Meryl Davis & Charlie White Finally Dance Together on 'DWTS' - Watch Now!

Meryl Davis & Charlie White Finally Dance Together on 'DWTS' - Watch Now!

Charlie White lifts Meryl Davis high in the air during the Dancing with the Stars finale on Tuesday (May 20) in Los Angeles.

The Olympic ice skating duo danced for the first time solo together, and we are obsessed! Watch below!

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“So many stunning performances tonight on @DancingABC but @Meryl_Davis was clearly the best!! Don’t forget to vote for her!!” Charlie tweeted the night before. LOL!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Meryl Davis and Charlie White’s dance?

Meryl Davis & Charlie White Dance Together on DWTS (Week 10)
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  • JoyousOne

    Seems we came back from commercials when the White/Davis dance already started – felt cheated a little — wanted more more more…was really looking forward to seeing them dance – love watching them skate together. They didn’t get an introduction or anything. Could have done w/o a lot of those other singers who have nothing to do w/the show – boring. Loved that Maks and Meryl won – long time coming win for Maks – he looks so happy. They looked like the were made for each other right from the start of the show.

  • Gretta

    Felt cheated A LOT. Dammit. Is that all we get of those two??? I guess we just hope now that they continue to skate together. :)

  • Chariliefan

    Wow…could they not have let us see Meryl and Charlie dance. A lot of the video and singing was just too much. Congrats to Meryl and Maks but I still think Charlie and Meryl have the best chemistry.

  • A fan

    I’m disappointed as well that we didn’t get to see M&C dance. The little bit that was shown was so nice. I’m happy M&M won.

  • lynn king

    I was furious that the commercial took out Charlie White’s and Meryl Davis’ dance last night on dwts. They could have taken out Nene Lakes performance. I want to see beauty not zombie. I’m glad however that they won. If they had not won, I would have never watched dwts again. They were perfect. Max was so sexy and sweet, the blushin Russian! I love this season of dwts better than any season before. It was perfection except for cutting out Charlies and Meryls dance. This season was so sad though after it ended. I want to see more of Max and Meryl. They should have a special with nothing but them dancing and interacting. I could watch them all night long! Thanks DWTS for finally getting some real talent – loved Rush, Cody and the Price is Right Guy. By the way, I loved the not so rumba dance that Peta and Charlie did – it was beautiful and sensual. The MJ routine James and Peta did was awesome. M &M were the best in everything! Loved it loved it loved it! Cudos to DWTS.

  • Melinda Tynan

    So disappointed not seeing the entire dance with Charlie and Meryl. The little we did see was beautiful. I’ve been waiting since the beginning of the competition for them to dance together. The little bit shown was beautiful. Wish there was somewhere we could see the entire dance.

  • Deborah

    Please, please, please put the whole dance online. DWTS you really let your fans down on this one. Still can’t believe you did this. Let them dance again on late night or Ellen, but please make up for this

  • http://@GodfreyBev Beverly

    the pure look of love, trust and friendship Meryl and Charlie had for each other at the end of their dance together was beautiful
    Charlie is a lucky man to have three amazing and beautiful women in his life – Tanith, Meryl and his Mom (great cheek bones, too)

  • http://@GodfreyBev Beverly

    I hope Len comes back – the judges’ decisions shold count way more than the popular vote – I believe this is the first time that two stars had the same fan base which got split between the two – Meryl and Charlie might never have been at risk if that were the case

  • http://@lynnarenae Lynne

    That was really a huge disappointment to come back from commercial looking forward to seeing Charlie and Meryl dance together and when we returned to the show it was almost over! Thats a sad note to leave your show on. Dont you care that we the fans who make this show successful were pissed off about this?? I sure hope you had the awareness to at least have it on youtube. I know the whole dance was filmed’ and theyd been leading us along from the last weeks show to be looking forward to it,and then a slap in the face! We want to see it get it??? AUSTIN, TEXAS