Amy Purdy & Derek Hough Salsa Their Way into the 'DWTS' Finals - Watch Now!

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough Salsa Their Way into the 'DWTS' Finals - Watch Now!

Amy Purdy gets lifted up by her partner Derek Hough during Dancing with the Stars on Monday night (May 19) in Los Angeles.

The pair danced a perfect Salsa before raking in 29 points for their freestyle.

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“The truth is that [Derek] absolutely is an android who never sleeps and just told me the other day that when he does sleep he wakes up in the middle of the night dancing,” Amy recently joked with the L.A. Times. “He literally is dancing 15 or more hours a day plus his brain never stops, he choreographs and thinks of the details of all these different performances all at the same time. He is also learning dances and choreographing for his Move Tour that starts right after Dancing with the Stars ends.”

She continued, “It truly is remarkable, he is brilliantly talented and is constantly sharing his knowledge which is so inspiring to me. Derek is a bottomless pit of amazing, creative ideas and one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about being on this show is being able to submerge myself with a him in the weekly processing of expressing ourselves through dance and movement. It has been a time of truly amazing personal growth for me that I will never forget.”

Watch Amy and Derek dance below and be sure to vote – 1-800-868-3410!

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough – Salsa on DWTS (Week 10)

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough – Freestyle on DWTS (Week 10)
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  • dancer

    She did almost no dancing, especially in the second dance, and still got 10′s. Everybody babies Amy, and it gets old. I hope Meryl wins, she certainly deserves it over Amy or Candace.

  • Maddie


    Couldn’t agree more! People complain about Candace deserving not to be there still but at least Candace tries to do everything and learn, whereas Amy just sits there doing nothing and gets 10s!
    Well if Amy wins then we know that this season was rigged from the very beginning for her to win!

  • marci

    come on people,candace sucks,anyone dancing with Derek is going to be great,he is the absolute best EVER, SO get over it, & see the real world

  • Tamara

    @dancer: Are you for real? You compain about Amy’s freestyle and all the lifts. Please tell me where is the difference between Meryl’s and Amy’s freestyle? Meryl had as many lifts as Amy had. Y’all are just jealous because Derek SLAYED everyone once again.

  • myself

    @Tamara: True

  • myself

    Stop hating on Amy

  • Maddie


    He is not the best in the world and everyone knows it! If that was true then he would have won every season he competed in but as I recall he didn’t and its funny how people think he’s amazingly talented above everyone else. Hello he was taught by one of the best in the world Mark Ballas’s parents! If it weren’t from them there is no way in hell he would be where he is today! Just like his sister! They’re both the same self absorbed stuck up pieces of crap who think their highly above everyone else! They need this thing called humble pie to bring their a**es back down to earth and deflate their big heads!

  • me

    first of all the only peace of crap here is you and everyone that doesn’t want amy to win and second of all candance has tried her best she’s 38 what do you excpect and derek and his sister do not suck if they did they wouldn’t be where they are now you know how many seasons derek has won 5 thats the most a person has won in dancing with the stars other dancers like mark ballas, peta murgatroyd, val and his brother maks have won 1 or 2 some haven’t even won one so shutup you have no idea what your talking about stupid****

  • Tklein

    I know Amy Purdy personally and she is not a nice person very very selfish and certainly not the best dancer. She has a way of fooling people into thinking she is a true person But believe me she is not and should not win this contest ,if she does it is rigged and that’s unfair.