sat in a chair and delivered a GREAT performance, she had bad knees. Amy has gone through this season crying at every point she can and I bet she does not do that before snow board events, oh but that is judged by time and skill. Charlie should not have gone home, it should have been Amy but she will be the next winner.

  • Crazed shippers

    LMAO! You all sound like a bunch of crazed Meryl and Maks shippers.This is a silly television show and you guys are going around on twitter, instagram, and blogs harassing a girl with no legs and claiming DWTS is rigged. If you guys focused on Meryl and Maks and their fake romance maybe they might win. Anyway, fans are trashing poor Amy while Mark Ballas is sitting back coming up with a plan for Candace to come in and snatch that wack trophy.

  • http://@Nightingale1221 vicky p

    @Kisha: I can’t decided if the show is rigged, or if people vote based on pitty rather than who can actually dance. I also hear so much smack talk about how Meryl and Charlie are professional “dancers” becauce they won the gold medal in Ice Dancing…see it even says “dancing” in what they do. Ice Dancing is a form of ice skating, and though they are used to practicing routines, their routines are practiced with rigid boots that have a thin, sharp blade on the bottom, sliding on ice. The net result is ice skating, it is not dancing. I have to say I am disappointed in the judging by regular and guest judges as well. It seems to be a popularity contest and not really related to skill. I have never watched the show prior to this season, and I doubt that I will watch after this season. If my cousin wasn’t dancing on this show, I wouldn’t have an interest in it at all. I have yet to figure out how Danica was sent home and Candice is still there if this is based on dance skills. Obviously, I don’t have a clue what it is about…other than all the scandalous coversation that results from it. What a shame that innocent people have their names dragged through the mud as a result of this show as well. Another good reason not to watch in the future.

  • Leslie

    @Vicky p you’re contributing to the negativity by insinuating that contestants are receiving pity votes. I could understand if a lazy terrible dancer made the finales, but all the contestants left have worked their tails off and can dance. Candace is still there because she deserves to be there. What if someone pointed out that Meryl doesn’t deserve to be there because she has trained in ballet, ballroom dancing, gymnastics, and other dance styles off the ice since she was a child? I bet fans would still come up with more excuses of why other contestants with no prior dance training shouldn’t be there. People need to leave Candace and Amy ALONE!

  • Byekisha

    Kisha, girl you sound crazy and it seems as though you have a personal problem with Amy Purdy. You never even mention the blatant favoritism that Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy have received over the other three remaining couples. Just let Meryl and Maksim win and stop trashing the others.

  • Maks fan

    Agree with some not all. Yes I’ve always been a Mak’s fan not always of his attitude but artistic people have a tendency to speak and think from their heart not always their head. I think Danica was better than Candace but Candace has been working very hard and Mark is a good teacher. What I don’t like is people who cry through the whole season about what hurts and how much time they put into this: 1. I agree where people say you know what it is when you sign on the dotted line, so put up with it – no pain/no gain. 2. Ratings, just as the “love” interest – although I think ABC thought it would be Maks and Erin Andrews, my opinion is there is something there they both have eluded to it. But what of Peta and James. My gosh the only three that have not been in love this season are the judges.
    I also agree that Derek always gets the best dancers and/or the biggest sob stories, with the judges focus on him and his partner.
    This is dancing with the stars not sitting on a table and gliding with the stars or being swung around by you partner more than dancing. I’m sorry between Amy and Charlie I think Amy should have gone – she is still on there because of the loss of two legs and her great use of pity when need be and not the talent. Maybe if she would not be the cookie cutter from other seasons with Derek I would feel different but every season his partner has knee and/or back problems. Or she was a talented dancer prior to being on the show.

  • Byekisha

    If you stepped outside of that shipper bubble, you would realize that there is nothing going on between Meryl and Maks. This a calculated showmance for votes just like it was with Erin Andrews. If Derek gets all the good partners, then how did Maks end up with Meryl. Some of Maks’ fans complained that Derek never gets overweight partner; he got Amber and still won. Some fans wondered why Maks was always partnered with black partners, as if it was a bad thing. Derek got a black partner and still dominated. People just need to give Derek his props and keep it moving.

  • Merlin’s Mum

    really sorry, but yes this show is rigged and it is being rigged for Meryl and Maks to win. Tell me why, yet again, my voting history on Facebook has mysteriously changed on a Friday to Team Meryl? I have NO history for who I actually voted for at all.

  • Alex

    james maslow is the only male amateur left and it is way more difficult to lead than it is to follow.

  • Mskat

    So sorry Charlie is gone. It would be so exciting to see Charlie and Sharna’s freestyle.

  • Gretta

    Also sad that Charlie is gone, so I won’t be watching Monday. VERY excited to see Charlie and Meryl together on Tuesday!!!!!

  • Sophia Decosta

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  • Amy bashers

    For everyone hating on Amy get over it. She doesn’t have a complete say in the choreography It’s Derek choice so if he wants tables and stools hate him. Everybody here is full of hate over a dumb show. If u think it’s rigged don’t watch it you do have a changer. If you don’t like a contestant don’t watch it. Nobody is making you. It’s jus a silly competition. But it goes to show how cruel and evil ppl can be towards someone they don’t know or based on their ability to dance or not. If Amy so be it it’s not she is gonna be president

  • Amy bashers

    @Amy bashers: if Amy wins so be it it’s not like she’s running for president